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Homeless And Housing Alliance

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1 Homeless And Housing Alliance
SPDAT Community Training

2 Analysis of Screening Tools
Decrease in funding Increased Volume for Services Cut in Staffing Inconsistent assessment by agencies to determine service eligibility Required by federal regulation -HEARTH Act requires a coordinated assessment process to effectively assess and meet the needs of individuals & families.

3 What is the SPDAT? SPDAT Acronym for - Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool Evidence based assessment that links people with the housing and supports that best meet their needs. Provides an objective manner to triage and prioritize resources for those most vulnerable Eliminates the “first come first serve” process. Improves the intake process so existing resources are best aligned to meet the most appropriate housing need. Standardizes intake s0 no matter where a client enters the system, there is a common process and access to resources. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Requires the Continuum of Care (CoC) to have a common assessment. Our CoC is called the Homeless and Housing Alliance (HHA). The HHA conducted research on many tools and agreed/voted on using the SPDAT as our common assessment. April 14, 2017

4 SPDAT HISTORY More than a decade in the making, the first version was released in 2010. Content and language was developed by service users, front-line staff, team leaders, professionals, academics, and published literature. Considerable testing has gone into each version. Tested against other tools. Feedback received by service users, frontline staff, team leaders, and communities; shadowing to see tool in practice Version 2 released in 2011 and Version 3 in 2013. F-SPDAT Version 1 released in 2012

5 Purpose of the SPDAT Tool
SPDAT uses the best available evidence to examine the components of a person or family’s life that are most likely to result in housing instability. SPDAT helps: Understand the depth of these issues Identifies which household is most likely to benefit from which type of housing Identifies which household should be prioritized upon their acuity Identifies what the case manager should spend time working on that are most likely going to affect maintaining housing stability.

6 What will the SPDAT do? Help prioritize who gets served next and why.
Helps agencies allocate their time. Measure changes in acuity over time. Helps provide a structured framework for case management delivery. Will help to better utilize the resources in the community to help those most in need ** Provide examples from staff and how it has helped make their job “easier” or more efficient

7 SPDAT PSH/ General Housing Help Housing First Rapid Re-Housing
Not homogeneous Funnel of homeless services Every person is different (not Homogeneous) The funnel of Homeless services in our community is the Homeless Resource Center/Lewis Center (HRC) The SPDAT is used to determine the right fit for each client and which service is going to be the best for each person. In our Community General Housing Help is information and individuals do not receive services. This group of people can generally figure out things on their own. TRIAGE system- Heart attack, cut finger and stubbed toe Acuity determined through assessment PSH/ Housing First General Housing Help Rapid Re-Housing

8 Organizing in Domains

9 Socialization & Daily Functions
Wellness Risks Socialization & Daily Functions History of Housing There are 4 categories of domains

10 Wellness Mental Health & Wellness and Cognitive Functioning
Physical Health & Wellness Substance Use Experience of Abuse/ Trauma Medication Emphasize the word Substance Use- not abuse

11 Risks Harm to Self or Others
Involvement in High Risk/ Exploitive Situations Managing Tenancy Interactions with Emergency Services Legal Issues

12 Socialization & Daily Functions
Social Relations and Networks Meaningful Daily Activities Personal Administration & Money Management Self-Care & Daily Living Skills

13 History of Housing & Homelessness

14 Iain De Jong orgcodemobile @orgcode

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