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HOMELESS IN PRESTON SURVEY 2011 Data collected June 2011 Greg Smith.

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1 HOMELESS IN PRESTON SURVEY 2011 Data collected June 2011 Greg Smith

2 Survey of Drop in / Soup Kitchen Users Central Methodist Foxton Centre Salvation Army 44 questionnaires returned in month of June. (probably about half of the service users at these centres)

3 (55%) 24 people Preston Born and bred + 11 (16%) from Lancs or NW region But 27% had been here 5 years or less 88% were male 68% living as singles

4 Nearly half (48%/ 21) reported they had spent the previous night sleeping rough or in a squat. 16% at friends or relatives And 34% in their own home. About 60% said they had spent at least one night in the last month roofless, or on the streets and 27% (12 people) that this had been every night

5 When did you first become homeless? 45% reported they had first become homeless before 2002 (ie ten years or more ago).and 1 person as long ago as However the 25% not answering this question suggests they had not experienced homelessness as such. Half reported that they had had at least a month on the streets in the last ten years And 31% in an institution (mostly prison)

6 What were the causes or circumstances that made you homeless Family break up 19 Marriage or relationship problems 7 drink or drugs problem 12 discharge from prison10 mental health breakdown 7

7 What is the biggest problem you face in your present situation? alcohol but not dependent 1 alcoholism vulnerable 1 being alcoholic 1 being dead 1 continuing drink problem 1 drugs 2 eating and hygiene finding plAces to sleep 1 existing 1 family relationships 1 fear of becoming homeless again cos not had own tenancy for past 5 years until recently1 finding somewhwere to live 2 get back in employment getting a job made worse by record of homelessness 1 getting started with job and accoMmodation 1 homeless 3 lack of TLC with physical and mental health problems 1 loneliness 1 mental depression 2 money 1 money and housing 2 myself 1 need own private accomodatiomn needs roof over head and trying to find work 1 no address 1 no home 1no problems at present 1no work 1nothing1 problems in shared house with other residents 1 somewhwere safe to sleep 1surviving on streets 1 trying to find grandfather 1

8 What is the one best thing that could be done to help you at the moment? a proper flat accommodation and get on drugs programme being offered good accomodation better in depth job advice don?t know employment and housing family get together feels has got a lot of support at present find accommodation find own place and a job finding somewhwere to live get accommodation get sectioned and put in good care a job getting enough money getting hot food and human contact help with finding grandfather help with getting a home and job help with housing job keep finances in order in order to prevent arrears leave me alone medical and access to kids medication which I can't get more support not sure probably getting good accommodation to be housed win lottery

9 HOMELESS YOUNG PEOPLE In June Barnardos dealt with Sofa Surfing- 37 Of the 37 outcomes included; Secured emergency accommodation- 6 wanted but unable to provide emergency accommodation- 5 Sleeping in vehicle- 2 Disclosed some nights walking the street- 6 YP presenting as Sleeping rough- 5 Of the 5; Return home-1 Emergency accommodation-2 Unwilling to engage with services- 1 Unsuitable for emergency accommodation/non priority- 1

10 QUESTIONS 1 What is the true level of need..? In a month there may be as many as 100 asking for support from first aid services, drop ins, advice points etc. (90 a month now using food bank, busiest night at drop in 52 people) Around people in the month were documented as saying they were sleeping rough during the month. We know from the names that at least regular entrenched rough sleepers are not in our survey lists Yet outreach teams single night counts have never? Topped a dozen.

11 QUESTIONS 2 What more do we need to do?

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