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1 PAN PACIFIC AMERICAN LEADERS AND MENTORS – PPALM, Inc Welcome Secretary Eric K. Shinseki Honorary Chair and Distinguished Guests 13 June 2009.

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1 1 PAN PACIFIC AMERICAN LEADERS AND MENTORS – PPALM, Inc Welcome Secretary Eric K. Shinseki Honorary Chair and Distinguished Guests 13 June 2009

2 2 Agenda Welcome and Introduction PPALM Progress Report Army Diversity Update Army Cadet Command Update Asian American and Pacific Islander Officer Update Army G-1 Update Discussion Closing Remarks

3 3 PPALM Mission To provide an environment that fosters mentorship, creates avenues, and establishes a positive path to advancement for Asian American Pacific Islander Leaders – Active, Reserve, Army National Guard, and DA Civilians

4 4 PPALM Purpose Promote active engagement in mentoring, professional development, retention and advancement of Asian American Pacific Islander Army Leaders - Active, Reserve, Army National Guard and DA Civilians

5 5 PPALM Objectives  Forge strong sense of commitment: Service to Nation and answering the Nation’s Call to Duty  Assist Army in articulating importance of diversity  Help Army maintain and grow highly competent set of leaders.  Contribute to professional development and networking opportunities.  Promote professional learning relationship between the experienced mentor and interested officer.  Exchange information/ideas for professional and personal development.  Create platform to nurture/mentor junior officers.  Recognize accomplishments, create environment for professional and equal opportunities for promotion, school selections and assignments.

6 6 CY09-CY10 Plan of Action  Full Operational Capability by end of CY10  Key Tasks:  Board of Directors (BOD) leadership stability. Hold BOD election NLT Oct 2010  Meet members needs – professional development; education; personal development  Manage enablers – finance, outreach, website  Develop partnership with Army Accession Command and Army Civilian Personnel Office  Expand Mentorship Program  Develop criteria to measure effectiveness  Strategic Communication Plan – engagements and actions

7 7 PPALM Leaders  Board of Directors  Chair: Tony Taguba, MG USA Retired  Vice Chair: Fred Wong, SES, Defense Intelligence Agency (BG, USA Ret)  *Vice Chair: Cedric Jasmin, YC-03, DA Civilian (COL, USAR)  Executive Director: Mike Yaguchi, YC-03, OUSD(P) (Lt Col, USAF Ret)  Executive Secretary: Monica Malia, YC-03, DA Civilian  VP Mentorship: Tony Moreno, L-3 Communications (COL, USA Ret)  *VP Mentorship: COL Ed Haraguchi, USA, MSC  VP ROTC Program: LTC Manuel DeGuzman, USAR AGR/Wofford College, SC  VP Membership: Bobby LumHo, SERCO, Inc. (COL, USA Ret)  VP Finance: Pat Hiu, CAPCG LLC (COL, USA Ret)  VP Communications/Pubs: Scott Schisser, YA-03 DA Civilian (COL, USA Ret)  VP Outreach: Kathleen Ahsing, YC-03, DA Civilian  General Counsel: Erick Soriano, Esquire  Historian: Terry Shima, Ex Director, Japanese American Veterans Association  Honorary Board: Honorary Chair: Secretary Eric Shinseki, Dept of Veterans Affairs Dr. Lynn Heirakuji, DASA-MRA (Personnel Oversight) Ms. Bel Leong Hong, President, Knowledge Advantage Inc. (SES Ret)

8 5/2/20158 Actions To Date  Re-submit Federal IRS non profit, 501(c)3 application. VA State approved non profit status in June 07.  By-Laws updated in Sept 08.  New website established in Sep 08.  New BoD Leaders and Plan of Action CY09-10.  Engaged with Army Accessions Command, Army Cadet Command, Army Diversity Office, AUSA, Japanese American Citizens League, USMA Diversity Office.  AUSA to provide hospitality suite at Annual Convention in Oct 09.

9 9 Way Ahead  Messaging in support of Army Strong Campaign – focus on AAPI officer and civilian leader recruitment and retention.  Assist in Army Diversity Program.  Continue to seek support from key members of Congress, Army Leaders – Active, Reserve, Guard, retired, Veterans support orgs, corporations, and individuals  Form alliances with other organization with similar goals (e.g. ROCKS Inc., JAVA, FAPAC, AAGEN, Educational forums)  Membership drive and social events to foster networking and mentoring

10 10 Conclusion  PPALM is progressing as expected. Interests groups in CONUS, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Germany, Iraq.  Value added in supporting Army Strong campaign in officer recruiting and retention  Assist in Army Diversity Program  Recruit Senior Leaders (Active, Reserve, Retired, Civilians) - essential to executing and promoting PPALM  Measure of effectiveness critical by end of CY10

11 PPALM Membership  Total – 108 Members National Capital Region48 Other States (CONUS) 45 OCONUS29  Demographics Military94  Army: 86  Navy: 1  USMA: 7 Civilian14 3 Year Membership Dues 11 Jun 0911

12 Finance Report: Mar 08-Jun 09 Activity Description DateSubtotalTotal Beginning Balance1 Mar 08$ 4,490.00 Total Deposits20 Jun 09$ 4,410.00 $ 8,900.00 Total Expenditures20 Jun 09 Balance20 Jun 09$ 5,184.85 12

13 PPALM Web Site 13  Improved content:  About US  News, Events, and Updates  Publications and Links  Articles  Coming Soon –  Improved Messaging  Two Twelve Associates, Inc Visit us at:

14 14 PPALM Mentorship Program Report “The guidance and insight they [PPALM] provided was extremely helpful. This is the type of mentorship I've been craving my entire career.“ MAJ Lee Fennema, Avn, US Army-662d Sqdn, 3d Regt, British Army Air Corps

15 15 Four Tier Mentorship Program  Direct Contact – need identified, mentor identified and contact established  Presence at installations – upon assignment individual is contacted by interest group leader  Basic officer development site visits  Career information material distribution

16 5/2/201516 Mentorship Program  Published PPALM mentorship program handbook 1 Oct 2008.  Implemented program in Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, CONUS, Iraq, and Germany.  Create platform to nurture and mentor junior leaders.  Exchange information and ideas for professional and personal development.  Assist the Army to maintain and grow highly competent leaders.  Promote professional learning relationships.  Best practice - Wofford College’s Army ROTC Mentorship Program.


18 GOALS  Tie in with LDP  Increase trust and camaraderie  Teach Cadets Mentor skills and counseling  Help Cadets set objectives – both qualitative and quantitative

19 WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A MENTOR? Criteria:  Personality  Maturity  Experience Who’s a mentor?  PMS mentors the c/Battalion Commander  c/Battalion Commander mentors the MSIVs  MSIVs mentors MSIIIs  MSIVs and MSIIIs mentor the Basic Course Cadets

20 MENTOR HANDBOOK  Durable  Easy to reference  Inspectable  Personalized Mentor Certification  Every Mentor attended a 1 hour training session Went over handbook Answered questions Signed Mentor Contract

21 INTENT AND PURPOSE  Create and maintain a close personal relationship  Informal Counseling  Update cadre on good and bad (red flags)  Areas to Focus On: School, GPA, Academic Goals Military Science APFT/Health Recruiting LDAC

22 INTENT AND FOCUS (cont’d)  Areas to Focus On: School, GPA, Academic Goals Military Science APFT/Health Recruiting LDAC

23 EXPECTATIONS OF MENTORS  Coach  Counselor  Teacher  Relationship-builder  Motivator  Role Model  Friend

24 GUIDANCE  Get to know the mentees! Personality Meeting outside of class/ROTC  Give and Take relationship Share knowledge Be willing to listen

25 MENTEE FACT SHEET Name______________________________________________________________ School ____________________________________ MS Year__________Major______________ Birthday______________ Favorite Restaurant___________________________________________________ Hobbies____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Why did you join ROTC?_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ How does your family and/or spouse feel about you being in the military?________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ What careers are you interested in?_____________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ What is your current GPA? What is your academic goal for the year?__________ ___________________________________________________________________ What do you like about PT? What would you like to improve on your next APFT?___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

26 INFO SHEETS **An observation period lasts for two weeks and these sheets should be filled out at the end of each period. Each handbook is an inspectable item and you are accountable for the one with your name on it. The handbooks will be taken up on Wednesday morning at PT and redistributed at lab on Thursday. If you know you will not be at PT on Wednesday you need to make arrangements in advance. 12MAR – 25MAR School (GPA and goal markers): Military Science: PT (performance/attendance): Other:

27 QUESTIONS? Skating Party Hosted by SGB Mentors 20FEB09

28 5/2/201528

29 29 PPALM Army Diversity Program Update

30 5/2/201530

31 31 PPALM Army Cadet Command Update

32 5/2/201532

33 33 PPALM Asian American and Pacific Islander Officer Update

34 5/2/2015 1:06 AM34 Army Commissioned Officer Demographics Percent 71.9% 12.6% 5.7% 5.0% 3.6%

35 5/2/2015 1:06 AM35 Career Field Designation by Ethnicity

36 5/2/2015 1:06 AM36 Ethnicity by Functional Area

37 5/2/2015 1:06 AM37 Officer Ethnicity by Rank Percent

38 5/2/201538

39 39 PPALM Army G-1 Update

40 40 PPALM Discussion

41 41 PPALM Final Remarks

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