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Contact Management Kathleen Young First Clearing Growth Consultant 314-413-1803

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1 Contact Management Kathleen Young First Clearing Growth Consultant 314-413-1803

2 WIIFY  SmartStation Contact Management is an excellent tool to document communication with all your contacts whether they’re clients, prospects or leads. Whenever you talk with contacts you should record the conversation, particularly if you offered advice on your client’s investments.

3 WIIFY cont’d  Contact Management’s Contact Search allows you to create reports for contacts across your book of business, including Contact Detail, Contact List, Phone Book, and Service Level reports. These book level reports are based on lists of contacts you create and may include all of your contacts or a specific segment of your book.  SmartStation Contact Management has extensive search capability to help you manage your book of business. Repetitive search criteria can be saved to streamline your process with subsequent searches.  Saved Searches are dynamic and are executed each time the Saved Search is selected and the results are refreshed according to the search criteria. Perhaps you would like to do some target marketing to clients who are approaching retirement age. Since this information is constantly changing, a Saved Search would give you the latest list of clients who meet these criteria.  Saved Lists are typically created for one-time use. Say you wanted to host a seminar to show your clients the benefits of saving for their children’s education. Using the Contact Search function, you can create your Saved List of invitees so you can keep track of who’s coming, who’s not and who needs information mailed to them.  Service Level Management helps you set and maintain service levels standards for your contacts. The purpose of SLM is to assist you in being proactive when managing interactions with your contacts.  To get started using Envision, you have to utilize the client information screen in contact management!

4 Adding, Editing & Deleting Household contacts  To manage your relationships in SmartStation Contact Management, it is important to know how to efficiently add, edit and delete contacts.

5 Getting Started To add an additional contact to an existing household, bring the desired account or household into SmartStation context and go to Client Mgmt > Contact Management > Contact Information. 1. Select the Add button in Relationship Summary zone. 2. The Details tab is the default view. Complete at least First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Role. 3. Add Communications entries for contact. See “Managing Communications” for more information. 4. Add Addresses entries for contact. See “Managing Addresses” for more information. 5. Select Profiles and Preferences tabs to add additional information about contact. See “How To Manage Profiles And Preferences Zone In SSCM” for more information. 6. Select desired button to save changes. “Save and Go to Contact” will take you back to the CM screen. “Save and Add Another” will allow you to add another Second Client or Dependent to the Household.


7 First Client, Second Client & Dependents Editing Role Assignments  Please note there can only be one First Client and one Second Client. You can add an unlimited amount of Dependents. Before you begin, bring the desired account or household into SmartStation context and go to Client Mgmt > Contact Management > Contact Information

8 Deleting a Contact is Easy

9 Client Segmentation  The Segment value in SmartStation Contact Management is used to group your Firm Households according to their importance with values ranging from No Segment to AAA. You can Segment your contacts using your preferred method.  One method that has been successful is using AUM plus other factors. The value of any relationship is not measured by AUM or Revenue alone, especially within your A or top-Segment households. You may further stratify your A segment based on the Attitude and Advocacy characteristics of each A household.  The AAA Analysis is set up on the premise that not all A clients are equal. Ideal Clients bring a combination of assets, attitude and advocacy to your practice. Based on this concept, you may decide an A client who has a good attitude and provides referrals should get more of your time and attention than a client who meets only asset requirements.

10 Client Segmentation

11 Adding Notes  It’s easy to enter conversations and “ongoing advice” in Contact Information via the Notes Zone or the Add Note button.  On Client Mgmt > Contact Management > Contact Information put your cursor in the empty Quick Notes space and start typing. Be sure to include what was discussed, the advice you offered, the client’s response and any action required on your part.

12 Don’t forget to click the SAVE icon before leaving the contact Info screen or your note will not save. Tip: enter notes at the Contact level. This way, conversations with a specific household member can be viewed at the contact level plus all contact level notes are displayed.

13 Setting Service Levels

14 Envision 1 2


16 Support  Contact Management:  800-775-7041 option 7 sub option 1


18 Q&A

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