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EOSDIS Common Metadata Repository (CMR) Unified Metadata Model for Collections (UMM-C) Meeting June 12, 2014.

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1 EOSDIS Common Metadata Repository (CMR) Unified Metadata Model for Collections (UMM-C) Meeting June 12, 2014

2 Common Metadata Repository (CMR) Provides a single source of unified, high-quality, and reliable Earth Science metadata to that meets evolving needs of the EOSDIS community and external users e.g. DAACs, application developers and national/international agencies Provides a single ingest and search architecture for submission and discovery of all metadata Supports collections, granules and new metadata concepts (e.g. parameters, visualization, documentation) Preforms QA on new and existing metadata records (i.e. collection level) Introduces the concept of adapters to transform metadata upon ingest. Introduces the concept of a metadata lifecycle that helps evolve metadata standards to ensure‘richness’ and new concepts proposed by stakeholders (i.e. EOSDIS and national/international agencies)


4 4 Metadata July 11, ESIP Summer Meeting | Chapel Hill, NC UMM-C The Unified Metadata Model for Collection Metadata (UMM-C) brings together the EOSDIS metadata assets into one cohesive mode l.

5 ECHO 10GCMD DIFEMS ISO19115 UMM Ingest Adapter VisualizationDocumentationServicesParameters


7 ESDIS Standards Office (ESO) Review Schedule – Informational Kickoff Telecons Thursday, June 12 th at 3-4pm ET Tuesday, June 17 th at 3-4pm ET – Comments Review Telecons Thursday, June 26 th 3-5pm ET Tuesday July 1 st 3-5pm ET

8 Highlighted Fields Entry ID (Required Field) Section 1.1.3, Page 5 Recommending using the Provider/Concept/EntryId triplet to reference provider metadata. Will provide uniqueness across the system, while allowing providers to utilize their own internal entry identifiers. Science Keywords (Required Field) Section 1.1.5, Page 8 Should be reconciled so all keywords are controlled within the CMR, by adopting the currently controlled and vetted GCMD Science Keyword vocabulary. Extended Metadata (Highly Recommended) Section , Page 56 Found only in the GCMD and provides a means for metadata providers to encode information unique to their data with their own uniquely named attributes. Can store additional ECHO attributes in key/value pairs. Product (Required) Section , Page 57 ECHO uses Additional Attributes to describe the data represented in each granule within a collection. This is an important search criteria for the granules. Product Specific Attributes (Highly Recommended) Section , Page 59 Stores attributes used to describe the unique characteristics of the collection which extend beyond those defined in the model. 8

9 UMM-C Life Cycle (Document Currently in Draft) The objective of the UMM-C Life Cycle is to highlight the steps/processes involved in making additions, changes, or deletions to the Unified Metadata Model for Collections (UMM-C). 9

10 Review Considerations The correctness of required and recommended sets of fields (Place emphasis on required fields). The precision of the mappings: Is the mapping of each DIF, ECHO, and EMS field correct and complete? Are there any redundant or excess fields that could be combined or removed? The completeness of the mappings: Are there items missing from the presented UMM fields & structures? Are there missing high-level objects that should be a part of UMM? The correctness and utility of the fields which are mapped to controlled vocabularies. The impact of the UMM on metadata providers: What difficulties will these mappings cause for your organization? What improvements could be made to the UMM to enable you to provide better metadata? The mapping to the ISO metadata format is out of scope for this review. Future ESO reviews will address ISO. Any other comments which you believe will lead to a better overall metadata model. 10

11 11 Metadata July 11, ESIP Summer Meeting | Chapel Hill, NC Points of Contact List ESO Yonsook Enloe - Allan Doyle - Allan Doyle Helen Conover - UMM Kevin Murphy - Andrew Mitchell – Scott Ritz - Kathleen Baynes -

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