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3 H OLLAND H IGH S CHOOL C OUNSELORS Students with last name “A –De” Suzanne Hemmeke (A-B) and Bethany Nichols (C-De) 494-2213 Students with last name “Di-K” Robyn Emde 494-2209 Students with last name “L-R” Diane VanKoevering 494-2212 Students with last name “S-Z” Karen Legg 494-2211 New Tech Students Dana Loveland 494-2707

4 C OLLEGE P LANNING A DVISOR Mr. Raul Jimenez Working especially with students who are part of the first generation in their family to go to college. Helping with… College Selection Applications Financial Aid Scholarships Transcript Request ACT/SAT Registration

5 S ENIOR C REDIT C HECKS Credit checks were mailed to homes in August. It is important to review your credit check. All requirements must be completed by graduation on June 1, 2015.

6 F INDING THE RIGHT COLLEGES  Attend College Fairs-  Sept. 25 @ Hope College DeVos Fieldhouse from 6:30- 8:00  Oct. 16 Grand Rapids Bilingual College Fair  Research college websites & college guides  Visit campuses –check the admissions offices websites  Overnight/Comprehensive Visits  Meet with college reps at lunch  Sign- up book in the Counseling Center  **A pass will be sent the day before the visit  Field Trips for Campus Visits  Meet with your counselor or College Advisor

7 4 YEAR C OLLEGE VS 2 Y EAR C OLLEGE 4 Year College Earn a bachelors degree in science (biology, computer, engineering) or arts (English, history, drama) Examples: Hope College, GVSU, Michigan State 2 Year College (also known as community college or junior college) Earn an associates degree or certificate Examples: Grand Rapids Community College, Lake Michigan College Vocational or Technical School Most programs last 2 years or less Earn a certificate to practice a trade Examples: Booker Institute of Cosmetology, M-Tech.

8 C OMMUNITY C OLLEGE I NFORMATION 1. A second chance to attend a 4-year college 2. Desiring additional academic support/intervention 3. $$$ 4. Free application 5. Opportunity to live at home and work 6. 2 year/Associates degrees 7. Placement tests

9 S AMPLE M ICHIGAN P UBLIC C OLLEGES SchoolGPAACT U of M3.85 (95% accepted are in the top 10 th of class) 28-32 MSU3.7123-28 GVSU3.5321-26 Central Michigan University 3.2820-25 Western Michigan University 3.2320-25 Northern Michigan University 3.019-25 GRCC2.018 Michigan Tech3.6624-29 Oakland University3.219-25

10 S AMPLE M ICHIGAN P RIVATE C OLLEGES CollegeGPAACT Hope College3.8124-29 Calvin College3.523-29 Albion College3.423-28 Alma College3.422-27 Aquinas College3.321-26 Cornerstone University 3.321-27 Kalamazoo College 3.825-30

11 W HAT SCHOOLS DO I APPLY TO ? The average student applies to 3-4 colleges Consider applying for a “safety”, “middle” and a “reach” school. The application fees can add up fast!

12 S TANDARDIZED T ESTING ACT ( Upcoming Test Dates – October 25, December 13 Students must register early! Should I retest? Sending ACT scores SAT, SAT II ( Upcoming test dates – November 2 & December 7 Send applications even if you plan on retesting!!

13 C OLLEGE A PPLICATIONS Organization is the Key to success!

14 H OW DO I APPLY ? 1. Apply Online 2. Common Application may be accepted at various schools (U of M, Hope, Calvin, Kalamazoo) 3. Check if individual college requires that ACT or SAT scores be sent directly from the testing company 4. Review requirements with the NCAA Clearing House (if applicable) 5. Check if there is a counselor form required. If so, enter the counselor email or bring in form.

15 HHS A PPLICATION P ROCESS Complete student portion of all college applications online. Create an account at the online transcript clearinghouse www. If necessary, enter the counselor email or print counselor information page. If transcripts may not be requested online, you may request a paper copy in the counseling office. Please allow 5 days for processing. Meet with your counselor and give a full week for Common Application completion and letters of recommendation.


17 A DMISSION PROTOCOLS Rolling Admissions All state schools use rolling admissions Early Action Usually results in earlier response Non-binding Early Decision Binding – if you apply using early decision you are agreeing to come if they admit you….it is non- negotiable!!

18 O N S ITE A DMISSIONS O PPORTUNITIES Western Michigan University Grand Valley State University (pending) All Materials must be completed including… Printed application ACT scores/Transcript Application fee (or waiver)

19 A PPLICATION FAUX PAS Don’t forget to SIGN & DATE your application Only include what the college application requests Use an appropriate email address Don’t use an email like Watch your spelling & grammar – proof read!!! Be sure press SUBMIT if applying online Make a copy of your application

20 B E C AREFUL W ITH S OCIAL M EDIA ! **Information from and Kaplan

21 H OW DO I SEND A TEACHER RECOMMENDATION ? Ask an academic teacher – 2 weeks in advance Provide the activities form from the guidance office or a complete resume. Discuss with the teacher what is required and method of sending. Follow up with a thank you note. ONLY submit if colleges request a letter of recommendation from a teacher.

22 D EADLINES Prioritize – know the deadlines for all the schools you want to apply to Deadline for applications – shoot for October Students applying to U of M should complete their portion of the application and notify their counselor by Monday, Oct. 20 so we have time to complete our portion. To ensure consideration U of M and Hope applications should be turned in for Early Action.. Do Not trick or treat until your application is complete!!

23 $$$ FOR COLLEGE AND F INANCIAL A ID Never Rule out a school because of cost alone Net Price Calculators can give a picture of actual costs involved in the college (compare the costs) Be very open and honest in speaking with your child about finances as relative to college Apply early and be aware of all deadlines Review HHS scholarship handout Check for scholarships on college websites Organize scholarship due dates and requirements Check updates on “Scholarship News You Can Use” link on HPS website Financial Aid – FAFSA After January 1, 2014 and before March 1, 2014 Financial Aid Night (January 13) Be aware of scams!

24 Y OU ARE NOT DONE ….. Senior classes – many colleges want to see rigorous classes NOT an easy year! Keep your grades up – colleges can take back an acceptance based on your final transcript



27 M ILITARY OPTIONS Check with Recruiters for Details of each branch of service Recruiters visit during the lunch periods on a regular basis (see schedule) Many options for service including serving while attending college programs

28 W HAT IF A C OLLEGE E DUCATION IS NOT IN MY PLANS NOW ? Local Business Career Networking Fair (time/location tbd) Resume Assistance Co-Op Education Opportunities M-Tec Programs

29 T IMELINE FOR S ENIOR Y EAR September/October- Apply to Colleges/Community Colleges/Tech Schools: Complete applications online. Request your HHS transcript from Consider retaking your ACT in Sept, Oct., or Dec. Orient to scholarships and begin applying. Watch deadlines carefully. January/February- Apply for Financial Aid for college or network local business opportunities: Attend Financial Aid Workshop at HHS January 9 Complete your FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid before March 1. Attend Local Business Career Networking Fair March/April- Make Final Decisions: Receive financial award letters. Make your choice, send in your deposit to hold your spot. (decision made by May 1) **College visits may take place throughout the year… more comprehensive visits can be very helpful for schools that you are strongly considering.

30 Important Dates for Seniors, Class of 2015

31 E DMODO F OR P ARENTS A S A PARENT, WHAT CAN I SEE FROM MY E DMODO A CCOUNT ? Parents are able to see the following in their account (for their student only): Calendar notices Assignments due & late assignments Assignment comments (i.e. any feedback the teacher provides on their assignment) Grades Messages sent by the teacher that are directed to parents Direct messages their child’s teacher has sent to their child (or vice versa) Their child’s teachers and their Edmodo profile Apps the teacher has installed that include parent access Parents are not able to see the following in their account: Messages that teachers post to their student’s groups (unless directed to parents) Teacher communities Other student’s posts, replies, grades or assignments Library/backpack items or shared folders

32 For updates on applications, important dates, scholarship opportunities, and much more… Join our Edmodo group. We also will be utilizing a twitter account to distribute info… @holhscounselors

33 W HAT NOW ? Don’t procrastinate – start planning now!!! Confused – make an appointment with your counselor or the college advisor ASAP QUESTIONS?


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