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Tower Lines MAY 2009 AFTER 60 YEARS, WHO ARE WE? When you think of First Presbyterian Church, what images come to mind? A friendly congregation? Open to.

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1 Tower Lines MAY 2009 AFTER 60 YEARS, WHO ARE WE? When you think of First Presbyterian Church, what images come to mind? A friendly congregation? Open to all? Committed to growth? I hear folks saying this often – and I think they are right. Sometimes – as a congregation of Christians – it can be a bit scary to remember Christ’s commission to go into the world and make love one greet each other.. and to practice hospitality. We always desire to be the best disciple possible, but sometimes living out the commission is hard to do. This is one of the most welcoming and hospitable congregations I have ever experienced. Each of you, in your own individual ways, work hard to model hospitality so that we might work to become a more welcoming place for all. I can almost hear you thinking If hospitality is the key, we should be a huge congregation!!! That’s true – if hospitality in and of itself change people. So what are we to do? We can offer this space...this space...this sanctuary as a place where folks can experience true change. When we look at our facility, and we look at our congregation, we discover a whole new spectrum that opens up all kinds of options for choice and commitment. Hospitality is a gift – and a chance for guests and visitors to discover how their lives can be enriched – as well as enrich - an existing community. As you continue your ministry in this community, and as you welcome new people into your midst, it is important to remember the everyone has a gift to offer, a contribution that will make this body of Christ more complete. Each individual challenges us to become wiser, stronger, and more versatile. Our acceptance of each individual and appreciation for their value and importance is imperative. The next time you meet a visitor on a Sunday morning, remember that the few moments you spend with them may be a turning point in their lives. It is difficult to be the “new” one in a place where most folks feel at home. Welcome the stranger into our midst, remember where we have been, where we are, and where we are going, and allow the joy you feel of being part of this congregation be at the core of the hospitality you extend. Blessings Sue

2 Session met on April 13 at 7 pm in the Fellowship hall Your next stated Session Meeting will be on May 11 at 7:00 pm in the Church Fellowship Hall If you are unable to attend you are required to please call the church office by Monday 4:00pm to ask for an excused absence. Finances for the Month of MARCH 2009 actual budgeted YTD actual YTD budget Annual Pledge $ 8,639.00 $ 8,954.00 $ 27,020.00 $ 26,862.08 $ 107,448.08 Sunday Sch$ 74.00 $ 58.33 $ 192.75 $ 175.03 $ 700.00 Non Pledge $ 2,390.00 $ 1,875.00 $ 7,899.00 $ 5,627.00 $ 22,500.00 Other $ 0.00 $ 41.66 $ 1,707.75 $ 125.06 $ 500.00 Loose $ 323.25 $ 125.00 $ 677.67 $ 375.00 $ 1,500.00 Rent $ 646.00 $ 500.00 $ 1,346.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 6,000.00 total income $ 12,072.25 $ 11,553.99 $ 38,843.17 $ 34,662.17 $ 138,648.08 Expenses $ 12,610.39 $ 12,989.15 short $ (507.99) Congratulations To our 3 Charter members; Mary Harrison Bob & Nona Mae Cripps And to these members who joined in the first 10 years of our Church life. Dick & Joyce BrookeLillian Haynie Roy & JoAnn HahnHelen Densford Roger & Pat JacksonLynn Prevatt Fred & Beverly StrangeAsalee Santilli Elva FerrellHarley Watson Jane Wylie AllenLucille Miller Wilma Tull If we inadvertently left your name off the list, or you know of someone who did not get listed please let the church office know so we may properly recognize them.

3 Men’s Prayer Breakfast The Men’s Prayer Breakfast will meet May 16 8 am in the Kitchen. We encourage all men of the Church to come join us for some good food, great fellowship and a time for devotion and prayers. Donations to Presbyterian Urban Mission and Mid/Del food Pantry Peanut Butter and/or Jelly May 3 - Ethan Jenks May 10 - Kyle Teel May 17 - Kenneth Teel May 24 - Ethan Jenks May 31 - Kathleen Teel June 7 - Karynsa Teel June 14 - Matthew Ames June 21 - Kyle Teel June 28 - Kenneth Teel July 5 – Ethan Jenks July 12 – Kathleen Teel July 19 – Karynsa Teel July 26 – Matthew Ames August 2 – Kyle Teel August 9 – Kenneth Teel August 16 – Ethan Jenks August 23 – Kathleen Teel August 30 – Karynsa Teel September 6 – Matthew Ames September 13 – Kyle Teel September 20 – Ethan Jenks September 27 –Kathleen Teel If this schedule won’t work Please contact the church office to arrange for a substitute. What more can you do? I will do more than belong — I will participate. I will do more than care — I will help. I will do more than believe — I will trust. I will do more than dream — I will work. I will do more than teach — I will inspire. I will do more than earn — I will enrich. I will do more than give — I will serve. I will do more than live — I will grow. I will do more than be friendly — I will be a friend. I will do more than talk — I will listen. I will do more. —Unknown

4 Esther Circle will meet on Tuesday, May 19 th at 10:00 a.m. Pat Campbell is Hostess, Mary Harrison is lesson leader. Ruth/Naomi Circle meets at 1:30 pm. Ava Morton is the Host and lesson leader MAY BIRTHDAYS Ardith Larsen1 Gil Sisco1 Joyce Brooke2 Matthew Ames6 Wanda Dempsey9 Virginia Taylor12 Henri Traugh14 Bob Cripps20 Lynn Teel21 Fred Perras22 Robert Forbes23 MaryLou Marshall25 Jane Nannestad25 Nona Mae Cripps27 Marilyn Laughbaum31 Anniversaries Frank & Mercy Nartey4 Myers & Pat Campbell24 Charles & Marianna Osborn24 Doug & Eve Shaw31 Keenagers Our next meeting will be May 12 at Noon. Carol Harris and her group from First Presb. Church in Norman will be our guests. Out program will be Clyde Miller and his trombone with music from the 20’s to the 80’s. When you sign-up please indicate whether you are bringing a vegetable, salad or desert and remember to bring extra since we will be about double in numbers. In April 12 of us went to Bethany to the Antique Mall. We had lunch at Swadley’s Bar BQ. As always we had a lot of fun. Hope to see you at Our May Meeting!!! Church family camp It is not to soon to start planning for our annual Church Family Camp out June 12, 13 & 14. We will again gather at Lake Arcadia in Edmond. We will camp at Scissortail Camp ground. We have the Pavilion for both Friday and Saturday. Our Hamburger cook out is on Saturday night at 6pm, so if you don’t camp but want to join us this is a great time. Start making plans now. If you have questions you may call me at 732-7996 Ardith Larsen Create-to-Share Create-to-Share meets on the 4 th Tuesday( usually). We start at 9:30 am and make things, such as walker bags, comfort pillows, adult terry bibs, throws to use in wheel chairs or as coverlets. If you have some spare time on Tuesday mornings we can always use another pair of hands. You don’t have to sew just be willing to tie throws, stuff pillows, sew on buttons or any other project we might be working on. We break for potluck lunch at noon so come and have a good time and help others.

5 Music schedule Piano classes -5:00pm Monday (This is for young and old) Ensemble -6:00pm Monday (This is for anyone who plays an instrument-young and older) Hosanna Choir -5:30pm Wednesday (For any youth from 3yrs old to 6 th grade) Hand bells - 6:30pmWednesday (For any age youth through 100) Chancel Choir -7:30pm Wednesday (For any age from 6 th grade through?) Memorial Day Memorial Day emerged from the grim shadows of the American Civil War. Before the close of the war, women began decorating the graves of soldiers who had died in that war. The practice quickly spread, and a few years later May 30, 1868, was designated as Decoration Day — a day for placing flowers on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers throughout the United States. In 1882, Decoration Day became known as Memorial Day, and soldiers who died in other wars were also honored. Over the years, it has become a day when all loved ones who have died — in war and otherwise — are remembered. In 1971, the United States Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday to be observed annually on the last Monday in May. On this Memorial Day, remember those who gave their lives for our country. But also pray for those who continue serving to keep America free, especially those who are in harm’s way. C.E. Committee The C.E. Committee will honor our high school and college graduates on Sunday, May 3 rd. Immediately after the worship service lunch will be served to the grads and parents in the fellowship Hall. The graduates are Caitlin O’Brien and Jared Jenks from high school, K.C. Green, Courtney Coghill, and Daniel Nash from college. If there are others not already known, please notify the church office before May 3 rd.

6 Encouragement for graduates The late singer John Denver once gave a commencement speech at his old high school. “The best thing you have to offer the world is yourself,” he said. “You don’t have to copy anyone else. If you do, you’re second best.” He recalled how, after high school, he went to Texas Tech intending to become an architect. “But I quit to become a singer,” he said. “Not one person said I was doing the right thing. But I knew, deep down inside, I was born to sing to people. Singing is the most joyful thing in the world for me. It’s what’s inside you that counts. And if it’s not what you want to do, don’t do it. Listen to yourself. You’ll always know what’s right. Listen to that voice. That’s how you’ll find success as a human being. Don’t be afraid to be who you are.” —Adapted from The Source Book of Wit & Wisdom The changing image of Mother 4-year-old: “My mommy can do anything!” 8-year-old: “My mom knows a lot! A whole lot!” 12-year-old: “My mother doesn’t really know quite everything.” 14-year-old: “Naturally, mom doesn’t know that, either.” 16-year-old: “Mom? She’s hopelessly old-fashioned.” 18-year-old: “That old woman? She’s way out of date!” 25-year-old: “Well, she might know a little bit about it.” 30-year-old: “She’s smarter than she used to be.” 35-year-old: “Before we decide, let’s get Mom’s opinion.” 50-year-old: “Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?” 65-year-old: “Wish I could talk it over with Mom.”

7 May SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursFridaySaturday 1 8:00 am Mobile Meals OFFICE CLOSED 2 3 Sunday School 9:30 Worship 10:55 am HONOR GRADUATES 4 Piano Practice 5pm Ensemble Practice 6pm C.E. Meeting 7:00 pm 56 Children's choir 5:30 pm Hand Bell Choir 6:30pm Chancel Choir 7:30 pm 78 8:00 am Mobile Meals OFFICE CLOSED 9 10 Sunday School 9:30 Worship 10:55 am MOTHER’S DAY 11 Piano Practice 5pm Ensemble Practice 6pm 7 pm Session 12 Keenager 12:00 pm Host for the Norman Presbyterian 13 Children's choir 5:30 pm Hand Bell Choir 6:30pm Chancel Choir 7:30 pm 1415 8:00 am Mobile Meals OFFICE CLOSED Newsletter deadline 4pm 16 8:00 am Men’s Prayer breakfast Wannabee’s 17 9 am C.E. hosted breakfast 9am Sunday School 9:30 Worship 10:55 am 18 Piano Practice 5pm Ensemble Practice 6pm 19 10:00 am Esther Circle Ruth/ Naomi Circle 1:30 pm 20 Children's choir 5:30 pm Hand Bell Choir 6:30pm Chancel Choir 7:30 pm Habitat for Humanity 2122 8:00 am Mobile Meals OFFICE CLOSED 23 24 Sunday School 9:30 Worship 10:55 am 25 Piano Practice 5pm Ensemble Practice 6pm MEMORIAL DAY OFFICE CLOSED 26 9:30 am Create to Share 27 Children's choir 5:30 pm Hand Bell Choir 6:30pm Chancel Choir 7:30 pm 2829 8:00 am Mobile Meals OFFICE CLOSED 30 31 – 5 th Sunday Sunday School 9:30 Worship 10:55 am

8 First Presbyterian Church 900 N. Key Blvd. Midwest City, OK 73110– email Volume 60 Issue 5 May 2009 ___________________________ MAY 2009 WEB-SITE: Check in often for updates on committees and calendar items

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