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Hiring Manager Training Creating/Posting Job Requisitions.

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1 Hiring Manager Training Creating/Posting Job Requisitions

2 Creating a Req Creating a job requisition 1.Creating the details 2.Job description (editing if applicable) 3.Approvals Set up approvers and save New positions:  RD-> TVP -> Sharon Haverlak (SVP)-> Kathleen Donovan (CFO) Replacement Positions:  RD-> TVP -> Kathleen Donovan (CFO)

3 More on creating the req 4.Editing screening questions Edit/add questions to better filter candidates Cannot remove mandatory background check consent question! Incorrect answers to screening questions puts a candidate into the DOES NOT QUALITY bin (Initial DNQ), and they are sent an automatic rejection email AFTER EDITING, go back into the Approval tab and begin the approval process for the req  You cannot edit screening questions once the req has been sent for approval!!!

4 Posting a Req Posting the approved requisition – MUST post to Catapult OR NESI Careers Portal If you aren’t hiring for NESI, then simply post to Catapult – Posting to TalentBrew (outside job boards) is optional – Posting to Monster & CareerBuilder has a fee that is charged to your department CareerBuilder: $137/post (including re-posts) Monster: $90/post (including re-posts) – All job reqs must be approved AND posted before an offer letter is sent out

5 Posting to Career Builder/Monster Post to either Monster OR Career Builder Posting to both is redundant and costly Career Builder is a better job board for Specialized Services positions (counselors, speech pathologists, nurses, etc.) FOR NESI POSTIONS ONLY: When posting to Career Builder or Monster, YOU MUST EDIT THE JOB CONTACT COMPANY. It will default to Catapult Learning, so you must edit the field “Job Contact Company” to NESI so that the posting with appear as a NESI job. If you skip this step, we cannot change the posting.

6 How to edit the company name prior to posting:


8 Select continue.

9 After completing the industry, employee type, recruiter name/email fields, you will need to select the box CareerBuilder Network Priority Post Box on the left hand side. (See circled box.)

10 Next to Completed Fields, select the Edit Fields box.

11 Edit JOB CONTACT COMPANY field from Catapult to NESI.


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