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D REAM I T, D O I T ! I NNOVATIVE U TILIZATION OF V OLUNTEERS Summer Institute 2011 Volunteer Issues Committee of Literacy Action Network.

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1 D REAM I T, D O I T ! I NNOVATIVE U TILIZATION OF V OLUNTEERS Summer Institute 2011 Volunteer Issues Committee of Literacy Action Network

2 AGENDA Panel discussion: 16 ways to creatively utilize volunteers Moving from Innovative Ideas into Action Wrap-up


4 GED WRITING ONE - ON - ONE TUTOR Tutor an adult GED learners who is studying to pass the GED writing test Help with grammar, spelling and vocabulary Help with writing mechanics, paragraph and essay development

5 S OCIAL M EDIA V OLUNTEER Provide support and outreach for US Citizenship Training via Facebook and Twitter Maintain the Twitter Accounts and tweet Create and maintain a Facebook account with information on the US Citizenship classes. Bi-weekly up-dates – possible video postings of class Stay in direct communication with US Citizenship instructor, plus meet occasionally with US Citizenship instructor.

6 STAR READING TUTOR AND/OR ASSESSMENT AIDE Lead a reading group during class, mainly focusing on fluency. The more the volunteers, the smaller each group! Meet individually with reading learners to assess students in alphabetics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. The results are used for dividing students into small work groups, in class, according to their skills.

7 Special Projects Artist Create poster, bulletin board, or display board to be used for appropriate event, such as: Annual Reading Campaign/Family Literacy Day Bulletin board for job postings or other Display board to be taken to resource fairs/events

8 DIGITAL EDUCATION LAB SUPPORT VOLUNTEER Assist students in the use of Learner Web ‘Computer Skills You Can Use’, a computer-based learning plan. Skill sets include: using a mouse, keyboarding, e-mail, windows, internet browsing, and Microsoft Office.

9 J OB /T RANSITIONS C OACH Help learners with transitions needs such as Job search; Resume; Interview skills; Applications; Career choice; College application; Financial aid; and College choices. Prep work to be ready for each learner Initial questionnaire and information on learner’s specific interest On-going prep and work together with learner on Internet for applicable materials Continuous communications between site teacher and volunteer

10 E NGLISH FOR E MPLOYMENT Help students 1-1 as they gain the English and computer skills they need to achieve their career goals Create resumes, write emails, practice interview skills, search for jobs online Use and

11 P RONUNCIATION /R ECORDING V OLUNTEER Volunteer records stories using Audacity Stories are iTunes in computer lab Good for volunteers who like to work independently We have recorded stories from Read Naturally, Story by Story, and Project Read

12 N EXT L EVEL C LASSES V OLUNTEER T EACHER Volunteer-led afternoon classes in math, reading, and writing 1-3 levels beyond SHAPE (paid teacher) classes Bridge or jumpstart to Diploma/GED Started with student petition

13 O RTON -G ILLINGHAM 1-1 TUTOR Current volunteer took Orton-Gillingham training & needed 100 hours of volunteer instruction Teachers identify students who are not keeping up or not advancing Volunteer takes 8 students per term, works 1hr/week with each student, 8 hours total Programs can contact Orton-Gillingham or other reading training programs to request trained volunteers

14 M USIC I NTERN Jino shared his musical expertise by teaching songs accompanied by guitar He led a folk singing group where students shared cultural stories and sang at an end of the year Open-mic Celebration

15 R EGISTRATION, T ESTING AND L EARNING P LANS I NTERN Having trouble getting to all the things you would like to get accomplished? Intern Kathleen helped our very busy staff get learners retested and learning plans completed. Kathleen was instrumental also in helping us on the day of our learner registration to keep things flowing and to assist staff during a very stressful period.

16 W RITING I NTERN Chris spent over six months developing writing topics and bringing learners together to write creative stories. He spent many hours putting the publication together and doing his final project as the emcee for our open-mic celebration. We had other volunteers complete part of this project in the past. The staff had to fill in to help out with the project. Handing it all over to Chris was a great relief to staff and he did our best student writing publication and open-mic celebration!





21 Create a “game plan”

22 Placement, orientation and training

23 Risk Management

24 Recognition and Support

25 Create a Volunteer Position Description Questions to consider when developing a new volunteer position Use a template/worksheet

26 RESOURCES n_Network.html tion_Descriptions_and_Training_Guide.html


28 VOLUNTEER ISSUES COMMITTEE Co-chairs MaryJo Bayliss (SHAPE): Cathy Grady (MLC): Committee Members Tammi Bernard (Burnsville): Glenice Jones (Metro North): Ruth Rodriguez (St.Paul): Allison Runchey (MLC): Nancy Thornbury (Franklin Learning Center, Minneapolis)

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