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State of the Structures TC Jeanette Domber Structures TC Chair 01/15/14.

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1 State of the Structures TC Jeanette Domber Structures TC Chair 01/15/14

2 2 TAC Organization Vice President Basil Hassan Director of Aerospace Sciences James Keenan Staff Liaison Betty Guillie New Initiatives Peter Montgomery Program Committees Mark Melanson Director of Propulsion & Energy Jeff Hamstra Director of Aerospace Design & Structures Kathleen Atkins Director of Information Systems Sanjay Garg Committee Liaisons Director of Space & Missiles Trevor Sorensen Director of Aircraft & Atmos Systems Neal Pfeiffer Director of Engineering & Technology Mgmt. Allen Arrington 71 Technical Committees 12 Program Committees VP-Elect David Riley VP-Deputy Tom Duerr

3 3 Kathleen Atkins, Director Aerospace Design & Structures Group Carlos Cesnik Deputy Director Structures Paul Taylor (2012-14) TC Chair Structural Dynamics Gary Siedel (2013-15) TC Chair Materials Jeanette Domber (2012-14) TC Chair Structures Greg Reich (2012-14) TC Chair Adaptive Structures Achille Messac Deputy Director Design Sid Rowe (2013-15) TC Chair Design Engineering Baron Bichon (2013-15) TC Chair Non-Deterministic Approaches Suzi DeRosa (2012-14) TC Chair Survivability Ray Kolonay (2012-14) TC Chair Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization Sergio Pellegrino TC Chair Spacecraft Structures Aerospace Design and Structures Organization

4 Continuing Operations YTD September 2013 4 From Sandy Magnus AIAA State of the Union Jan 2014 presentation

5 AIAA Membership At it’s height, professional membership was around 30,000 Current professional membership is 24,898  There are currently more members over 60 years of age than under 40 Largest percentage of operating funds come from conference fees (sponsors, registration fees, exhibitor fees)  2013 SDM was 13% off of projections  2013 Space was down 30% off of projections –More typical for last year’s performance  One 2013 event completely cancelled (at the last minute) Only about 6,000 professional members attend AIAA conferences 5

6 Impacts to AIAA Ended 2012(471K) and 2013(2.2M) with a negative operating balance  Budgeted 2013 anticipating negative operating balance (500K) Major Factors (see following charts):  overall 25% decrease (average) in conference attendance in 2013  Cancellation/delay of vended events Mandated a balanced budget for 2014  Used new reporting structure  Constructed Forum budgets as “projects” incorporating all relevant Institute activities  Overall budget cuts of $1.1M had to be identified 6 From Sandy Magnus AIAA State of the Union Jan 2014 presentation

7 It is all about Growth…. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. –Tony Robbins If you are not growing, you are dying. –Many It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. – Charles Darwin 7 From Sandy Magnus AIAA State of the Union Jan 2014 presentation

8 SDM Tech Chair SDM General Chair NDA Tech Chair NDA General Chair ASC Tech Chair ASC General Chair MDO Tech Chair MDO General Chair Gossamer Tech Chair Gossamer General Chair Structures Track Chair Struct. Dyn. Track Chair Materials Track Chair Survivability Track Chair Design Eng. Track Chair Student Paper Tech Chair ASME Rep ASCE Rep AHS Rep ASC Rep Dyn Spec Tech Chair Dyn Spec General Chair Original SDM and co-located Conferences Org Chart

9 General Observations about SDM at SciTech What we know went well:  Interesting forum keynotes with plenary panels  Breadth of topics available  Exhibit hall  Seeing people that wouldn’t normally be at SDM  Forum setup with zones –Did you notice that all SDM keynotes were in the same room?  Collecting ribbons  Easy registration 9

10 General Observations about SDM at SciTech What are the known issues:  Not using SDM terminology in the program  Concurrent events with the SDM lecture  Not printing names of Technical Program Committee in the program  Not listing the concurrent conferences on the program cover page or inside cover 10

11 What did ASM concede to join SciTech? Plenary sessions in the morning rather than concurrent with the technical sessions All SDM events (keynotes, plenaries, lectures) were incorporated that wanted to be ASM lectures were also moved around All best paper awards were moved to reception  We heard that this will not be repeated and they will be moved back to lunches 11

12 What do I know about SciTech going forward First full week of January for the next 4 years  Contract with Gaylord already signed –2015: Kissimmee –2016: San Diego –2017: Nashville –2018: Grapevine (Dallas) Moving best paper awards out of reception Open discussion about how to do student papers next year 12

13 What did the Structures TC do to adapt to SciTech? What worked?  NEM transition subcommittee  As open communication as possible  Discussion and feedback to AIAA What needs to improve?  Making sure that our constructive voices are heard  Fall meeting timing? 13

14 Keep your eyes open for an AIAA survey on SciTech AIAA will be sending out a survey about SciTech in a few weeks Please respond and let your voice be heard 14

15 Open Constructive Discussion I know some of you are still upset about the transition and that’s ok, but let’s take pure complaining off-line  Some of us will be in the bar after the meeting What can TAC and the conference organizing committee do better next year?  Please provide concise, concrete examples that I will bring back to Kathleen with the help of Lisa & Dawn who are taking notes on this item 15

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