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Mallory Carty TJ Preston Kallie Jung Kathleen Duke.

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1 Mallory Carty TJ Preston Kallie Jung Kathleen Duke

2  Summer of 1920’s in Cookham, England. A June afternoon to morning. In the Bliss’ house, the play is set mostly in their hall.

3  Family of four: David, Judith, Sorel, Simon  Each member invites a friend for the weekend  David- Jackie  Judith- Sandy  Sorel- Richard  Simon- Myra

4  Family tries to act civilized for their guests  As the day unfolds, each guest looks to another family member for comfort.  The family soon shows their dysfunction, which ends up scaring away their guests.  Guests soon plot their escape only one day into the weekend.

5  When the family member’s found out they each invited a guest without telling anyone  Immediately works up friction among the family  Tension doesn’t reside even when guests arrive

6  The family and guests play a parlor game (a form of charades)  Craziness of the family starts to really show

7  Family issues- you can assume that this particular family has a complex, twisted past that interferes with their relationship today, stemming from their differing personalities.  Relationship issues/adultery- as the guests find solace in a different family member that invited them, relationships are torn apart and marriages are ruined  Line between sanity/insanity- we see how the family as a whole covers up their insane attitude from their guests for only a short time, and that when revealed, the guests aren’t remotely attracted to them.

8  Communication is key  The family only falls into chaos because of their miscommunication. The guests don’t understand the family or anything they say, which is the downfall of the weekend.

9  Judith (mother)- retired actress in her late 40’s, she wants to start theater back up. Melodramatic and one for theatrics, she isn’t concerned with solving the problems in an argument.  Simon (son)- early 20’s, unemployed, and a control freak, Simon takes after his mother; he’s passive aggressive and rather selfish

10  Sorel (daughter)- early 20’s, Sorel is more of a daddy’s girl. She has anger issues, as she’s always bickering with Simon, but cares for her guests and wants the best for the family.

11  Not one person, like in most plays  Whole family is the protagonist, since the play focuses primarily on the family as a whole  The family itself is innocent in the play, and the problem doesn’t stem from their insanity; their insanity simply magnifies the problem.

12  Not one person, like the protagonist.  Guests as a whole are the antagonists. They create the tension that ultimately fuels the arguments the family has.

13  Judith monologue page 15  Scene between 4 guests page 57  Simon monologue page 21  Scene between 4 family members page 60  Scene between Myra/ David page 44  Sorel monologue page 27

14  Winsomely: an engaging manner (mentioned during game)  Saucily: an impudent or impertinent manner(mentioned during game)  Diplomatist: an official engaged in international negotiations (Richard’s occupation)  Dieppe: French city (they visited there, shows they’re upper class)  Slapdash: careless/reckless manner (describes family

15  Bohemian: unconventional, especially in appearance or behavior (Richard describes the family as such)  Blasé: nonchalantly unconcerned (Sorel describes Simon as this)  Magnanimously: generous and understanding (Judith sarcastically described as this)  Abject: showing humiliation/ submissiveness (Jackie described as this)  Affectation: a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display (Myra’s relationship with David

16  Place de Concorde: a road  Rue St. Honore: a road  Charlie Templeton: Canadian cartoonist  Maiden Head: City in the UK

17  Kallie and Kathleen liked fast paced speed of the show, TJ and Mallory didn’t.  Liked how each family member was their own type of crazy  Liked the ending and how it shows the utter insanity of the family  Got kind of confusing at times  Would recommend to a friend because it was very funny, witty, and an overall good read.

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