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Introduction to DIBELS Next Stephanie Stollar, PhD UC Summer Institute June 14 & 15, 2010 Dynamic Measurement Group

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1 Introduction to DIBELS Next Stephanie Stollar, PhD UC Summer Institute June 14 & 15, 2010 Dynamic Measurement Group

2 DMG DIBELS ® Next Research and Development Team Executive Directors o Ruth Kaminski o Roland Good Research Scientists o Kelli Cummings o Kelly Powell-Smith o Stephanie Stollar Professional Development Specialists o Kathleen Petersen o Alisa Dorman Project Manager o Josh Wallin Graphic Designer o Karla Wysocki Research Assistants o Annie Hommel o Doug Rice o Katherine Schwinler o Karla Wysocki Data Team o Beth Dewey o Rachel Latimer o Maya O’Neil Support Staff o Dan Cohn o Laura Collins o Jeff Heriot o Sarah Laszlo

3 DIBELS ® Next Partners University of Oregon DIBELS ® Data System http://dibels.uoregon.edu Enter DIBELS ® Next data online and generate automated reports. Sopris http://www.sopriswest.com Publishers of DIBELS ® Next print materials Wireless Generationhttp://www.wirelessgeneratio n.comhttp://www.wirelessgeneratio DIBELS ® Next on palm pilot mClass data reporting system 3

4 DIBELS ® Next Overview New user-friendly format –Flip-book format for published version Sopris/Cambium - –Larger booklet size for downloadable version New Measures –DIBELS ® Daze –First Sound Fluency Retell is part of DORF WUF-R available as an experimental measure –Contact

5 DIBELS ® Next Overview Improved measures based on research and user feedback –New directions to facilitate students’ understanding –New content, including all new reading passages –New arrangement of items to increase consistency of scores –Checklist of common response patterns to aid in intervention planning –New scores for some measures to enhance interpretation –New more child-friendly font in grades K-2

6 DIBELS ® Next Overview New research on all measures carried out over 4 years on over 25,000 children in over 90 schools –Use of new readability formula to level passages and decrease variability of DORF scores –New reliability data –New validity data Prediction to NAEP Prediction to GRADE –New research on benchmark goals

7 What Has Not Changed DIBELS ® Next are still: –Brief, standardized, repeatable indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills –Research-based –Used for universal screening, benchmark assessment, progress monitoring, and systems evaluation –Appropriate for use within a Response to Intervention model of service delivery

8 DIBELS ® Assess the Basic Early Literacy Skills

9 DIBELS ® 6th Edition Research References 9 A comprehensive collection of research publications related to DIBELS (14 pages).

10 DIBELS ® 6th Edition Technical Adequacy Information (Download) 10 A comprehensive collection of technical adequacy data for DIBELS 6th Edition (39 pages).

11 Overview of Materials Benchmark Assessor Materials –1 scoring booklet per student –Different booklets for each grade –Contain all the measures used in the beginning, middle and end of the year for each grade –Daze Administration Directions and Scoring Key Benchmark Student Materials –What the student looks at to complete the task –Needed for LNF, NWF and DORF –Daze Student worksheet the only one that students will write on

12 DIBELS ® Next Assessment Manual Essential Resource for Administering and Scoring DIBELS ® Next Contains: –Chapters on the Foundations of DIBELS ® Next, Guidelines for Administering and Scoring, Interpreting DIBELS ® Next Data, and Implementing DIBELS ® Next in Your School –Administration and scoring rules for all DIBELS ® Next measures –Model scoring pages –Appendices including the Pronunciation Guide, practice scoring sheets and answer keys, Assessment Accuracy Checklists, and sample statements and letters Can be downloaded or purchased Should be available for each DIBELS ® Next assessor

13 Time Needed for Benchmark Assessment per Student GradeBOYMOYEOYChange from 6 th Edition K3 minutes6.5 minutes5 minutes-1.5 1 st 5 minutes9 minutes -1.5 2 nd 9 minutes7 minutes +3 3 rd – 6 th 7 minutes +3

14 Transitioning to DIBELS ® Next 2 Year Transition Period Wireless Generation Software Available Fall 2011 School Year Schedule and Benchmark Schedule Resources For Transitioning –Materials –Training Proximity to Initial DIBELS Training Other District Initiatives

15 DIBELS ® Next Training Opportunities Online DIBELS ® Next Essential and Transition Workshops Regional Workshops –Chicago June 18 –Columbus August 12 Training Institutes –Eugene July 12-15 –Chicago August 17-20 Onsite Workshops IRead Conference –Cincinnati August 9-11 15

16 Dynamic Measurement Group Visit our website for information –Training Opportunities –Becoming a DIBELS Mentor –Research projects –Ordering products 16

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