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The challenges and best solution

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1 The challenges and best solution

2  Cultural translation is the practice of translation which involves cultural differences. Cultural translation can be also defined as a practice whose aim is to present another culture via translation. This kind of translation solves some issues linked to culture, such as the dialects, food or architecture.translationpracticeculturetranslation culture dialectsfoodarchitecture

3  The main issue that cultural translation must solve consists in translating a text as showing cultural differences of this text, in respecting the source culture.culture

4  Cultural translation is a term which must be also studied through cultural anthropology, a field of anthropology focused on cultural issues among humans. This discipline questions translation through cultural differences. Indeed, translation studies are not only based on language issues, but also on cultural contexts between peoples.anthropology translation studies

5  Balai Pelestarian Peninggalan Benda Purbakala =Center for Preservaton of Cultural Heritage.  benda cagar budaya=cultural heritage.  cerurit / celurit=Madurese sickle.  Ketua Adat=(male) village elder(s).  Bhinneka Tunggal Ika=Unity in diversity

6  Di Indonesia, gamelan sering diikuti oleh tarian, pertunjukan wayang, atau ritual dan upacara adat. Biasanya pemain gamelan akan terbiasa dengan gerakan tarian dan puisi, sementara penari mampu bermain dalam ansambel/rombongan musik.  In Indonesia, gamelan often accompanies dance, wayang puppet performances, or rituals and ceremonies. Typically players in the gamelan will be familiar with dance moves and poetry, while dancers are able to play in the ensemble.wayang

7  Dalam wayang, dhalang harus memiliki pengetahuan mendalam tentang gamelan, seperti ketika dia berisyarat dengan untuk musik.Gamelan dapat dimainkan sendiri - dalam gaya "klenengan", atau untuk siaran radio - namun konser menurut gaya Barat tidak bersifat tradisional  In wayang, the dhalang (puppeteer) must have a thorough knowledge of gamelan, as he gives the cues for the music. Gamelan can be performed by itself – in "klenengan" style, or for radio broadcasts – but concerts in the Western style are not traditional.wayangdhalang

8  1. walk slowly on the edge (side) of the road = mlipir. 2. fall backward and then hit own head = nggeblak. 3. got hit by a truck that is moving backward = kunduran trek. 4. talk too much about unimportant thing = cangkeman. 5. smearing one’s body with hot ointment or liquid and then massaging it = mblonyo. 6. riding an old bicycle = ngonthel. 7. falling/ tripping forward (and may hit own face = kejlungup. pyroclastic cloud rolling down a volcano = wedhus gembel. 9. a small, sharp thing embedded inside one’s skin = susuben/ ketlusupen. 10. feeling uncomfortable because there is something that smells bad = kambon.

9  11. things getting out from a container accidentally because of gravity = mbrojol. 12. get hit by thing collapsing on top of one’s head/ body = kambrukan/ 13. drinking straight from the bottle without using glass, where whole bottle tip gets into the mouth = ngokop. 14. cannot open eyes because something is shining very bright = blereng. 15. hanging on tightly to something in order to be inert = gondhelan.

10  16. falling/ tripping accidentally because of a hole = kejeglong. 17. being overly active carelessly = pecicilan. 18. feeling unwell because of cold temperature = katisen. 19. making too much noise, disturbing other people= mbribeni / mblebeki. 20. tripping over accidentally caused by wires, cloths, gowns etc. = kesrimpet. 21. being alone (or with a companion) in the corner of a place/ room doing something suspicious= mojok. 22. pretend to be homeless, no money and never take shower=nggembel

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