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“The Demon Lover” By Elizabeth Bowen.

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1 “The Demon Lover” By Elizabeth Bowen

2 “The Demon Lover” Allusion English Ballad Absent lover
Intervening marriage Desertion upon lover’s return

3 “The Demon Lover” Setting and Mood PRESENT
Month and year: August, 1941 War: London Blitz WWII House with cracks on a deserted street Weather: Humid, sunny day interrupted by rain PAST August 1916, WWI

4 “The Demon Lover” Setting and Mood Shut-up house Steamy, showery day
Humid, yellow, afternoon sun Batch of clouds…ink-dark Broken chimney Cat wove itself No human eye watcher Mrs. Drover’s return

5 “The Demon Lover” Setting and Mood Death and Decay
War destroyed London - blitz Buildings and silence Abandoned Lives lost

6 Flashback & Foreshadowing
“The Demon Lover” Flashback & Foreshadowing Fiancé left for war and went missing Letter signed “K” from fiancé Fiancé alive Indicates she might have to confront him She broke promise

7 “The Demon Lover” PoV 3rd Person Omniscient
God-like perspective not restricted to time and place Switches to 1st person – why?

8 “The Demon Lover” Protagonist Mrs. Kathleen Drover
Age: 44 years old Family: husband, 3 boys, sister Physical appearance Thin from wartime rations Stability and dependability Completely unnerved by the letter

9 “The Demon Lover” Symbolism Structurally unsound HOUSE Wartime damage
Mrs. Drover’s PSYCHE is damaged by war Muscular flicker on the side of her mouth Lost husband, displaced family Letter and taxi – exist??

10 “The Demon Lover” Symbolism The CLOCK Passage of time
Importance of time WWI – peace – WWII

11 “The Demon Lover” Symbolism The LETTER Signed by “K” – her own initial
WWII triggers repressed memories of WWI – lover Cannot remember lover’s face (may be Everyman) War is a DEMON that lingers over her

12 “The Demon Lover” Symbolism The TAXI and the DRIVER
Knows where to take her Heaven (save) or Hell (torture) Can’t escape from taxi…WAR Driver Only sees his face Can’t remember face of fiancé Does it/he exist?? Who do you think it is??

13 “The Demon Lover” Themes Appearance vs. Reality
Similar to “The Necklace” Heaven vs. Hell Sanity vs. Insanity

14 “The Demon Lover” Themes Death vs. Life – surviving the war
War vs. Peace – after WWI War disrupts Drover’s family Takes her fiancé Internal war of lover returning War or driver cause her to scream in taxi?

15 “The Demon Lover” By Elizabeth Bowen
Does she see the visage of her fiancé? OR Does she have an emotional and psychological breakdown?

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