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ICEA Membership Meeting. Purpose ICEA BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S TREE President Nancy Lantz Executive Committee President- Elect Connie Livingston Treasurer.

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1 ICEA Membership Meeting

2 Purpose

3 ICEA BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S TREE President Nancy Lantz Executive Committee President- Elect Connie Livingston Treasurer Marlis Bruyere Secretary Bonita Katz Board of Directors Barbara C. Crotty Education Chair Vonda Gates International Relations Chair Myra Lowrie Lactation Chair Amber Roman Communications Chair Alecia White Scharback Membership & Marketing Chair Joan M. Smith Public Policy Chair Angela Swieter Director-At-Large Debra Tolson Convention Planning Chair Donna Walls Director-At-Large Advisory / Professional Board Advisory Jeannie Anderson Connie Bach-Jeckell Candy Mueller Jeanette Schwartz Anne-Marie (Dolly) Wagner Professional Pec Indman Kathleen Kendall- Tackett Linda J. Smith Dr. Sarah Buckley Dr. Leonard Brabson Staff Executive Director Holly Currie Membership & Certification Meetings

4 Nancy Lantz, RN, BSN, ICCE-CD President, Maryville, TN Connie L. Livingston, RN, ICCE, FACCE, LCCE President-Elect, Dayton, OH Bonita Katz, RN, BA, IAT-CE-D, CLE Secretary, Powell, WY Marlis Bruyere, DHA, Med, BA, BEd Treasurer, Ontario, Canada Debra Tolson, RN, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC, CPST Convention Planning Committee, Fort Morgan, CO Joan M. Smith, MSN, RN Chair, Public Policy Advisory Committee, Raleigh, NC Barbara C. Crotty, RN, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC, CPST Chair, Education Committee, Bellaire, TX 2013-2014 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Myra Lowrie, MA, IBCLC, ICCE, CD(DONA) Chair, Lactation Advisory Committee, Sugar Land, TX Amber Roman, ICCE, CD Chair, Communications Committee, Pensacola, FL Alecia White Scharback, BM, MFA, ICD, PCD(DONA), CLC, LCCE Chair, Membership & Marketing Committee, Needham, MA Vonda Gates, RN, BSN, ICCE, CD, IAT Chair, International Relations Advisory Committee Angela Swieter, RN, BSN, IBCLC, ICD, ICPE, ICPD Director-at-Large, Des Moines, IA Donna Walls, RN, BSN, ICCE, IBCLC Director-at-Large, Dayton, OH

5  Anne-Marie (Dolly) Wagner, ICCE, CD -ICEA Board Member 2008-2012 -Chair, Scholarship Committee 2008-Present -Chair, Conference Committee 2010-2012 -Childbirth Education Program Coordinator & Educator at MATC 1979-2000 -Childbirth Educator at Group Health Cooperative 2000-Present -Madison, WI  Connie Bach-Jeckell, RN, IAT-CE-D-CPE-CPFE -ICEA Past Board Director, International Relationships, 2002-2012 -BirthMatters, International -Alcoa, TN  Candy Mueller, ICCE, CD -ICEA Board Member, 2008-2012 -Director of Business Development -Florida Childbirth Resources -Palm Harbor, Florida  Jeanette Schwartz, RN, ICCE-CD-IAT -ICEA Past President, 2008-2010 -Clinical Director Maternity Care at Woodwinds Health Campus -Co-Founder of JM Birth Consultants -Shoreview, MN  Jeannie Anderson -President, Lifelines -Executive Director, -Sweetwater, TN 2013-2014 ICEA Advisory Board Advisory Board members serve as a resource to the ICEA President and Board of Directors to provide information, guidance, advice, suggestions as needed.

6 Pec Indman, EdD, MFT  Director of Women’s Health for Regroup Therapy  Former Chair of the Education and Training Committee for Postpartum Support International  Co-authored the book, Beyond the Blues, Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPAA  Health psychologist and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant  Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Praeclarus Press & Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Lactation  Specializes in women's-health research including breastfeeding, depression, trauma, and health psychology Linda J. Smith, MPH, FACCE, IBCLC, FILCA  Lactation consultant, childbirth educator, author, and internationally-known consultant on breastfeeding and birthing issues  ILCA’s liaison to the World Health Organization’s Baby Friendly Hospital InitiativeA founder of IBLCE, founder and past board member of ILCA Dr. Sarah J. Buckley  GP/family physician, author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering  Lives on the semi-rural outskirts of Brisbane in northern Australia  Special interests include: hormonal physiology of childbearing, impact of labor interventions for mother and baby, third stage of labor, cord clamping and lotus birth, ultrasound and prenatal testing for Down syndrome Dr. Leonard Brabson, MD, FACOG  Certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1980  Current practices: Women’s Health Specialists, St. Mary’s Birth & Midwifery Center, Tennova Physician’s Regional Medical Center (formerly known as Mercy/ St. Mary's Medical Center), University of Tennessee Hospital  Current Tennessee Section American College of OBGYN (ACOG) Vice Chair...among many many others 2014 ICEA Founding Professional Board Professional Board members serve as a council to the ICEA President and Board of Directors to provide information, guidance, advice, suggestions as needed.

7 Nancy Lantz President

8 V I S I O N

9 QUOTES – VISION “Vision is the capacity to translate possibilities into reality” – Nancy Lantz “Where there is no vision the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18 “Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference” – Joel Barker

10 “You’ve got to think about big things while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction” – Alvin Toffler “Determine that the thing can and shall be done and then we shall find the way” – Abraham Lincoln QUOTES – VISION

11 I Initiate direction C Celebrate who we are E Encourage and Empower each other A Action

12 2014 Goals 1. Provide evidence based research education materials, programs and certifications 2. Increase ICEA visibility-branding 3. Become financially sound 4. Expand International Relationships 5. Promote family-centered maternity and newborn care 6. Establish Partnerships and Strategic Alliances with groups and individuals

13 What is your Vision?

14 “Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Oh, the Thinks you Can Think!” Dr. Seuss

15 ICEA Visibility in Programs and Conferences International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) United States Breastfeeding Coalition (USBC) Post Partum Support International (PSI) Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) Trust Birth

16 Ellen Gioielli, FirstPoint Management and ICEA Accounting Representative reporting for Marlis Bruyere, Treasurer Holly Currie, Membership and Certification

17 ICEA Membership Dues and Certification Aug-13Aug-14Increase% Increase Dues$119,042.08$122,129.72$3,087.642.59% Certification$51,954.00$59,619.00$7,665.0014.75%

18 MEMBERSHIP US ICEA Members: 1,057 Canada: 58 Other International: 41 Total ICEA Members Worldwide: 1,156

19 CERTIFICATION Childbirth Educator Birth Doula Prenatal Fitness Postpartum Doula Childbirth Educator Total Certified: 974 Enrollments in 2014 (@$150): 171 Birth Doula Total Certified: 173 Enrollments in 2014 (@$150): 35 ONLINE Birth Doula: 7 Prenatal Fitness Total Certified: 90 Enrollments in 2014 (@$275): 15 Postpartum Doula Total Certified: 10 Enrollments in 2014 (@$150): 6

20 ICEA BOOK STORE Make sure to stop by the ICEA Exhibit booth for hot deals! Expand your collection for less! HUGE BLOWOUT!!!

21 Connie Livingston President-Elect

22 Position Papers

23 Military Mothers Initiative Increasing the opportunity for childbirth education on military bases. Providing military spouses with a meaningful and portable career.

24 Other Activities Served on 2014 Conference Committee Served on Professional Childbirth Educator Update Committee Represented ICEA at the CIMS Summit Serves on the 2015 ICEA/Lamaze Joint Conference Committee And a lot of other stuff

25 Bonita Katz Secretary

26 Debra Tolson Chair, Convention Planning Committee

27 Where We’ve Been… 2010 Mega Conference Lamaze-ICEA Milwaukee Celebrating 50 Years of ICEA & Lamaze

28 Where We’ve Been… 2011 & 2012 Regional Conferences 2013 ICEA Cruise New Perspectives in Perinatal Education

29 Where We Are…

30 Where We Are Going… Raising The Stakes For Evidence-Based Practices & Education in Childbirth September 17-21, 2015 Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

31 Vonda Gates Chair, International Relations Advisory Committee

32 Taiwan

33 China

34 ICEA International Teaching Partners Sarah Hannibal Jennifer Kozlow-Rodriguez Dr. Meei-Ling Gau Dr. Chien-Huei Kao

35 Alecia White Scharback Chair, Membership and Marketing Committee

36  The Membership and Marketing Committee has spent the majority of this term working on the ICEA 2014 Conference in Asheville, NC, obtaining Exhibitors and Sponsors for the conference, and marketing the conference!  We have been looking at ways to reach membership about certifying with ICEA in another area other than one’s current certification specialty, to generate more certifications through ICEA. We are working with other Chairs to get certification pathways online, and enhance ICEA’s visibility/branding in the digital world through social media, apps, online features, etc. What We’ve Been Up to in 2014…

37 Barbara Crotty, RN, ICCE, IBCLC, CPST Chair, Education Committee

38  Professional Childbirth Educator Update– just about to hit the streets!  Birth Doula – Now available online! Updated Training Courses

39 Sub-chairs of the Education Committee for each certification program are:  Childbirth Educator  Vonda Gates  Birth Doula  Bonita Katz  Postpartum Doula  Marilyn Hildreth & Angela Swieter  Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness  Catherine Cram Education Sub-Chairs

40  Early Lactation Care Program  Donna Walls Education Sub-Chairs

41 VBAC Nicette Jukelevics

42 Amber Roman Chair, Communications Committee Facebook – Twitter – IJCE – eBirth - Partnerships

43 Chair, Amber Roman, ICCE, CD Amber is the mother of four—three boys and one girl—and the owner of a very busy birth company in Pensacola, Florida. She has served over 30 families in 2013 alone. She brings her Bachelor of Science in Communications and her extensive experience with copy editing, marketing, and writing to the ICEA Board of Directors. IJCE Editor, Debra Rose Wilson, PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT Dr. Debra Rose Wilson worked in nursing for many years, gaining expertise in many facets of maternal care. Debra’s current research area is stress, stress management, and immune function. She is an internationally known speaker in Stress and Self Care.

44 Social Media Outlets The ICEA Facebook Page currently has over 3,400 followers, many of whom are not members. Our Facebook page outreach has allowed us to maintain our international presence. The ICEA Twitter page reaches over 2,800 followers and connects what is broadcast on Facebook with those who prefer Twitter. Twitter is a fast- paced form of social media and reaches a much younger and narrower demographic. During the 2014 ICEA conference, use the Twitter handle #2014ICEA to participate in the conference Twitter conversation!

45 The International Journal of Childbirth Education Under the direction of Debra Rose Wilson, the IJCE has become a evidence- based tool for educators and maternal health professionals. Recent developments include partnerships with AWHONN and several other sister organizations to provide their members with access to the IJCE.

46 The Communications Committee also sends the eBlasts and monthly eBirths.

47 Myra Lowrie Chair, Lactation Advisory Committee

48 As an ICCE and IBCLC, retired last October 2013 after 30 years working at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital in Houston, TX Taught breastfeeding, childbirth education, and infant care classes Joined Board of Directors for Action for Corporate Accountably (ACA.) ACA was the USA arm of INFACT and the official USA Nestle Boycott organization & participated in the monitoring of infant formulas and baby foods Myra testified before the Texas House State Affairs Committee advocating the passage of breastfeeding legislation, HB 359 which later passed and became law ILCA Board of Directors in 1999 Delegate to the United Sates Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) Myra is the proud grandmother of seven breastfed grandchildren A Little About Myra…

49 Recently returned from the August 2014 USBC Membership Meeting in Washington, D.C. Governmental Member Reports covered several topics including Reducing Disparities in Breastfeeding through Peer and Professional Lactation Support and Technical Assistance Coordinating Center for Baby- Friendly Designation. A draft of the new USBC Strategic Framework was discussed Exciting projects are planned for the next 5 years

50 Donna Walls At-Large Director Incorporating the United States Breastfeeding Committee report Core Competencies-Basic Skills for Lactation Care Providers in classes and trainings. Addition of the World Health Organization Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes in our exhibitor and advertising policies Development of the Early Lactation Care program

51 Angela E. Swieter, RN, BSN, IBCLC, ICD, ICPE, ICPD At-Large Director Peer review for the ICEA Journal Writing articles for the ICEA e-Newsletter Updating ICEA’s PP Doula program

52 Joan Smith Chair, Public Policy Advisory Committee

53 Public Policy Illuminates and Advances ICEA’s mission of Advocacy Education Evidence-based research

54 Activities that Incorporate Advocacy Education and Evidence- based Research 1. Directors Meeting Affordable Care Act and Implications for Childbirth Education 2. CIMS Conference 3. Positions Papers -Pain in Labor -Comfort Measures -Newsletter articles 4. Conference Calls 5. Public Policy 2014: Term Gestation and Induction of Labor Prior to 38 Weeks without Medical Indication

55 Returning 2015-2016 ICEA Board Members President: Connie Livingston (2013-2014 President-elect) Secretary: Bonita Katz Education: Barbara Crotty International Relations: Vonda Gates Communications: Amber Roman

56 New 2015-2016 ICEA Board Members President-Elect: Debra Tolson Treasurer: Michelle Hardy Public Policy: Elizabeth Smith Membership/Marketing: Jennifer Shyrock Lactation: Donna Walls Conventions: Kimberly Myers Director at Large: Myra Lowrie Director at Large: Katrina Pinkerton

57 Newest ICEA Certified Childbirth Educators – 9/12/2014 Amy Poarch (Soddy Daisy, TN) Wanda Sundermann (Chapel Hill, NC) Chelsea Kouns (Asheville, TN)

58 Questions? Comments? Thank You!

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