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Spicing Up Your 4-H Volunteer Involvement 4-H Youth Development Skills Café February 29, 2012.

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1 Spicing Up Your 4-H Volunteer Involvement 4-H Youth Development Skills Café February 29, 2012

2 4-H Volunteer Development 0 “Fast Food” style vs. “Gourmet” style 0 Exploring the 4-H Volunteer Development Café 0 Creating Productive Club Meetings 0 Volunteer Vision 0 Everyone Ready ® 0 North Central Region Volunteer e-Forum 0 4-H Leader Home Study Course 0 VolunteerIN 4-H Toolkit for Success 0 Indiana 4-H Adult Congress 0 4-H 101 Online

3 Creating Productive Club Meetings Jill Andrew-Richards, Erika Bonnett Area I Rotary Training

4 Productive 4-H Club Meetings Why are they important? 4-H Meeting Structure What makes up a good club meeting? Program Planning & 4-H Club Meetings How to Keep Older Youth Involved Thinking outside the Box Trouble Shooting Club Problems 4-H Club Checklist Review of a Successful 4-H Club

5 4-H Club Checklists 0 Available at: 0 4-H Club Checklist 0 4-H Club Meeting Checklist 0 Review of a Successful 4-H Club 0 Used by 4-H Volunteers and Club Officers to help assess success of 4-H Clubs and Club Meetings

6 Volunteer Vision Kelly Scher, Stephanie Femrite

7 Volunteer Vision 0 Monthly Newsletter Template 0 Maintain contact 0 Share resources 0 Linked in the monthly Campus County Connection:

8 Everyone Ready® Stephanie Femrite

9 Everyone Ready® 0 Sponsored by the National 4-H Council & Monsanto 0 Developed by Energize, Inc. 0 Free to 4-H & Extension Staff 0 Self-paced 0 On-line modules, resources 0 Handouts 0 Presentations 0 Discussion Board 0 Additional reading suggestions 0 Available at: 0

10 Everyone Ready® Topics Include 0 New Approaches to Volunteer Recruitment 0 Orienting & Welcoming Volunteers for Success 0 Pro Bono Service: Get Ready for Highly-Skilled Volunteers 0 Learn to Do More with More: Fearless Fundraising for Volunteer Program Support 0 Building the Foundation for Volunteer Involvement

11 Volunteer Research Knowledge & Competency “What skills or competencies will volunteers need in order to effectively deliver 4-H programs and projects in the next decade?” 0 Available at: 0 Lesson Plans 0 Activities 0 Additional Resources 0 Power Point 0 Evaluation

12 North Central Region Volunteer e-Forum Tony Carrell, Kelly Scher

13 2011 NCR 4-H Volunteer Development 0 New e-forum format 0 Approximately 70 sites each session in 12 states 0 Total of 664 participants reported 0 57% with <10 yrs. experience; only 32% had previously attended face-to-face Forum 0 96% said the e-Forum was an effective delivery method 0 Teen Brain, 4-H Quality Matters, Keeping Your Cool, Risk Management, Get Connected, 4-H Science, Community Service 0

14 4-H Leader Home Study Course Tony Carrell

15 New 4-H Volunteer Resource 0 Resource for new volunteers 0 Basic background of 4-H and youth development 0 Helps define volunteer leader’s role 0

16 VolunteerIN 4-H Toolkit for Success Kathleen Bohde

17 VolunteerIN 4-H Toolkit for Success 0 Essential Element 0 Generosity 0 Independence 0 Mastery 0 Belonging 0 Developed by 4-H Volunteer State Committee 0 IP video and hands-on site training 0 Lesson plan, PowerPoint, fact sheet for each session



20 Examples 0 Belonging 0 Value of Volunteers 0 4-H Jeopardy 0 4-H Cultural Awareness 0 Mastery 0 Goal Setting 0 Mock Judging 0 Skill-a-thon 0 Independence 0 Engaging Older Members 0 Time Management 0 Skill to live on your own 0 Generosity 0 Planning a Service Project 0 Service-Learning 0 Deciding What to Give

21 Indiana 4-H Adult Congress Kathleen Bohde

22 4-H Congress Lesson Plans 0 Mission Mandates H Healthy Living H Community Service H Science Leadership Focus on Communication 0




26 Healthy Living 0 Recognizing My Stress! 0 Progressive Relaxation Activity

27 4-H 101 Online Steve McKinley

28 4-H 101 Online 0 Based on materials prepared for 4-H Military Partnership 0 Audience: organizers of military 4-H Clubs, 4-H Extension staff 0 Nationwide project funded by US Navy 0 Original materials are being converted by Purdue University to online modules 0 Available at: 101/ 101/



31 4-H 101 Online Each Module will include: 0 Lesson Plan 0 PowerPoint 0 Additional Resources 0 Quiz 0 At completion of 16 modules, participant will receive certificate of completion 0 Supervisor will be notified of completion

32 Effectively Managing and Developing Adult 4-H Volunteers IBAT: Approved, 2012

33 IBAT Proposal Includes: 0 Face-to-face, one day staff development 0 How to effectively work with volunteers 0 Delivered to team of Educators from each Area 0 Team then replicates training in Area/District meetings 0 Develop online volunteer resources 0 New 4-H Volunteer Orientation 0 Opportunities for volunteer to interact and share resources

34 Q&A

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