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Core Laboratory staff meeting

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1 Core Laboratory staff meeting
Presented By: Lydia Nelson February 2008

2 New Employees Adeshina Odetayo (Ade) Christine Torrey (Chrissy)
Cecil Tolentino Morinat Kukoyi (Kukoyi) Maan (Mary Ann) Martinez Lania Quaccoo Laverne farrar Lulama Sowa Tiffany Nickles Sanaa Mandour Kim Baytops tracey Haskins Keisha Ledbetter Austin Decker Rodney Freeman

3 Adeshina Odetayo Job Title: Lab Tech II Shift: pm – 11pm Interesting Facts From Nigeria Member of a royal family Dreams of doing research Christine Torrey Job Title: Lab Tech II Shift: pm – 11pm Interesting Facts From Brooklyn NY 2 yrs in the peace corps

4 Morinat Kukoyi Job Title: Admin Assistant Shift: am – 4pm Interesting Facts from Nigeria/born St. Louis MO 4 yrs in U.S. Military Organized and creative Cecil Tolentino Job Title: Clinical lab Scientist Shift: pm – 7am Interesting Facts From the Philippines Migrated to Hawaii Loves to cook

5 Maan (Mary Ann) Martinez
Job Title: Clinical Lab Scientist Shift: pm – 7am Interesting Facts From the Philippines Enjoys Exploring Baltimore Loves to travel in the USA Lania Quaccoo Job Title: Clinical Lab Scientist Shift: pm -11pm Interesting Facts From Trinidad Likes High diving

6 Lulama Sowa Job Title: Clinical Lab Scientist Shift: am – 3pm Interesting Facts From south Africa Worked 3 yrs in Saudi Arabia Fun-loving personality Laverne Farrar Job Title: Lead lab tech/educational Specialist Interesting Facts Returning to Pathology Has a 5ft Praying mantis in her living room, made by her husband rick, a talented artist

7 Tiffany Nickles Job Title: Phlebotomist Shift: pm – 11pm Interesting Facts From shock trauma center in Virginia Oldest of 7 Children Sanaa Mandour Job Title: Lab tech II Shift: Night Shift Interesting Facts From Morocco, raise in Holland Has four children Speaks 4 different languages

8 Kimberly (Kim) Baytops
tracey Haskins Job Title: lab tech II Shift: Day shift Interesting Facts From Baltimore Fun and Outgoing Return to core lab from WhiteMarsh Kimberly (Kim) Baytops Job Title: Phlebotomist Shift: 3pm – 11pm Interesting Facts From Baltimore Surprised by her fiancée with a pre-planned wedding in Jamaica last June

9 Keisha Ledbetter Job Title: lab tech II Shift: Day shift Interesting Facts Doesn’t like her blood drawn Return to core lab from White Marsh Austin Decker Job Title: Clinical Lab Scientist Shift: pm – 7pm Interesting Facts Returned from Military duty

10 Promotions Brian Kindig Esther Lipsky Keith Nguyen

11 Brian Kindig CLS III to CLS IV Esther Lipsky CLS III to CLS IV Keith Nguyen Lead CLS to Supervisor of 3pm – 11pm shift

12 Congratulations

13 Congratulations to: Mohamid Jarrar “Doctorate in Biotechnology”

14 “For the Johns Hopkins Safety Award”
Congratulations to: Toni Alexander “For the Johns Hopkins Safety Award”

15 Gallup Q12 Survey results
Results from May and June 2007 Approximately 156 of 320 Core laboratory Employees participated Scale 1 to 5 With 1 being not satisfied And 5 being very satisfied Does not apply or Don’t know 1 Strongly Disagree/Extremely Dissatisfied 2 3 4 5 Strongly Agree/Extremely Satisfied

16 12 Gallop Questions Q12. This last year, I have had opportunities at work to learn and grow Q11. In the last six months, someone at work has talked to me about my progress Q10. I have a best friend at Work Q09. My associates or fellow employees are committed to doing quality work Q08. The mission or purpose of my company makes me feel my job is important Q07. At work, my opinions seem to count- 3.15


18 12 Gallop Questions Conts…
Q06. There is someone at works that encourages my development Q05. My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person Q04. In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work- 2.81 Q03. At work, I have the opportunity to do what I do best everyday Q02. I have materials and equipment I need to do my work right Q01. I know what is expected of me at work

19 Gallup Q12 Survey Next Survey in June 2009
They will repeat the questions and three additional new ones. Did you have a discussion about the survey? Did we make any progress? Did we make an action plan?

20 Hot topics!!!

21 Fire Alarm in the lab

22 Add-on Policy (Change)
POE – Add on – No longer need to ask the physician to add the order to the patient’s chart. Any non POE add-ons will still ask them to fax a requisition with the request for the add-on.

23 MOD ADD-A-Test * * * MOD ADD-A-TEST * * *

24 Verbally Abusive Nurses and Physicians
Get the following: Person’s name Date Time Phone Extension Yours and theirs Juanita – Will file a PSN

25 Replacement Technician
If you suddenly need to be off and you find someone to replace you. The person must have the proper skills. If it incurs OT, it’s an occurrence.

26 Critical Action Value Documentation
Must include Called-to title: RN, MD, PA Regulations require Pathology monitor time from CAV notification to an RN to the time a clinician takes action.

27 Effective back to January 6, 2008
Pay Raises Market Adjustments Effective back to January 6, 2008 Low End of Salary Scale High End of Salary Scale Clinical Lab oratory Scientists $0.80 $0.40 Phlebotomist and Lab Techs $0.25

28 2007 ZUNTA LIST Rev. 2/15/08 CORE LAB 2007 ZUNTA LIST No.
Rev. 2/15/08 CORE LAB 2007 ZUNTA LIST No. CUSTOMER SERVICE = 2 2 Barbara Bumpass 38825 Gwen Reese. 35482 HEMATOLOGY = 11 11 Karen Bowles 44388 Irene Chan 43455 Shirley Fuller 30294 Morgan Gapara 41325 Kathleen Cowan 38316 Kathleen Lewis 44021 Lina Patel 36042 Hemal Shah 41453 Kay Spangler 43981 Patricia Williams 34249 Joanne Wilson 40077 GENERAL CHEMISTRY = 10 10 Kerwin Bortrager 59558 Virginia Camarador 33236 James Chiu 44781 Donald Hardy 42477 Conchita Hong 34375 Caroline Howard 36780 Mary Ann Ness 42143 Amalia Stern 44392 Mary Jane Swearer 33020 Christine Hostetter 42433

29 2007 ZUNTA LIST Conts… SPECIAL CHEM = 6 6 Kathy Bowles 44387
6 Kathy Bowles 44387 Deborah Donohue 34130 Willard Dunn 31325 Benedicta Lizardo 31602 William Nsoesie 44669 Frederica Schneidman 41119 CORE EVENING = 10 10 Kelly DeCarlo 43173 Aloysius Koroma 30706 Jonathan Martin 34556 Kevin, Moseley 31240 Keith Nguyen 37379 Gyan Pun 45227 Normina Torres 31391 Hadji Malacas 40966 Romulo Malacas 40967 Mahmoud Mossallam 34225 CORE NIGHT = 1 1 James Conway PROCESSING / PHLEBOTOMY =4 4 Arden Bongco 44641 Lois Tissue 32172 Rhonda Cole 36482 Tracey Haskins TOTAL NO. OF CORE LAB ZUNTAS 44

30 Clockworks Time Clocks in the Laboratory Pilot dayshift Hematology
Going into testing this week with nightingale At least 1 more month before we start testing in the laboratory

31 What is going on in the Laboratory?

32 Processing/Chemistry MPA
MPA Total Automation Goal: April 1, 2008 “Through the Wall”

33 Critical Care lab Replacing all ten Bayer Blood Gas Instruments with Radiometer 800s Phase I – March 10, 2008 1 ABL 837 will arrive in CCL To be validated first Interface work starts Phase II – Around March 24, 2008 4 more ABL 800s arrive Validated in Spec Chem area About 3 wks to complete Week of April 21, 2008-Convert CCL to the new ABLs

34 Critical Care lab conts…
Phase III – Week of April 21, 2008 Remaining 5 ABL 800s arrive Validated in Spec Chem area Week of May 19, 2008 Convert WBG, NICU, PICU to the new instruments

35 TOX/Special Chemistry
Mass Specs Install next 2 weeks Going live early June Caren Breidenstein – Mass Spec Team Roche C -501 Replace 917 analyzers Thirty assays transferred from 917 to the 501s Going live late September Lead Tech Mary McCoy

36 Hematology/coag/Urinalysis
Cellavision – Due in June BCS-XP – Due in July Ichem - Replace AJ – Due In March Camera and Plasma Screen for teaching – soon Six TEG Instruments – Due after July

37 Weinberg Canto II – Working on interfacing T- Cell analysis
SPA – Sample Prep Assistant, Automate Sample preparation Doing 6 color analysis on research samples Weinberg Hematology and Core Laboratory – hematology are doing additional cross training

38 Exciting Changes in Phlebotomy
Adding Pediatric Phlebotomy Venous Blood gases Redraw Phlebotomist Laboratory Support Supervisor on Night Shift

39 Break and Learn/Team meetings
Lab Education 88 people attending ASCP meetings Sysmex Training Rosaria Lopez Kathleen Lewis Chidimna Ejimofor Betty Ford Modular Training 3 – 11 Shift Night Shift *** Lunch and Learn Break and Learn/Team meetings Lab Techs Phlebotomists CLS

40 Thank You Thank you all very much!!! Help the Homeless
(Collect over 71 bags of clothes and over 26 large boxes of food) Breast Cancer Wear Red for Heart Disease Colon Cancer/Intestinal Disease United Way Diabetes, Lymphoma and other fund raisers

41 * Thank you all very much!!! ** “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” ***

42 Attendance Management
Unscheduled absences and/or Shortened Work Shifts Disciplinary to be Issued 3 absences within 12 months Documented pre-disciplinary Counseling 5 absences within 12 months Written Reprimand 7 absences within 12 months Written Warning with 1 day suspension 8 absences within 12 months, or a second suspension within six months Discharge

43 FMLA Facts Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires employers to provide up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid, job protected leave to eligible employees for certain family and medical reasons in a rolling 12 month period. FMLA Facts Specific Explanation Eligibility An employee is eligible when he/she has worked for at least one year and for 1,250 hours during the last 12 months. Criteria for Granting Leave Leave will be granted for the birth or adoption of a child, care of a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition or the employee’s own serious health condition. Length of Leave Length of leave can be broken down in 3 ways: block of time, intermittently or reduced hours. Notification An employee must give thirty (30) days notice, if the leave is expected.

44 The END

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