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A basic analysis of sources, dates, authors for a Marine Biological Laboratory SAIL meeting - Wilmington, N.C. - May 14, 2009 Kathleen Heil, UMCES, Chesapeake.

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Presentation on theme: "A basic analysis of sources, dates, authors for a Marine Biological Laboratory SAIL meeting - Wilmington, N.C. - May 14, 2009 Kathleen Heil, UMCES, Chesapeake."— Presentation transcript:

1 A basic analysis of sources, dates, authors for a Marine Biological Laboratory SAIL meeting - Wilmington, N.C. - May 14, 2009 Kathleen Heil, UMCES, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Solomons, MD

2 In these tough financial times when science is becoming more interdisciplinary and subfields are expanding as are number of titles in the sciences I wanted a way to evaluate material usage. Since most of our journals are now accessible on-line I had lost my major source of input on usage, which was re-shelving and observation.

3  Citation analysis has merits and limitations, but has many applications beyond collection development.  Although I haven’t gotten further than the collection development access at this point.  My future goal is to show institutional relatedness. (How broad or limited are our institutional connections)

4  CBL has always had very strong ties to the University of Maryland  1925 Founded under Dr. Truitt from Univ. of Md.  1930’s Start of summer programs  1941 Sponsored by the Md. Conservation Dept and became the chief component of the State Dept. of Research and Education  1961 Md. Legislature created the Natural Resources Institute as part of the University of Maryland ◦ Summer Classes began as Credit courses toward degrees  1973 Became part of a new Campus of the University of Maryland System - The Center for Environmental & Estuarine Studies (UMCEES)  1997 Became UMCES (University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.

5  1976 Graduate students formally began work during the school year as part of their graduate school experience  The first degrees were issued in : ◦ 1976 MS under the Dept of Botany University of Maryland College Park ◦ 1981 PhD Under the Dept of Microbiology University of Maryland College Park

6  Compare and contrast literature citations from MS & PhD theses/dissertations ◦ Identify citation patterns ◦ Formats of materials used ◦ Most frequently cited material ◦ Differences between subject areas


8  Use DRUM, the University of Maryland Dspace Open Access archive to pull UMCES-CBL theses/dissertations from the last 5 years.   Copy and paste references into Word and then move them into Excel.  Put each thesis/dissertation into a new tab  Sort data into uniform format: author, year, title, source.


10  Sort by year  Graph  Hope to get to soon - ◦ Use find replace function to switch years to age

11 Sh '05Dy '05Ku '06Ke '07Ja '08Totals 1950's000022 1960's003014 1970's3441618 1980's2123206878 1990's564543 25212 2000's195387524233 8116910812567547


13  A / VAudio tape / Video  BMonograph  CConference Paper  D/THDissertation / Thesis  GoGovernment document/web site  GrGrey Literature  JJournal  MMagazine  NNewspaper  PPersonal Communication  SSoftware  TTechnical report  WWeb site/ web page Identify Materials Cited


15  Title dispersion  Proportion of journals cited  Most cited Journals Journal usage trends:


17  I reviewed a merged listing of publications  After doing sort on material type  There were 40 journal titles that had over 10 citations  Range from 10 to 119  The highest used title was Environmental Science and technology




21 Journals with over 5 Cites Ann Rev Microb5 Appl Envir. Micro85 Aquat Microb Ecol18 Aquat Tox5 Arch Env.Cont.&Tox4 Ecotox & Envir. Safety5 Environ. Microbiol10 E S & T24 Environ. Tox & Chem20 FEMS Microbiology Ecol8 Geochi et Cosmo Acta7 J. Bact.8 L & O18 Marine Biology5 MEPS9 Microbial Ecol8 Nature10 Organic Geochem8 Proc Natl Acad Sci USA9 Science13 Water Air & Soil Poll5 284

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