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HIM Workforce Transformation – eHealth 2013 Gail Crook, CHE, CHIM CEO and Registrar Canadian Health Information Management Association.

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1 HIM Workforce Transformation – eHealth 2013 Gail Crook, CHE, CHIM CEO and Registrar Canadian Health Information Management Association

2 Presenter Disclosure 2 Presenters: Gail Crook / Kathleen Addison / Kelly Abrams “NOTHING TO DISCLOSE”

3 “ As the voice for the HIM professional, CHIMA is redefining an essential role for the organization and HIM Professionals into the future.”

4 About CHIMA 4 The Canadian Health Information Management Association (CHIMA) represents approximately 5,000 Health Information Management (HIM®) professionals across Canada and is the certifying body and national association that represents leadership and excellence in health information management. CHIMA supports continuing education and professional practice of HIM professionals; develops strategic partnerships to advance the development and integration of electronic HIM; and advocates for and strengthens the HIM role in health care settings across the continuum of care.

5 Situation Analysis 5 Recap of Important Events Membership Survey 2008 Long Range Scenario Planning 200920102011 Sector Study Board Strategic Planning LOHIM Membership Survey 20122013 AHS New Roles ICTC Competencies Transformation HIM Report

6 Who is involved? HIM leadership HR leadership Professional Associations (CHIMA, COACH, CCHL) Employers (CEOs, CIOs, Managers) Guarantee time for training & assistance in change management Industry Vendors, product specific training opportunities Other agencies, i.e. Infoway, CIHI Educators Colleges, universities, continuing professional education HIMs What skill sets do I need to develop? Determine via gap analysis – what skills do I need? Where can I get them?

7 7 HIM New Roles Kathleen Addison, CHIM Vice President, Health Information Management Alberta Health Services

8 New roles are defined based on the requirements and functions necessary to accomplish comprehensive and meaningful information management within a health care organization... in an electronic environment

9 New Roles 9 CategoryService ScopeNew Roles/Titles Data CaptureThe data capture service performs all tasks associated with the capture of health data. This Includes data coded directly from clinical documentation or auto-coded using systems for that purpose, voice and speech recognition systems and scanning or creating a digital image of text based documents. This service will perform audits of the service functions to ensure that best practice and current standards are implemented.  Clinical Data Specialist  Data Profiler  Medical Text Editor  Research Associate  Concurrent Coding Specialist  Imaging Clerk  Code Mapping Specialist  Data Mapping Specialist  Clinical Data Analyst  Central Intake Coordinator Information IntegrityThis service evaluates the integrity of health information holdings, identifies risks and implements risk mitigation strategies. This service will respond to inquiries into information integrity and complete an auditing role for both internal and external requests.  Health information Safety Officer (includes hybrid record)  Data Integrity Specialist  Risk Management Analyst  Forensic Investigation Officer Identity ManagementManaging the systems responsible for the unique identification of consumers, providers, organizations and services.  Data Quality Analyst  Data Integrity Specialist  Identity Management Coordinator Access, Disclosure and Retention Protect and promote data and information privacy for consumers, providers, users, and the organization. Manage the access, disclosure, retention, archiving and destruction of Personal Health Information from organizational systems.  Release of Information Analyst  Access and Disclosure Specialist  Request Coordinator  Privacy Officer

10 New Roles (cont’d) 10 Information Management Governance Using best practices and information management principles, this service develops, maintains and monitors the accountability framework for information. It includes policies, processes, standards and metrics to ensure unified data and information, as well as efficient, effective and secure information assets.  Information Management Liaison  Standards Coordinator  Policy Analyst  Auditor Content ComplianceManagement of the clinical content to ensure meets information management best practices including performing quality assurance audits on the content. This is the bridge between the provider content for clinical need, and the information needs of the organization as well as internal and external stakeholders.  Content Management Expert  Compliance Officer  Process Improvement Engineer Information/Knowledge Asset Management Developing, auditing, evaluating, maintaining and mapping clinical information and knowledge assets.  Data Modeler  Health Information Semantics Content Expert  Clinical Terminology Standards Specialist Consumer SupportPromotes excellent public relations by fostering and maintaining positive communication with customers in the areas of the Personal Health Record (PHR) and Registration Systems (registration, booking, registries, self- registration)  Information Broker  Registry Agent  Portal Agent  Customer Service Agent  Registration Application Coordinator  Information Reconciliation Officer

11 New Roles 2012-2017 How it all fits together 11 NEW HIM ROLES—AHS NEW HIM ROLES – Across Canada Workforce shortages Changing education of health professionals New ICTC role profiles and HRSDC NOC “EHIS technologies will eliminate a number of non- professional, clerical occupations, while altering the skill requirements for virtually all professionals in the HIM occupational group”

12 Canadian College of Health Information Management (CCHIM): Evolve the College Kelly Abrams, MPA, CHIM Vice President Canadian College of Health Information Management

13 Mandate of Evolve the College project Investigate and evaluate the services provided by the College and services that are not currently provided Assist the College in setting priorities and participate in ongoing planning activities of the initiatives 13

14 Objectives of Evolve the College Committee Provide for the future generation of HIM professionals Identify future certification requirements and opportunities Formalize strategic alliances appropriate to the future

15 Environment scan - findings Health records management includes “less doing and more oversight” HIMs are playing a bigger role in decision support HIM professionals are the leaders in the life cycle management of health information CHIMA will work with partners/alliances towards HIM standards setting within Canada

16 Why new certifications? HIMs graduate as generalists Demonstrated need and demand for specific certifications Provides standard measurement to assess new graduates/new hires 16

17 Four new certifications Coding classification and advanced coding classification Decision support Clinical documentation improvement Terminologies, standards 17

18 How can you get involved? Critical to the success of the E.H.R. Employer engagement and support Determine what new roles are a priority Work together to do a gap-analysis (SWOT) on readiness to new roles Continuing Education Development (Academic Institutions) To develop new courses or workshops To develop curriculum (for accelerated learning) Offer courses by on-line education 18


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