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1 People to Know And Places to Go Emilie M. Stawiarski Personnel Services Manager.

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1 1 People to Know And Places to Go Emilie M. Stawiarski Personnel Services Manager

2 2 What you’ll learn ….  Who are your leaders  Who are their support staff members  Who are your support staff members  And what do they do  Who do we call when we need info  And places on the web you didn’t already know about

3 3 The Staff  Hub: the multitasker Interfaces with the most people Highly influential Want to disseminate information quickly…..  Gatekeeper: the strategic person Controls information Serves as a bridge that connects hubs Want to transfer knowledge …..  Pulsetaker: the people connector Indirectly connects with the most people Interfaces with others through others Want to find out if information is being spread …..

4 4 To Find Out Who They Are … Look around the organization: By cost center By locations By hierarchies By demographics Ask these questions: How does the staff interact? Who do you go to for decisions? Who do you go to for information? Who do you socialize with?

5 5 The Hubs Doug Van Houweling, President & CEO –Barbara Gardinier John Kennedy, Vice President for Operations –Suzanne Boff Gary Bachula, Vice President for External Relations –Giselle Trent Multi-taskers & Highly Influential

6 6 The Gatekeepers Bridging the Information to the Hubs Cheryl Munn-Fremon –Terri Saarinen Barb Nanzig –Suzanne Boff Greg Wood –Giselle Trent/Dee Gongar Ken Klingenstein –Lisa Hogeboom Guy Almes –Keri Bartholomew Jill Arnold –Michele Lawless Heather Boyles –Giselle Trent/Dee Gongar Laurie Burns –Kathy Powers Steven Corbato –Linda Charlesworth Ted Hanss –Linda Charlesworth

7 7 Their WorkLoads  Scheduling: meetings, conferences, events, travel  Correspondence incoming/outgoing maintenance  Organization / distribution electronic calendars office files budget tracking coordinating meetings & events  Communications

8 8 The Pulsetakers Indirectly connects with the most people Interfaces with the most people Barb Nanzig – Chief of Staff Tiffany Koma – Ann Arbor, MI Giselle Trent – Washington, DC Keri Bartholomew – Armonk, NY

9 9 The Supporters  Kathy Johnson Payroll Budgets UCAID Timesheets  Suzanne Gracey AMEX / Expense Reporting Paying the Bills Vendor Relations Invoicing  Sue Boff UofM Timesheets Original Contracts Board Packets

10 10 Personnel Services  Record keeping Employee Files Employee Statistics OSHA Policies Contracts  Recruiting & Orientation  Compliance & Regs  Benefits: Insurance & 403(b) Administration, Problem-Solving Enrollments, Claim Forms Changes: address, beneficiary  Training & Development Emilie Stawiarski

11 11 Tech Support  Angi Sizemore Day-To-Day Desktop Inventory Control Software Purchases  Iljun Kim / Marlone Brown Supporting the servers: email, database, development Security / backup Web Directory Monitoring Server Logs Eric Channey, PT Support In-house expert on Litton Boxes and Access Grids Checks in Loaner Equipment Knows all about cabling and shipping conference equipment  Mike LaHaye, Director In-House Productions Conference support Overall Supervision Remember:

12 12 Tech Writers  Susan Topol Applications  Kathleen Young Member Activities  Lisa Wilberding End-To-End Performance  Nate Klingenstein  Ben Chinowsky Greg Wood – Coordinator @ Bi-weekly Meetings Responsible for: Online & hard copy documents Enhancing Communications for our members Updates for website & newsletter Technical papers & grants Promotional materials & workshop summaries

13 13 Masters of the Web  Louis Biely – On-line Content Editor Point person for web site content & updates Insures the web site is functioning Coordinates web site content placement  Adam Csillag – On-line Content Coordinator Supports web-based document creation and dissemination Maintaining new and existing information materials Improving the Internet2 web space  Lee Perlis - Communications Specialist Manage On-Line Events Calendar Monitor membership inquiries/responses Deliver net cast capability Deliver monthly email newsletters Maintain email mailing lists Greg Wood – Director of Communications

14 14 The Meeting Makers & Shakers  Karen Johnson Planning, scheduling, contracting, deciding, coordinating, & finalizing Signage, banners, directions at meetings  Traci Downey On-line registration & member reservations Announcements on the web site Logistics for speakers: bios, AV, etc.  Kathleen Young Program Materials Handouts, Schedules  Lee Perlis Coordinates / promotes member participation at events Netcasting  Kathryn Powers Logo wear & merchandise purchases 42 meetings in 2001 Board meetings & Council Meetings 2 Major Member Meetings All-Staff Meetings Joint Tech Meetings Workshops: K-20, E2E, Working Groups

15 15 Specialty Meetings  Elaine Lauerman Demo Logistics: before, during, & after Internet2 Days  Jill Arnold & Ellen Vaughan Corporate Sponsorships  Ann Doyle Performance Events  Mary Kratz Life Science Events  Kathleen Young Member Meetings Printing & Publication Editing & Programs Handouts For Direction and as a Meeting Resource: Contact Karen Johnson at:

16 16 The Places to Go  About Internet2 Board List Advisory Councils Staff Email Lists Press Releases Glossary & Style Guide Information Kit Downloadable Documents New Intranet  Search for: Events Calendar Abilene Middleware NSF-NMI Grant End-2-End Applications Digital Video Initiative Snapshots of VIMM Peer-to-Peer

17 17 Health Harvard Medical School Flu-O-Meter 20563.html?d=dmtSimple Is it the Flu or Anthrax? New discoveries and 22 specific cancers Listings of current clinical trials by disease

18 18 Government  Visiting our 3 locations soon ? Try these sites: - Ann - Washington, - Armonk, Index from A to Z  Getting ready to do your taxes ? - Federal Income Tax forms,1630,,00.html?frameURL= - MI Income Tax,1630,,00.html?frameURL= Tax Forms by State  Want the latest scoop ? - Govt business news

19 19 Information  Need an attorney in a hurry? every location & every  Need a bank anywhere in the world? in the in southeast credit unions in  Need a quick greeting card for all occasions?  Need the to know the weather? for fast - up-to-date hurricane

20 20 If you need to know …. Just Ask Someone We’re all here to help each other make the job easier

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