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River Valley Primary School P1 Orientation 2009 School Website:

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1 River Valley Primary School P1 Orientation 2009 School Website:

2 Programme Address by Principal Briefing by HOD/PE & CCA Sharing by MOH Parents’ Support Group (PSG) SFE Q & A Session Administrative Matters

3 Mr Danny Poh (Principal)Mr Phang Eng Poh (Vice-Principal)

4 Ms Ying Pik Tho HOD/English Ms Kathleen Lee HOD/Maths Mdm Jumaliah SSD Mr Roy Lee HOD/PE, CCA Ms Ng Chin Ngoh HOD/MT Ms Tan Hui Ping HOD/Sc Mrs. Joanna Lee HOD/PD

5 Ms Ang Chye Gek FTSC Ms Evelyn Ng LSP Coordinator Mr Ahmad Najip SNO Ms Siti Suhaila SNO

6 School Background  Established in 1985 through merger of River Valley Chinese/ River Valley English & Kim Seng Primary Schs  School moved to its current premises in March 2004

7 School Background  Present enrolment about 1600 pupils  Staff strength of about 75 teachers

8 “ Inspiring Learners, Edifying Leaders”

9 To nurture our students to be FUTURE-READY by providing a Total Education in River Valley Primary School.

10 Strive for the Best Serve with Respect Lead with Integrity Live with Compassion Learn with Excellence

11 RVPS has consistently achieved good quality results in PSLE. School is committed to offering a holistic education to all pupils and help them reach their optimal potential.

12 Primary Education Primary 1 - 4 Foundation Stage Emphasis on  Basic numeracy (Maths)  Literacy in EL and MT P1 Curriculum English 14 periods MT/ CME 15 periods Maths 9 periods Life Sciences 1 period Social Studies 1 period Aesthetics 4 periods Health Edn 1 period PE 3 periods Assembly 1 period Total 49 periods

13 P1 P2 P3 P4 Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Appropriate Courses in Secondary School Foundation Stage Orientation Stage Based on EL, MT, Mathematics and Science at end of Primary 4 Progression Paths for Primary School Children Subject-Based Banding 4S + HMT4S4F2S + 2F

14 School Routine P1 - 1.00 pm - 6.30 pm (Wed) – 12.30pm – 6.30pm 12.50pm (12.20pm on Wed) : Report to school 6.30pm : Flag Lowering Ceremony Recess : 3.00 – 3.30 pm School Hours (pm session)

15 P1 Timetable MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 12.30-.1.00 1.00-1.30 1.30-2.00Modular CCA 2.00-2.30Modular CCA 2.30-3.00Modular CCA 3.00-3.30RECESS 3.30-4.00 4.00-4.30 4.30-5.00 5.00-5.30 5.30-6.00 6.00-6.30

16 First Day of school – Mon 4 Jan 2010. P1 pupils to assemble at Games Hall by 12.45pm Student leaders will assist pupils in the first week of school For the first 2 days, parents may choose to join their child/ward during recess at 3pm. Parents are requested NOT to enter the barricaded area in the canteen.

17 Pupils to report in their school uniform and pin on their name tag. Name tag to be pinned on uniform for identification on Orientation Day and whole of January. Parents to write their child’s name, address, and contact number on the reverse side of the name tag so that teachers can contact them should the need arise.

18 Dismissal of Pupils Pupils assemble at Parade Square (Level 2) for flag-lowering ceremony. They will be led to the Games Hall to line-up for school buses / Gate 3 to wait for parents. Pupils going home by Gate 4 will be led by a teacher who will be with them till 7 pm. They will be brought to office to wait for parents if not collected by then. During wet weather, there will be no flag-lowering ceremony and pupils will be dismissed from the Games Hall.

19 Parents who send their children to school by car  Please do not drive into the school premises except on rainy days.  Students are to alight at Gate 1 or Gate 3 and walk into the school.  Please DO NOT stop vehicle in front of school gate.

20 Continual / Semestral Assessments NA 30 %

21 Based on their performance, pupils will be identified for: LLearning Support Programme (LSP) RRemedial lessons

22 Learning Support Programme  Aims to help P1/ P2 pupils in their EL through small group teaching on a regular basis.  Lessons taught by the LS Coordinator (Ms Evelyn Ng) and has MOE’s support.  Lessons are conducted within curriculum time during one EL period per day.  LSP pupils are weak in EL but are NOT necessarily slow learners.

23  Pupils are to be in their school uniform (including shoes) at all times, even during school vacation.  Pupils should not bring too much pocket money to school, wear or carry expensive items, toys or items that might endanger others. Pupils’ Uniform

24 School Canteen  Food in the canteen is meant for pupils and staff only (as well as PSG helpers on duty).  A range of healthy food is sold at reasonable prices.  Parents can preorder food for their children.

25 Visitors to the school Should you need to see your child on urgent matters, please  Report to the Guard Post at the gate.  Inform the guard the purpose of visit (eg dentist, bookshop, appointment with teacher).  Collect a Visitor’s Pass to be worn for identification.  Return the Visitor’s Pass before you leave the school.

26 Appointment to see a Teacher If you need to see your child’s teacher : Make an appointment with the teacher Via Staff Room phone at Tel : 62357190 / 67342050 or Office Phone - 67371785 or Email (address on school website)

27 Pupil Handbook  Serves as a communication tool between teachers and parents.  Every pupil is to purchase the Handbook which will be available at the bookshop.  Folder for letters from school

28 Books to bring on 1 st day of school  All parts 1A of textbooks and workbooks  Word Bank Book  2 single-line Exercise Books  1 big-square Exercise Book  1 single-line Jotter Book  School Handbook

29 Other important information Please read the School Handbook for other important information: School attire Opening hours of school gates Bookshop Hours Dental Clinic Hours


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