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Cedric Woodhall, former head of ARO UK. UK has 2 ARO’s.

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1 Cedric Woodhall, former head of ARO UK

2 UK has 2 ARO’s

3  Existing CARIN arrangements and staff given ARO responsibilities.  This is desirable but not essential  Team of 12 dealing with all CARIN/ARO and FIU Egmont requests.  Access within SOCA to Financial Investigation Resources subject to internal tasking arrangements.

4 Essential/Desirable resources

5  Staffing  Ready access to information  Secure communications  Co-operation between national agencies  Access to, or be the central point for, statistics on confiscation and sequestration.

6  Accredited Financial Investigators ◦ Specialist ◦ Expensive  Financial Intelligence Officers ◦ Trained to understand financial intelligence and how to apply it ◦ Lower costs BUT they want to become F.I’s.  Financial Analyst

7  Legislative deficiencies or legislative provisions.  Privacy & data protection ◦ Request needs Judicial coercive measures e.g. Court Order therefore formal LoR needed.  Bank Secrecy  Private Records  Privileged information (e.g. held by Government)  Legal Privilege


9  Crime is a business  Money is the motivator  Prosecute when you can  Disrupt when you can’t  Seize the cashflow – disrupt operations  Seize the Profits – make crime less attractive / stop reinvestment  Undermine Criminals as Role Models

10 © Copyright SOCA RESTRICTED ….generates £2,760, 000 Cash UK Heroin 26 tonnes

11 Cedric Woodhall Senior Partner The October22 Group AML advisors

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