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Health of Massachusetts Kristin Golden, Director Policy and Planning, Commissioner’s Office Bruce Cohen, PhD, Director Division of Research and Epidemiology,

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1 Health of Massachusetts Kristin Golden, Director Policy and Planning, Commissioner’s Office Bruce Cohen, PhD, Director Division of Research and Epidemiology, BHISRE Massachusetts Department of Public Health

2 Health of Massachusetts

3 Goals of Report The goal is to produce a statewide health report that highlights DPH work  Compiles information in one place  Provides baseline data; NOT intended as a definitive research study  Explore the breadth and depth of health topics  Have outside experts provide perspectives  Include topics critical to health such as Community Assets

4 Visually attractive layout

5 Variety of graphics

6 Policy Perspectives essays from leading public health experts

7 Policy Perspectives  Christine Barber, Community Catalyst  Mary Bassett, New York City Health Department  Barry Bluestone, Northeastern University  Joseph Brain, Harvard School of Public Health  Donna Bright, Research and Planning, JRI Health  Stuart Chipkin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst  Ellen Connorton, Founder, Mass Coalition for Suicide Prevention  Constance Horgan, Brandeis University  Marcy Goldstein-Gelb, Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health  Paula Griswold, Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors  Milton Kotelchuck, Boston University School of Public Health  Peter Lee, Mass Partnership for Healthy Communities  Robert Restuccia, Community Catalyst  Cindy Rodgers, Former Director, Injury Prevention and Control Program, MDPH  Mary Huff Stevenson, University of Massachusetts Boston  David Wegman, UMASS Lowell

8 Fourteen chapters highlights breadth and depth of data and analyses

9 Air Quality—Alcohol Use—Assaults—Asthma—Autism—Beaches—Birth Defects—Births—Breast Cancer—Breastfeeding—Bullying—Cancer— Cardiovascular Disease—Chlamydia—Chronic Disease—Colorectal Cancer— Community Assets—Coronary Heart Disease—C-Sections—Dental Health— Dental Visits—Diabetes—Diabetes (Gestational)—Disabilities—Disparities— Domestic Violence—Drowning—Drug Use—Early Intervention—ED Visits— Education—EEE—Environmental Health—Falls—Farmers' Markets—Fertility— Fire injury—Foodborne illness—Gonorrhea—Gun-Related Injuries—Health Care System—Health-related quality of life—Hepatitis A—Hepatitis B— Hepatitis C—Heroin and Opioids—HIV / AIDS—Homicide—Hospital Acquired Infections—Infant Mortality—Infectious Disease—Injury—Insurance—Lead Poisoning—Life Expectancy—Low Birth Weight—Lung Cancer—Lyme Disease—Malignant Mesothelioma—Marijuana Use—Mental health— Mortality—Motor vehicle injury—Newborn hearing—Newborn Screening— Nursing Homes—Nutrition—Obesity—Occupational health—Oral health— PCPs—Pedestrian injury—Pertussis—Physical Activity—Poverty—Premature Birth—Prenatal Care—Preventative Screenings—Prostate Cancer— Salmonella—Second-hand Smoke—Serious Reportable Events—Sexual Assault—Sharps Injuries—Skating Rinks—Smoking—Socio-economics— Stroke—Substance Abuse Treatment—Suicide—Syphilis—Teen Births— Traumatic Brain Injury—Tuberculosis—Vaccination—Violence—Water supply—Wellness—West Nile Virus—WIC—Workforce shortages Covering more than 100 subjects

10 Alan Holmlund—Alfred DeMaria—Alice Bonner—Andrew Hanchett—Angela Laramie—Anita Albright—Beatriz Pazos—Becky Sarah—Beth Hume—Bonnie Andrews—Brianne Beagan—Bruce Cohen—Carlene Pavlos—Carol Davin— Carrie Huisingh—Cathy Corcoran—Ceci Dunn—Cheryl Bartlett—Christine Farrell-O’Reilly—Cynthia Lamond—Deborah Isenberg—Donald Poulsen — Donna Johnson—Eileen McHale—Eileen Sullivan—Elise Pechter—Elizabeth Daake—Emily Lu—Gail Merriam—Gillian Haney—Helen Hawk—Hermik Babakhanlou-Chase—Hilary Jacobs—Holly Hackman—Isabel Cáceres—James K. West—James Laing—Jan Sullivan—Jane Dvorak—Janet Farrell—Jean Pontikas—Jean Zotter Suzanne Condon—Jennifer Tracey—Jerry O’Keefe— Jewel Mullen—Joan Bohlke—Joshua Nyambose—Judy Hause,—Julia Dyck— June O’Neill—Karen Pressman—Karin Downs—Kathleen Fitzsimmons— Kathleen Grattan—Kathy Foell—Katrina D’Amore—Kevin Cranston—Kristin Golden—Kyle Marshall—Lauren Kievits—Lenore Azaroff—Leonard Lee—Letitia Davis—Liane Tinsley—Lionel White—Lois Keithly—Lynn Bethel—Malena Hood—Maria Bettencourt—Maria McKenna—Mark Paskowsky—Marlene Anderka—Michael Botticelli—Michael Fiore—Monika Mitra—Patti Fougere—Paul Oppedisano—Paul Tessier—Philip Mello—Rachel Colchamiro—Rashmi Dayalu—Roger Eaton—Ron Benham—Sarah Ruiz—Sheila Erimez —Sherman Lohnes—Solomon Mezgebu—Steve Keel—Susan Manning—Terri Mendoza— Thomas Land—Tracy Osbahr—Vera Mouradian—Vivian Pun—Wee Lock Ooi. Written by nearly 100 staff

11 Key Findings  Many Massachusetts indicators are better than those of the US and are getting better: Breastfeeding Cancer deaths (including breast cancer and prostate cancer) Colonoscopy Falls in nursing homes Fire deaths Heart disease deaths Insurance Access Life Expectancy Mortality Lead poisoning Smoking and Second hand smoke

12 Key Findings  Other areas have seen increases or no change:  Health of Massachusetts highlights disparities in each chapter by race, ethnicity, gender, age, geography, and socio-economic status Falls Gestational Diabetes Hepatitis Obesity Syphilis Traumatic Brain Injury Asthma (Adult) Autism Chlamydia C-Section Diabetes Drug and Alcohol use

13 Selected Chapter Highlights

14 Community Assets Community Infrastructure Health Care Infrastructure Worksite Policies and Programs Individual Well-Being Parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities Safety policies Healthy eating policies Master plan development and community design On-site fitness facilities Healthy eating policies Occupational health and safety policies Access to health care facilities Access to health care practitioners

15 Number of Physicians per 100,000 population Massachusetts: 2009

16 Primary Care Physicians Massachusetts: 2009

17 Health Care Infrastructure by Region Massachusetts: 2009

18 Healthy Eating and Active Living Community Assets by Region, Massachusetts: 2007

19 Communities with Farmers’ Markets Massachusetts: 2009


21 Pregnancy to Early Life Longitudinal Data System (PELL) MA Birth Defects Monitoring Program Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program WIC Nutrition Program New England Newborn Screening Program Vital Statistics Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) Early Intervention Program Natality and Early Childhood

22 Trends in Multiple Births Massachusetts: 1990-2007

23 Types of Fertility Treatment Massachusetts: 2007

24 Eligible Women, Infants and Children served by WIC Massachusetts: 2000-2007

25 WIC Participation During Pregnancy Massachusetts: 2007

26 Children Served in the Early Intervention Program Massachusetts: 1990-2008

27 Trends in Autism Spectrum Disorders Massachusetts: 2001-2005

28 Distribution  Initial print run of 2,000 copies  Regional Dialogues around the state   Links to related reports with more in-depth information  Links to programs and bureaus that address those areas

29 How to Obtain these Data?  The Internet:  MassCHIP: MassCHIP, Public Health Information Profile is a dynamic, user-friendly information service that provides free, online access data. MassCHIP, allows users to ‘run their own’ data reports or get access to hundreds of already generated reports. Users of MassCHIP have access to 36 major data sets, including many of the data sources listed in this section Telephone: 1-888-MASCHIP (Mass only) (617) 624-5629

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