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Kathleen Branch DSS Functional Lead for Industrial Security Automation (703)

2 What is ISFD? DSS centralized web-based management information system for the Industrial Security Program Internal DSS Use: FCL records Company profiles IS Rep actions Performance metrics External Users: FCL verifications and notifications The star indicates the industry functionality of ISFD.

3 Enterprise System: Defense Information System for Security (DISS)
ARC DCII JPAS ARC = Automated Records Checks. ARC is in the conceptual stage right now, it is a follow-on to ACES (automated continuing evaluation system). JPAS and DCII are separate systems with specific functionality, but are under the DoD –wide system “umbrella.” ISFD is not under that enterprise umbrella right now, but is moving in that direction. When both systems are under DISS, the systems will be able to exchange information easily: facility info from ISFD and personnel clearance info from JPAS ISFD DoD-wide System DSS is Executive Agent

4 ISFD Governance Industrial Security Program DSS CIO
Functional Lead for development Functional Users Group Establishes development priorities Prioritizes “Stakeholder Request List” DSS CIO Program Management Contract Administration Funding Help Desk Roles for ISFD governance. Actual ISFD development is under the DSS CIO.

5 External Users Can manage their own verification histories
Can immediately view notifications on-line Can delete previous notifications and can stop current notifications by changing the date associated with the verification.

6 Facility Verifications
Submit Verification Request My Verifications My Notifications Industry functionality in ISFD

7 What you See ISFD available from the DSS web site Need to submit a SAR
Select ISFD Enter your user name and password and click For login assistance, call: (DoD Call Center) Or Equipment/system problems at call center, resulting in unanswered calls. We are working that.

8 1ABC2 XYZ Corp. Anytown Smith Joe 3XYZ4 ABC Corp. ABC Corp. 3XYZ4 Mytown Jones, Mary

9 3XYZ4 ABC Corp. 54321 General Defense, Inc. 54321 General Defense, Inc. 12345 Grand Design, Inc. 3XYZ4 ABC Corp. 3XYZ4 ABC Corp. 3XYZ4 ABC Corp. 3XYZ4 ABC Corp. 6CDE7 Assessment Tech, Inc. 3XYZ4 ABC Corp.

10 3XYZ4 ABC Corp. 54321 General Defense, Inc. 1JKL2 Acme Security Services 1JKL2 Acme Security Services 12345 Grand Design, Inc. 3XYZ4 ABC Corp. 54321 General Defense, Inc. 54321 General Defense, Inc.

11 3XYZ4 Anytown, Mary Smith, FSO Mytown, XYZ Co 3XYZ4 Smith, Mary
3XYZ, XYZ Corp 3XYZ4 XYZ Co Anytown, Mary Smith, FSO Mytown, 3XYZ4 Smith, Mary

12 ISFD Development Started as many separate DSS Industrial Security “bootstrap” databases Still integrating bootstraps “Housekeeping” changes Password rules “508” compliance – User-friendly screen design and navigation (next release) CAC/PKI (future) First external functionality: Facility Verifications and Notifications Early development of ISFD was based on an “internal user” (e.g. IS Rep) model. FVR development was critical to replace CCMS/CVA functionality…essential for government and industry verifications.

13 In Progress ISFD v.2.1 ISFD v.2.2 Screen and Navigation re-design
Incorporates additional bootstraps ISFD v.2.2 Information Systems SSP transmission and tracking 2.2 will be the second major External User Capability added.

14 Future Development On-line training
Associate verification requests with requesting organization (vice individual) New framework for account management (decentralized) Contract security requirements (254 and PCLs) Corporate view of a company Facility profile for GCAs All depends on funding $$ Account Management – similar to JPAS model. Corporate view: Links the organization…top down view of corporate/ownership structure.

15 Sneak Peek ISFD v.2.1 (next release) Screen Redesign

16 Industry Involvement Industry JPAS Program Management Office (PMO) Working Group ISFD Sub-committee Chair: Chad Stoker, L-3 Future opportunities Functional User Group (FUG) involvement Training development We intend to have much wider industry involvement

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