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Remote Control Devices for the TV and Other Appliances ATI 2009 Feb. 7, 2009 Kathleen Shanfield, OTR/L, MS,CVE

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1 Remote Control Devices for the TV and Other Appliances ATI 2009 Feb. 7, 2009 Kathleen Shanfield, OTR/L, MS,CVE

2 CART Center for Applied RehabilitationTechnology Interdisciplinary Team –OT, PT, SP, ATS, Medical Director Services – evaluate, recommend and train –Seating, positioning and powered mobility –Computer access –Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) –Electronic Aids for Daily Living (EADL) Service Delivery Payers/Referral Agencies –DOR, CCS, Regional Center,PPO/HMO, MediCal, MediCare, Private

3 Who we See Inpatients Outpatients Diagnoses (physical impairments): CVA, BI, SCI, Muscle Diseases, Cerebral Palsy, ALS, Gullian Barre, etc. All ages

4 CART Philosophy Assistive Technology should work the first time, every time Assistive Technology is: Matching the individual with a system Assistive Technology is NOT: Forcing the individual to work with a system

5 Learning Objectives Explore the variety of Electronic Aids for Daily Living (EADL’s) and features. Gain knowledge of variety of methods to operate traditional and adapted TV remote controllers Provide resources for learning more about EADL’s.

6 Electronic Aids for Daily Living (EADL) formerly known as ECU devices

7 Electronic Aids to Daily Living Remote Control of electronic and electric devices Purposes: –Energy Conservation –Increased quality of life –Reduced attendant care –Independence and increased engagement in occupations of value to the individual.

8 EADL Evaluation Daily roles and activities Goals for technology Types and location of electronics to be controlled. Physical evaluation/Access –Vision –Motor control –Cognition Technical Support in the home Funding

9 Physical Access Looking for easiest method Direct Access ( traditional and adapted remotes) –Can use hands/fingers/head/feet to operate buttons –Positioning of user and device –Use of splints/pointers Indirect Access –Switches and scanning Voice access

10 Vision and Cognition Visual deficits can require modifications to remote control device and training. Cognitive deficits will indicate level of complexity for device. –Ability to remember sequences –Ability to problem solve if device doesn’t perform –Literacy/ability to recognize symbols, shapes, etc –Amount of assistance required.

11 Controlling electronics in the home Determine what client wants to do Determine where client wants control –Room by room device/tasks TV,DVD, DVR, stereo, cable (Infra-red) control/ room Lights, fans, radio, (X-10) on/off Doors, curtains, hospital bed, feeding devices, page turners, call bells, etc. Need the EADL and the device to perform the function, i.e. automatic door opener device in addition to EADL device. Determine best access method for needs

12 How do EADL ’ s Work? X-10 Technology: lights, fans, and any electric appliance –on/off –Uses wiring/outlets in the house –Requires device (lamp,fan,etc), module, and base Infrared Technology: TV, DVD, stereo,etc. –Multiple functions –Usually need existing remote controller to program new remote Integrated –Controls both

13 “Training” IR Remotes May require you to input the code for the TV, VCR, etc. into the device for it to work. Codebook usually comes with the device. My require you to place existing remote “nose to nose” with new remote and push desired function buttons to “train” new remote. Some devices can combine functions into “macros” so that multiple functions can be done with one button. Requires ability to read and follow directions, patience and the ability to call tech support if needed.

14 EADL Features Number and types of devices to be controlled –Transmission ( infrared, or radio waves (X-10)) –Access methods –Setting changes (scan rate, scan array, etc) –Feedback provided (auditory, visual or tactile)

15 EADL Features –Sequence to operate –Training Requirements-of device and user –Flexibility and/or expandability –Reliability –Ease of maintenance –Local Tech Support –Price

16 Remote Controls for TV/DVD/DVR Traditional Remote Controllers Adapted Remote Controllers EADL Systems-Integrated functions –Variety of access methods:voice, switch scanning, etc ECU/EADL feature in AAC device ECU/EADL feature in wheelchairs

17 Universal Remote Controllers

18 Mounting and Typing Aids/Pointers can be the key! Posture-Rite Laptray Non-slip pad Hard binder with velcro Clear View Typing Aid

19 Pointers/Typing Sticks Clear ViewTyping Aids

20 Wanchik Writer/Typer

21 Mouthsticks Swivel Mouth Stick Docking StationClamp-On Docking Station

22 Headpointer

23 Special TV remotes Larger size, big buttons Small, simple, 4 buttons only Multiple switches Trainable remotes Not all are compatible with satellite, direct TV, etc Need to call manufacturer to find out

24 $29.95 $14.95 $149.95 $76.95

25 Indirect Access: Scanning Requires good visual tracking, good attention, and ability to sequence and anticipate action Requires very little motor control to make a selection Requires patience, low frustration tolerance, and motivation to succeed with method. Useful for a variety of Assistive Technology (AT) systems

26 Switches/Mounts Variety of sources Range in price from $50.00 plus

27 Mounts Universal Switch Mount $219.00 Posture-Rite Lap Desk $23.95 Kits-would include clamp, tubing, mounting plate,velcor, etc. Varies

28 Switch Access/Scanning Integrated Systems Mini Relax -TV only $329.00 Relax II-4 IR devices Ten X-10(fan, light) $649.00

29 Switch Access/Scanning James EADL 248 functions-IR &X-10 Call for price Control Prog (GEWA) 241 functions-IR&x-10 $870.00 GEWA Progress 256 IR functions $4,155.00

30 Single switch or voice recognition EADL’s SciCare Light II $2100.00 Voice IR EADL voiceir.htm $500.00 and up Saje Powerhouse Call for pricing

31 What’s New? REACH REACH $6450.00 Can use all methods of access: Voice, switch, mouse, joystick,etc. Easy to set up and use Can operate multitude of functions Easy to mount on wh/chair Computer based: has a Windows operating system and can be used as a computer also.

32 Integrated EADL systems (usually computer based) Should be installed professionally Can operate a multitude of devices and functions. Tech savvy caregivers/family needed

33 Single Device or Integrated into System Page Turners Bed Controls Call bells/Alarms Temperature control/air conditioning Automatic Door Openers Telephones Gaming Devices Open/close curtains MP3 player

34 EADL Functions in Communication Devices Dynavox V-Max

35 EADL Control through Wheelchair Controller Q-Logic by Quantum Rehab

36 Funding EADL’s Not covered under Medicare, MediCal, or most private insurances Is covered if included in AAC device ECU/EADL integrated contoller should be ordered with the new wheelchair-then it is covered. Usually out of pocket expense Grants are available through a variety of sources to help fund AT-check local Independent Living Center Can be borrowed through CATE program DOR, Regional Center has been known to fund EADL’s if used for work or school.

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