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Powercast. Simply Wire Free Kathleen Serafin Group 15.

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1 Powercast. Simply Wire Free Kathleen Serafin Group 15

2 Powercast One of the most aggravating things to forget when traveling is all the adapters and chargers you need for your small electronics For example, if your going on a business trip and forget your cell phone charger, you run into frustrating and irritating issues that could have been easily avoided

3 Powercast The solution to your problem is Powercast! It may not be one of the most exciting new technologies but it is one of the most convenient ones! Powercast isn't just a replacement for a universal charger. Instead, it's meant to either continuously charge a battery or replace the need for them altogether!

4 How does Powercast Work? Although Radio Frequencies is a technology from the past; most people don’t even realize that you use it every day with your cell phones, radio, televisions, and even Bluetooth. However, Powercast has developed a new use for RF, wireless power!

5 The Break Down Powercast is made up of two systems: First is the transmitter that is as small as a dime! It sends radio frequency signals that can power many small devices!

6 How Powercast Works Continued Next an even smaller PowerharvesterTM receiver circuit, that can be embedded in almost any low-power device, harvests the energy to recharge or even replace the device’s battery!!

7 The Catch How is it embedded? Powercast is in the process of partnering with manufactures that will be shipping a variety of consumer products later this year. Powercast is has only publicly released that they are working with Phillips electronics as of now.

8 Powercast Convenience Imagine coming into the kitchen and leaving your cell phone on the counter and it automatically begins charging! Or what about grabbing your digital camera for a funny moment and having the luxury of it being charged and not dead.

9 Powercast Details For Powercast to work efficiently your electronic device must be at least a couple meters from the transmitter. Although this might sound inconvenient, hopefully you can go almost anywhere and pick up on other transmitters, just like you are able to do with Wi-fi. The best part is that Powercast has a low cost making it much more attractive to manufactures.

10 Powercast After three years of keeping the patent of Powercast under close guard, the technology was shown at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 140,000 manufactures were present and thousands of different new technologies are shown including the industries biggest names!

11 Powercast At CES they present only twelve “Best of Show Awards” and Powercast was one of them! It stood side by side other industry names such as Sony, LG, Microsoft, Verizon, and Phillips. With this great recognition from such a popular and well known event, Powercast’s future is more than likely to sky rocket!

12 Powercast As of right now Powercast is only being used for low-powered devices such as: Cell phones Digital Cameras Digital music players Game controllers PDAs Hearing Aids Sensors (zoo)

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