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P2P Security Implementation --Groove CS 265 Haixia Yu.

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2 P2P Security Implementation --Groove CS 265 Haixia Yu

3 P2P Features Flexibility of system structure Membership is fluid and changing Exchange information directly

4 Groove- Introduction A peer to peer collaboration software platform A virtual space for small group interaction Users establish trusted relationships via the exchange of vCards (electronic business card file (.vcg), include user’s public key) Users directly invite other members into their space A shared space is a private place where people can engage in purposeful activities and share information Shared spaces sit on each participant's PC. Work done in the space by one 'member' is instantly seen by all members “Always on “ security

5 Groove - Shared Space CarolBob Alice A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A plaintext delta dell, an encrypted delta A dell signed by Alice A A KSKS

6 Groove- Uninviting KzKz KgKg AliceChrisBob

7 Groove – Authentication Andrew sends an Email invite to Kathleen Partner Sales Training.GRV (4.88 KB) “Partner Sales Training.GRV” Kathleen receives the email with an attachment (the invitation file) and text. By accepting, Kathleen receives Andrew’s public key By accepting, Kathleen sends to Andrew her public key All future instant messages and invitations are authenticated Kathleen Bissonnette Partner Sales Training Andrew Mahon Kathleen sees in the Groove invitation file that Andrew is the inviter.

8 Groove – Authentication(cont ’ d) Voice Annotation Kathleen Bissonnette Partner Sales Training Andrew Mahon The sender can “self-authenticate” by using voice annotation. When Kathleen listens to the voice attachment, she can “hear” that the sender is indeed Andrew.

9 Groove – Authentication(cont ’ d) Digital fingerprints Kathleen can also check Andrew’s digital fingerprint. The fingerprint is computed locally on Kathleen’s machine. Andrew’s fingerprint is saved as part of Andrew’s contact information stored on Kathleen’s system. For any subsequent invitation from Andrew, Kathleen can check to see if the fingerprint in the invitation matches the fingerprint in Andrew’s vCard.

10 Groove Security Summary All content and activity in a Groove shared space is confidential Only authorized (authenticated) users have access to a shared space. Groove includes additional techniques to ensure authentication.

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