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Agriculture Education. Kathleen High School and Lakeland High School Kathleen High School operates a metal fabrication business. They build barbeque grills.

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1 Agriculture Education

2 Kathleen High School and Lakeland High School Kathleen High School operates a metal fabrication business. They build barbeque grills and other welding projects that are sold to the public. Lakeland High School has developed a veterinary assisting academy. They board and groom dogs for Lakeland High School teachers.

3 Bartow High School Bartow High School Has a Plant Rental Business. They grow palms and other foliage plants that they rent out for weddings and banquets.

4 Lake Region High School and Fort Meade High School Lake Region High School operates Thunder Auto with their Ag mechanics classes. They do repair and maintenance for cars and trucks. They also do an antique automobile restoration project each year. Fort Meade High School does a project in partnership with Florida Flywheeler’s Association. The restored tractor is then raffled off as a fund- raiser.

5 USDA Ag Challenge Grant Haines City, Lake Gibson Sr. and Bartow High Schools received a USDA Ag Challenge Grant. The Grant focuses on Ag Teacher Recruitment, Agriscience Fairs and Horticulture Industry Certification.

6 Homeland Farm Facility Mulberry, George Jenkins, Auburndale, Kathleen and Lake Region high schools keep cattle and a horse at the Homeland Farm Facility. The Homeland farm is 200 acres that is leased from the State. We work cooperatively with the Division of Environmental Protection. In addition, we are working with the Polk County Board of County Commissioners to install a canoe launch on the Peace River at the Homeland Farm.

7 Roosevelt Farms at Roosevelt Academy Roosevelt’s horticulture program covers several areas related to horticultural careers. Roosevelt Farms began in 1995, as a school based business to enhance the skills required for employment in various vocational fields. Areas of instruction include: plant production, row crop production and landscaping. Throughout the year they are able to provide landscaping services to local schools and business.

8 Roosevelt Farms At Work

9 Karen M. Siegel Academy Rain Barrels The Karen M. Siegel Academy FFA painted and retrofitted barrels to be used for storing water for plants during the dry months (rain barrels). The barrels were part of the recycling the students are doing on the campus. The barrels are sold as a fundraiser and to purchase supplies needed in their assembly. Three barrels were displayed and sold to the public as part of the City of Lakeland’s Spring Obsession. The barrels each received a ribbon and the money benefitted the Florida Friendly Yards and Neighborhoods program from the Polk County Extension Service and University of Florida/IFAS.

10 FFA Career Development Events CDE’s- Career Development Events are agriculture contest FFA students can participate in, these are agriculture and skill based events. Some CDE’s include: Soil judging, Livestock Judging, Agricultural Mechanics, Vet Assisting, Forestry ID, Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Prepared Public Speaking, etc.

11 Polk County Youth Fair Number of students involved: 1,262 Amount of money raised from sale proceeds: $377,430 Amount of money awarded for prizes: $14,000 Grand Champion Steer sold for $14,280

12 Scholarships Through Agriculture education and FFA students are qualified to apply for many Scholarships. With Polk county agriculture they can apply for the Polk County Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer & Ranchers scholarship, Polk County Cattlewomen’s scholarship and many others. With FFA the student’s can apply with for the National FFA scholarships: Approximately $2.2 million in scholarship funds were donated by 128 generous sponsors. Over 7,800 students submitted applications to the 2009 program and 1,457 scholarships were awarded. Also many of the school’s FFA programs and FFA alumni’s have their own scholarship that are awarded.

13 Polk County Farm Bureau/Young Farmer & Rancher Scholarship Reagan Lee, a 2009 Bartow Senior High graduate, Christian Spinosa, a 2009 Summerlin Academy graduate, and Lacey Waters, a 2009 Bartow Senior High graduate have been awarded the Polk County Farm Bureau/Young Farmer & Rancher scholarships for 2009. Lee, Spinosa, and Waters received the $500 scholarships for excelling academically, strong leadership abilities and involvement in agriculture-related activities. Lee will attend the University of Florida Honors College where he plans to pursue degrees in both Botany and Mathematics. Spinosa will attend Clemson University where he plans to obtain degrees in Agriculture and Mechanization. Waters will attend Polk Community College followed by the University of Florida to study beef production. Polk County Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer & Rancher Committee gives scholarships each year to deserving Polk County high school students who plan to pursue a career in agriculture. The committee has awarded more than $8,000 in scholarships to date. The YF&R Committee uses the proceeds of its annual Christmas hayride to fund the scholarship.

14 Young Farmer & Rancher Scholars Reagan Lee Christian Spinosa Lacey Waters

15 Polk County Cattlewomen's Scholars The Polk County Cattlewomen strive to educate the public about the beef industry and promote its products. These goals are met through different projects throughout the year. The Polk County Cattlewomen's Association has established a scholarship fund consisting of $2,000 Academic scholarship and a $2,000 Agriculture scholarship that is awarded each year to Polk County graduating seniors. In addition, they supply awards and shirts to local youth fairs. The Polk County Cattlewomen strive to educate school age children and the public on the importance of the rancher and farmer in their daily lives. Agricultural Industries are very interdependent on one another. 2009 Agriculture Lacey Waters 2009 Academic Ashlee Metzger

16 Leadership Opportunities FFA provides leadership opportunities and experiences for 15,000 young people in Florida and 465,000 nationwide. FFA training opens the doors to over 300 exciting careers in agriscience and agribusinesses. With FFA student can earn leadership through conferences and conventions such as Chapter, Federation, District, State, and National offices also with Leadership Seminars: Chapter Officers Leadership Training (COLT), Florida Leadership Adventures (FLA), Florida Outdoor Adventures (FOA), Advanced Leadership Development (ALD), State Leadership Summit (SLS), Chapter Presidents Conference (CPC) and many more. There were approximately 3,100 members and guest present at the 2009 Florida FFA State Convention in Orlando, Florida and over 57,000 members and guest present at the 81 st National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

17 Florida FFA Leadership Training Center The Florida FFA Leadership Training Center is owned and operated by the Florida FFA Foundation. The Florida FFA Foundation is engaged in many worthwhile endeavors including fund raising to provide over 7,000 awards and recognitions annually for student achievement and academic excellence.

18 Leadership Training Center

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