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Kathleen Egan Programmes & Capacity Manager Age UK London Coordinating Digital Literacy for Older Londoners.

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1 Kathleen Egan Programmes & Capacity Manager Age UK London Coordinating Digital Literacy for Older Londoners

2 1.AUKL Background - Digital Literacy 2.Gaps & Research 3.Approaches 4.Partnerships 5.Current Digital Activities 6.AUKL Proposed Activities Format

3  Successful Mi Community Programme - particularly important in supporting those who are most vulnerable / isolated  Delivered with local Age UKs across London  Strategic and local links across all 33 boroughs - Older Peoples’ Forums and 400+ Older Peoples’ organisations via ‘Fit 4 Purpose programme ’ 1. Background

4  Intergenerational digital inclusion project funded GLA’s Team London Programme/ Reuben Foundation.  Aim - use intergenerational volunteering to build stronger sense of community/connectedness between young volunteers & older people - bridging differences in age, ethnicity and culture and challenging negative stereotypes  Young people (aged 16-24) share information technology skills with older people (aged 60+) the majority of whom had no IT skills.  Skills transfer will occur between the generations Mi Community

5  1324 people volunteered help older people learn IT skills  1450 older people directly benefited from their help  3 Apprenticeship Academies (133 Apprentices)  39 schools  6911 volunteering hours were delivered  279 Corporates engaged in the project  Older learners came from 26 London Boroughs and 18 different ethnic backgrounds  A third were aged over 75 years  70 % of older participants were female  24% of older participants reported having a disability Mi Community

6 Evaluation of Mi Community stressed:  1:1 trusted relationship as key success factor  Learner-led model most successful including with younger people acting as mentors – intergenerational benefits  Need for confidence building to overcome fear  Pre existing relationship key  WEALTH OF THE WEB: Broadening Horizons online – Report Gaps & Research

7  Lack of interest – resent being forced online, negative early experiences, feel internet ‘isn’t for them’.  Marketing of computers, design products / jargon  Fears of making a mistake  Financial cost  Fears of safety and privacy and financial abuse  Lack of training and support  Physical or cognitive impairment  Personal attitudes/beliefs including anxiety,loneliness. Obstacles

8  Curiosity and an appetite to learn  Specific interests and hobbies –motivational ‘hook’ linked with existing interest encouraged to go online.  Family support.  Independence and inclusion  Work Experience and Studying  Group and Club Membership.  Personal attitudes and beliefs Drivers

9  Blending technology into a range of communication methods to face personal challenges and life transition  Increasing / nurturing eco systems and networks that promote Digital Literacy  Recognising increasing Importance of tablets and smart phones not laptops / computers  Trusted relationships local Age UKs and hence pre-existing service users  Trusted relationships enhance safeguarding e.g. financial abuse concerns 3. Approaches

10  Digital literacy not just digital inclusion  NB might not be the individual getting online could be carer / family member / advocate  Co design with Older People using real scenarios  Changing health service delivery  Accessing public services 3. Approaches

11  Techie Tea Parties - Corporate and Public Sector partners including ‘Everything Everywhere’ (T-Mobile & Orange) – held at EE HQ, Paddington. Now their Call Centres connect with Age UKs & local Older Peoples organisations and are now ‘go ON UK’ champion  DWP fund Age UK London - London Regional forum on Ageing (PAiL)  Community 10,000 programme = DWPs internal Volunteer programme - run Techie Tea Parties at their offices & at local borough Age UKs  Member of Age Action Alliance (AAA) – Digital Inclusion group and AAA Loneliness and Isolation Group  London Minority Ethnic Elders project  Greater London Forum - linked with Age UK London 4. Partnerships

12  Introduction to Social Media Workshops  Facebook as a Website Workshops  Free online resources Workshops  Wide range of Corporate Links including:  - Delivery of Techie Tea parties  - Social Media Champions  - 1:1 Guided Support  - Skill sharing  - Free resources e.g. venues, catering & technology 5. Current Digital Activities

13  Digital Literacy support - Linking to local existing Befriending programmes via lcoal Age UKs and other Older People organisations  Lead Age UKs acting as sub-regional Digital Inclusion Hubs across London coordinating resources/tools/events in their area –  Training Befrienders as Digital Champions – build bespoke module into existing Age UK training - 1:1 training at home and ‘safe online’  1:1 & group training using volunteers/Corporate Volunteers 6. Proposed Activities coordinated by AUKL

14  Hubs as repository of information/tools/training/case studies and free resources  Train the Trainers  Focus on Tablets in response to demand for access to (survival skills)  Services e.g. Accessing government & public services / online banking etc.  Shopping  Email/contact friends AUKL Planned Activities

15  Build on existing resources but tailor for older Londoners e.g. Digital Unite Guides  Linking Digital Inclusion to Information and Advice Benefits Checks and ‘Know Your Rights’ campaign  Targeted support to older unemployed women  Targeted support via Age UK London Minority Ethnic Elders  Links to local Age Uks  Health and Wellbeing programmes e.g. cooking on line  Building on Fit as a Fiddle programme relationships Planned Activities

16 Thank you Any questions?

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