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Kathleen Bachand McGee AP Literature 2A 4 June 2010.

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1 Kathleen Bachand McGee AP Literature 2A 4 June 2010

2 Table of Contents * Message to the Reader * Bucket List * Six-Word Memoir * This Year’s Assignments * Soul * Artifacts

3 Message to the Reader

4 Hey, guys. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Kathleen Bachand. I kind of hate writing, and always have. I’m not bad at it, it just kind of bores me to tears. My writing style really hasn’t changed since middle school, except that I’ve expanded my vocabulary a little. I always try to write the way I speak: with sarcasm. That’s the kind of writing I enjoy reading, and that’s just the kind of person I am. Thanks for viewing!

5 Bucket List Go to Sweden Have a TV showGet married Own a restaurant Meet a movie star Publish a personal essay Influence some one positively Get a hole-in-one Learn to ice skate Perform at Carnegie Hall Invent a slang term that gets into the dictionary Meet Yo Yo Mah Go backstage at a concert Give advice in the production of an album Win an iPod online Own a house Speak Hawaiian Get a facial Spontaneously sing a musical number in a library Graduate college Make cheese Visit a chocolate factory Have a white ChristmasBowl 10 frames without a gutterball Captain a submarine

6 Six-Word Memoir Sometimes the windshield Sometimes the bug.

7 This Year’s Assignments






13 My Soul


15 Artifacts




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