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The seven deadly sins of power point presentations

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1 The seven deadly sins of power point presentations

2 Sin #1 Letter fonts are ornate, or there are too many different fonts, styles, and font colors in a single presentation. Serif – with embellishment Sans Serif – without embellishment Explain the difference of serif and sans serif, examples follow on next slides

3 Examples of serif fonts:
Computer tech Computer Tech

4 Examples of sans serif:
Computer tech

5 Colors Limit use of colors to one or two in a presentation
The primary colors are red, yellow and blue Avoid using red Difficult to read Some people are color blind to red Did you know that color blindness is passed on genetically?

6 Sin #2 Font sizes and/or graphics are too small.
Titles : 35 to 40 or larger size font Text : 24 to 29 size font Make sure the back row can read words

7 Graphics Graphics that are too small cannot be seen by everyone in the room. Ask if students at the back of the room can see what the small picture is. Following their response, click to bring in large photo.

8 Save photo as: largest size available
Photos The larger photo was saved as a 1 by 1 inch tag from google, but the one on the left was saved as large as possible. Make sure to click on “see larger size” and then save photo. Go to google images and show example. Save photo as: largest size available

9 Sin #3 the background is too busy or the colors lack contrast
When a photo is used as a slide background, it is often difficult to read text Text color and background color need to have enough contrast for legibility

10 Background colors It is difficult for people to read when there isn’t enough contrast Light colors on dark backgrounds are not always the solution A contrasting color is easier for reading

11 When the background is too busy, it is difficult for people to read the text

12 Sin #4 Crowding too much information onto a single screen or transparency
Keep screens simple and clear Do not crowd text Use short phrases and key words Six by Six rule No more than six lines of text per screen No more than six words per line

13 Sin #5 Leaving a screen unchanged for too long or not leaving a screen up long enough for the audience to take notes Solutions Reveal information progressively Use handouts of slides Don’t overcrowd slides with words

14 Sin #6 Overusing special effects (animations & transitions)
Be consistent Don’t use too many different effects Audience will be more interested in effects than presentation

15 Special effect overload
Effects are cool One per slide

16 Sin #7 Presentation is all text, no pictures
Some people are visual learners Pictures and graphs make your presentation interesting


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