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Jane Bright 781.639.1122 Non-profits:. Non-profit website goals are more complicated than for profit businesses. March 15, 2011.

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1 Jane Bright 781.639.1122 Non-profits:

2 Non-profit website goals are more complicated than for profit businesses. March 15, 2011

3 The difference? GOAL/CHALLENGENON-PROFITFOR PROFIT BUSINESS AudienceMembers/community serviced, public, donors, grantors, elected officials… Customer with defined demographic PurposeIncrease membership Provide information Raise funds Recruit volunteers/staff Reduce operating costs Market events Sales and/or Marketing ContentChanges frequentlySome Stability Resources to ManageVery limitedCan be SUBSTANTIAL March 15, 2011

4 Site Purpose: Start with your mission Provide services: For whom and who decides to seek services Provide information Advocate: Supporters and adversaries March 15, 2011

5 Purpose: Site vs. Mission March 15, 2011

6 Site Purpose: Mission & Other Needs Provide services: For whom AND who decides to seek services Provide information Advocate: Supporters & Adversaries Raise Funds March 15, 2011

7 Recruitment Volunteers Staff Members Clientele Donors March 15, 2011

8 Cut Administrative Costs Answers most asked phone and emailed questions Provide forms - Go green and/or Paper Take money-for services, donations & events-beware of Payment Card Industry standards Outbound email to reduce snail mail March 15, 2011

9 Who are your audiences/community? March 15, 2011

10 Site Visitors-Funding Sources Grantors Large donors Small donors Foundations Board members Government Corporate sponsors Events Other March 15, 2011

11 Site visitors Receivers of services and/or decision makers Event participants Member advocates taking action Volunteers Staff Job applicants Community Media March 15, 2011

12 What are demographics of audience? Bifocal crowd vs. teens or both Computer availability & savvy Education level Multiple languages needed? March 15, 2011

13 Know Your Audience March 15, 2011

14 Niche Audiences March 15, 2011 Consider niche visitors Content drives audience Audience drives content

15 Site Content? What do visitors want to know? What do visitors want to do? What do you want them to have? What are grantors looking for? How will the content change? Ask for & use testimonials Go ahead and brag! March 15, 2011

16 Private content Is some content restricted to limited group? How to protect sensitive pages or info? Beware of Google! March 15, 2011

17 How to collect and create content Look at all print material you have Do you have videos? Look at Facebook page Look at grant applications and appeals Check out media coverage March 15, 2011


19 Figuring out site navigation Group topics by how visitors think Keep navigation visible & obvious OK to repeat info on multiple pages March 15, 2011

20 Visual Should be Powerful Your visual image directly tied to mission Visual conveys message as much as words Pictures, pictures, pictures Design mix of logo, color, fonts, images, text layout Understand your purpose, then translate into look and feel March 15, 2011

21 Image is Everything March 15, 2011

22 Image Communication March 15, 2011

23 Video Strategy Embed/link on your site YouTube < 10 minutes Paid Servers > 10 minutes Content and Look still critical Helps search engines March 15, 2011

24 Design DOs DOs Obvious navigation Consistent look and feel ID on every page Call to action on home page/every page Have a clear notion what your look should be March 15, 2011

25 Design DON’Ts DON’Ts NO Print Layout Mixing fonts and colors Outdated info Uncompressed images Placing PDFs as pages Overcrowd / Overload March 15, 2011

26 Online Credit Card Processing Credit card gateways Fees and more fees PCI compliance- Payment Card Industry What cards to accept? Paypal? Plastic? Banks? March 15, 2011

27 Online Credit Card Processing One time vs periodic payments Event registration Secure pages Tracking contributions/members hip March 15, 2011

28 Site Management Plan for content changes from the start What will change? Who will keep site current? Site is designed so that it can be updated easily! March 15, 2011

29 Social media & blogs Go where your constituents are It’s still about content & image Keep site and social media in synch Plan how often social media gets updated & stick to it! March 15, 2011

30 Driving traffic to your site SEO Outbound Email Social Media and Blogs Include Site URL on all print material March 15, 2011

31 S earch E ngine O ptimization: Top Tips Put search words and phrases into your text Do not use Flash or graphics for text! Change website content frequently Get others to link to your site Claim your Google places Set up blog Hire an Expert March 15, 2011

32 Google places Claim yours now! Terrific Marketing Tool. March 15, 2011

33 Beauty of web technology is that you can change and add info easily, with a little planning… March 15, 2011

34 Helpful Links March 15, 2011

35 Please Contact Us 3 Bridge Street Marblehead, MA 01945 Ph 781.639.1122 Fax 781.715.1453 March 15, 2011

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