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Your poster title Replace with authors Acknowledge partners.

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1 Your poster title Replace with authors Acknowledge partners

2 Overview Replace this text with your own. The text should be 16 -20 points in size. We are using Calibri font as a standard. Keep body text left-aligned. Add pictures. The colours are your choice, noting that contrasting text and backgrounds will be more visible. Insert pictures in.PNG format ( gives the sharpest results) You may have a maximum of 6 slides: a title slide, an overview and 4 other slides.Remember you have less than 5 minutes to speak. Examples of Digital Poster Session above

3 Slides 3- 5 (own choice) Tips for making a successful poster… Simplify everything, avoid information overkill Headings should not be all capitals. Leave ample space around your text. Don’t overcrowd your poster. Use photographs and diagrams instead of text. (.png format is preferred) Spell check and get someone else to proof-read your final version. Press play for the video above Remember that the Digital Posters system will be available after the conference as well – having videos is useful for engaging the audience post conference

4 The titles and slide sequence are a guide only. This format however works best in a poster session presentation. Feel free to look at other digital posters from previous conferences here here The layout is only a guide. You may choose to add more or less image/text boxes and move them about as required. Creativity is encouraged, but keep it clear and readable. Slides 3- 5 (own choice)

5 Hyperlink and include digital references where necessary. Hyperlink Hyperlinking PDFs is a good way of providing additional information to your audience ( you will need to upload the PDF you wish to hyperlink to separately from your poster) Think about the audience that will view your Digital Poster post conference -embed videos, YouTube videos and audio commentary to effectively get your point across Slides 3- 5 (own choice) We are here to help ! Contact us if you have any questions - there is a chat feature in the bottom right corner of the upload portal website or email usupload portal websiteemail us

6 Conclusion Please try to capture your main points about your case within the six slide limit. Using Hyperlinks to external links, PDFs or videos can effectively provide information you might not be able to fit into your poster. Delegates will be able to contact you through the system if they have any questions or if they want to meet at the conference to discuss your work – make sure your email address is correct! Flash presentations will take place in designated presentation rooms using a projector with in-room AV support

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