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Unit 15 Destinations Warming up & Speaking Chang Ying.

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1 Unit 15 Destinations Warming up & Speaking Chang Ying

2 Step 1. Warming up Explanations: offer vt 提供,供应;主动给予 I offered him some money for his help. 因为他帮了忙,我给了他一些钱。 I don’t need any help, but it was kind of you to offer. offer to do sth 主动提出做某事 offer sth to sb 向某人提供某物 offer sb sth

3 Rio De Janeiro



6 Hong Kong

7 The Pyramids - Egypt

8 Masai Mara – Kenya( 肯尼亚 ) Africa

9 South Island New Zealand 新西兰主要由南岛和北岛组成. 库克 海峡将两岛分开。

10 Las Vegas 拉斯维加斯

11 Taj Mahal 泰姬陵 India

12 Hawaii 夏威夷

13 Himalayas - Nepal 尼泊尔的喜马拉雅山脉

14 Duba (迪拜) Saudi Arabia ( 沙特阿拉伯)

15 Bangkok 曼谷

16 the Great Wall

17 Venice( 威尼斯 ) Italy

18 Colosseo( 古罗马竞技场 ) Rome

19 Zermatt – Switzerland 瑞士策马特峰

20 Eiffel Tower Paris France

21 Pathenon Temple Greece

22 Vienna( 维也纳) Austria

23 Denmark

24 Mosco Russia

25 Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur ( 吉隆坡 ) Malaysia

26 Angel Falls Venezuela 委内瑞拉天使瀑布

27 Iraq

28 Chichen Itza – Mexico Sun Temple of Maya Culture ( 玛雅文明)

29 Greece

30 The Rainforest Brazil

31 Greenland polar light

32 the South Pacific Area 南太平洋地区

33 B. pair work Task

34 Imagine that you are given a free air ticket that lets you travel around the world and make 3~5 stops along the way. Where would you go and why? P. 33

35 Tell your partner where you will go and your reasons.

36 A.Leading-in When we’re travelling, we may meet some- thing dissatisfying. In this case usually we make complaints( 抱怨, 投诉 ) and hope that somebody will apologise to us and make explanation. Think: How to make complaints and apologies? Step 5. Speaking

37 Useful expressions 表示抱怨 表示关切和道歉 I hate to have to say this,but… I am so sorry. Could you do sth.about it? I’ll look into it at once. That’s too bad. I hope it’s nothing serious. I’m totally unsatisfied Please tell me what’s the with the service here. matter. Something has to be done I apologize for troubling to solve the problem. you so much. I can’t stand it any more. I’ll do everything I can to help you. Something must be done I’m sorry but I didn’t about the service here. mean to… Why don’t you do sth about it? It’s really a pity.

38 Two friends a pair. One is Student A. The other is Student B. Performance

39 Step 5. Assignment 1.Practise more after class 2. Memorize the vocabulary of this unit.


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