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Chapter 7 Instructional Aids and Training Technologies.

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1 Chapter 7 Instructional Aids and Training Technologies

2 Review Chapter 5 Teaching Methods Lecture Guided Discussion Demonstration Performance Group Learning Computer Based Training

3 Review Chapter 6 Critique and Evaluation

4 Characteristics of a Good Critique >Objective >Flexible >Acceptable >Comprehensive >Constructive >Organized >Thoughtful >Specific

5 Evaluation Has learning occurred? Evaluation –Oral Quizzes –Written test –Performance test

6 Written Test Characteristics of a good test –Reliable –Valid –Usable –Objective –Comprehensive –Discriminate

7 Instructional Aid Theory >Enhance main points >Usable bits >Simple

8 Advantages of Visual Aids >Retention of material >Overcome language barriers >Clarify relationships >Save time

9 Guidelines for Instructional Aids Support lesson objective Be student centered Build on previous lesson Be consistent with learning principles Appeal to students Maintain attention and interest

10 Guidelines for Instructional Aids Encourage student participation Provide stimuli and reinforcement Have high quality Be complete and accurate Contain appropriate terminology Be sequenced

11 Guidelines for Instructional Aids Be easy to understand Include safety precautions

12 Types of Instructional Aids

13 Chalk or Marker Board Advantages –Reusable –Joint instructor/student activity

14 Chalk or Marker Board Keep board clean Erase irrelevant material Keep required materials close Practice Write large Don’t overcrowd Keep it short and simple

15 Chalk or Marker Board Make one point at a time Make neat drawings Use colored markers Underline for emphasis Use upper part of board Stand to one side Use pointer Adjust lighting

16 Supplemental Printed Material Photos Pictures Drawings Murals Cartoons Charts Diagrams Graphs

17 Enhanced Training Materials Training Syllabi Maneuvers Guidebook

18 Projected Materials Videos Multimedia Mockups

19 Future Developments?

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