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High Cross Primary School Meet The Teacher Class 4RS Together We Win.

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1 High Cross Primary School Meet The Teacher Class 4RS Together We Win

2 The Y4 team Class Teacher – Miss Strong Support Staff – Mrs Salathial, Miss Jessop and Mrs Moore ICT Support – Mr Watts Library and reading support – Mrs John

3 Class Routines and Times –Start and end times (pupils not on site until 8:40 a.m. as no adult supervision available) –Wet mornings – from 8:40 – children to enter school and report to their classrooms as usual –School dinners - £1.90 – must be brought into school daily in a labelled purse –Fruit money – 20p daily or £1 weekly –PE slot– Kit - blue (light or dark) t-shirts, blue shorts, blue jogging bottoms and trainers – no other colour-see website for a guide –School shoes – black – an extra old pair needed for children to play on the field!

4 Dinner Routines –School dinners eaten in the canteen –Sandwiches eaten outside (weather permitting) –Playing on the field – stops after October half term and re-commences in April (around Easter/or earlier – depending on the weather) –Sandwiches – eaten inside after October half term or earlier (depending on the weather)

5 Class Timetable Language and Maths sessions daily Science taught as PPA Tuesday pm PE – Thursday am linked with visit from Janice Chappell the NGD rugby Coach Music – Taiko drumming from GMSS Wednesday pm ICT – Thursday pm Library time – Wednesday pm

6 Topics Covered Autumn term – The Tudors –King Henry VIII and family as well as Tudor life including trip to Abergavenny Spring term - Chocolate –Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Chocolate around the word including a trip to a Chocolate factory, Swansea Summer Term – The Rainforest –Places around the world, the effects we cause, The Vanishing Rainforest book, trip to Cwmcarn

7 Outside School Events We do ask for a voluntary contribution, however if insufficient funds we will have to cancel the event as school is unable to fund the whole cost

8 Dedicated Spelling Time Carrying through the phonic scheme and strategies from KS1 which has been so successful in the Foundation Phase – to further develop children’s spelling strategies Planned to deliver every a.m. for 20 minutes We use the following approach: - –‘Route to Spelling’

9 Dedicated Spelling Times Route to spelling 1.Say the word 2.Do I know how to spell it already 3.Which parts of the word can I spell already? 4.What is the tricky phoneme? 5.What do I know about the phoneme? 6.What is my best guess 7.Does it look right?

10 Dedicated Reading Time Every day - straight after lunch for 20 minutes the children have a reading session in which various activities take place –Children work on activities related to the novel –‘Reading for a Reason’ time for researching a project –A listening activity –Group reading

11 Learning Logs Set on a Friday / returned by Wednesday Discussed on a Friday (whole class / partner work) No spelling given as homework – dedicated spelling sessions in school Presentation – high standard expected - exactly the same as in school books

12 PPA Cover NC/MW to cover from Y3 to Y6 – supported by Mrs Davies Wellingtons needed on Forest School day – Wednesday on Mrs Williams’ return NC/MW to teach Science as well NC/MW to write the Science part of the report and provide staff with notes for parent consultations

13 Parent Consultations TERM 1 – Meet The Teacher –1-1 consultations where you will be provided with an interim report on Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Social and Well Being. Also, targets for further development. –Meetings are planned to take place at the end of November – either during the school day or after – depending on staff availability – staff will do their utmost to accommodate

14 Parent Consultations TERM 2 – Classroom Consultations – during school time – parents invited in to share their children’s work and meet with the class teacher on a 1:1 basis – a timetable will be on display in the classroom for parents to book a meeting during the session

15 Parent Consultations TERM 3 – Open classroom visit – children will share with parents what they have done in school throughout the year. –Individual Reports written and handed out at the end of term – parents are provided with an opportunity to discuss the report if they so wish

16 AfL At the end of every Literacy and Numeracy work, children evaluate their own work by either traffic lighting or using 2 stars and a wish, writing a comment relating to their task based on the WILF which is ‘What we are looking for’

17 Any questions ?

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