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Animal ecology Abeer Alhabash By: Ministry of Higher Education

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1 Animal ecology Abeer Alhabash By: Ministry of Higher Education
Umm Al-Qura University College of Science Department of Biology Animal ecology By: Abeer Alhabash

2 Ecology Lab 1

3 of ecology Definition The study of the interactions that take place among organisms and their environment. These are the subject of ecology from (the Greek Oikos, home, Logos, to study). Abeer alhabash

4 Components of the environment
Habitat Organisms Human, animals, Plants, fungi and bacteria What is a habitat? Abeer alhabash

5 What is a habitat? Every animal has a habitat.
The place where an animal or plant lives and grows is called its habitat. A habitat is where an animal finds the food, water, and shelter it needs to live. For example, a calm's habitat is the desert. Abeer alhabash

6 Different Land Habitats
Tundra Forest Desert Grasslands Rainforest Abeer alhabash

7 Different Aquatic Habitats
Saltwater Habitats Freshwater Habitats Oceans Sea Pond Lake River Abeer alhabash

8 Abeer alhabash

9 Desert Habitats A desert is a very warm place.
The air is very hot and dry. There is very little rain. The soil is very sandy. Most animals that live in the desert sleep during the day because it is too hot. They come out at night to eat. They are called nocturnal. Abeer alhabash

10 Example of animals in desert
Abeer alhabash

11 Rain Forest Habitats A rain forest is an environment where rain falls almost every day. A rain forest has warm weather year round. A rain forest has millions of plants and animals. Rain forests are located along the equator. Abeer alhabash

12 Tundra Habitats A tundra is an environment that is very cold and windy. It is a treeless area. It is the coldest environment. The land is covered with snow and ice most of the year. The summers are short. Abeer alhabash

13 Saltwater Habitats Oceans
Sharks, starfish, whales, dolphins, lobster, and coral are some of the animals found in the ocean whales Sharks Starfish coral lobster Abeer alhabash

14 Freshwater Habitats Pond Lake Stream River Abeer alhabash

15 You might find frogs, ducks, beavers, dragonflies, and many kinds of fish in a freshwater habitat
dragonfly Abeer alhabash

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