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The Rise of the BRICS nations. Table of contents I.Introduction: What are the BRICS nations? II.Information on the BRICS Brazil Russia India China South.

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1 The Rise of the BRICS nations

2 Table of contents I.Introduction: What are the BRICS nations? II.Information on the BRICS Brazil Russia India China South Africa III.BRICS nations today and tomorrow IV.Significance for the World, Europe and you

3 I.Introduction: What are the BRICS nations? The name stands for the five first letters of the BRICS nations They are the nations with an high- advanced economic development (fast developing nation) The BRICS nations show demographic and economic potential, for example growing liquidity, infrastructure and stability

4 The BRICS represent about 40% of the world population (3 billion people) It is suspected that they will catch up with the leading industrialized nations In parts, they already caught up GDP per country

5 II.BRICS - Brazil

6 Brazil has a growing economy, despite of problems like the gap between rich and poor, which is getting bigger and bigger But they have big potential and became one of the biggest raw materials supplier High potential for agriculture, for soft and hard commodities (for example orange juice and iron ore) At the moment, Brazil is the 6th biggest economy in the world and has caught up with the UK

7 BRICS - Russia

8 Despite their crisis-prone economic history, Russia has a growing, developing economy with potential in different industrial areas High reserves of raw materials like Oil and natural gas Since the last crisis, Russia wants to change its economic priorities Russia starts to concentrate not only on raw materials but also on investment and the development of modern businesses and the creation of new products

9 BRICS - India

10 India has, like all BRICS nations, a growing economy with a rising Gross domestic product

11 India is also described as the think tank of the BRICS nations because of its fast developing IT-sector Another important part of India´s economy are generics (= imitations of medicin) India has also its weaknesses: too few exports and a high state deficit Even if India does not have a hundred- percent stabil financial situation, experts predict a better future

12 BRICS - China

13 China has one of the strongest and most successfull economics and is known as the „Workbench of the world“ China has got a high number of new innovations in order to stop their dependence on foreign technologies Because of their high population China has a very big domestic consumption Despite of the weak Chinese stock market, many Chinese companies want to be floated on the stock market

14 China is predicted to overtake all other industrial nations at the latest in 2050 But the economic upturn has also its bad sides: mainly the rich people make profit with China´s economic upturn, which makes the gap between rich and poor bigger.

15 BRICS – South Africa

16 South Africa is the latest BRICS nation, it was added in December 2010, so the BRIC´s changed to the BRICS` It has got the biggest and most developed economy in Africa Especially in the last few years South Africa´s economy made huge steps towards an industrialized nation But the difference between rich and poor is still high

17 Their biggest economic strengths are tourism and raw materials (for example diamonds) South Africa is, because of their slow growing economy, the weakest BRICS nation Experts criticize that South Africa is only invited by China and now part of the BRICS´, because its raw materials are a big advantage for Chinas economy

18 III.BRICS nations today and tomorrow

19 Each year the BRICS nations are meeting for an official meeting, the latest was from 26th to 27th March 2013 in Durban, South Africa The BRICS are planning to distance themselves more and more from the western economic world by planning a bank of their own Besides this bank, they decided to increase their economic and political co-operation with, for example, an anti-crisis-fond and a rating agency of their own

20 The bank´s main purpose will be to finance infrastructure projects and form, together with the Anti-crisis-fond, counterbalance to the world bank Currently the BRICS nations have to handle a problem, the weaknesses in all of their stock markets Two BRICS‘ will organize two of the most important sports events : Olympia and the football world cup


22 IV. Significance for the World, Europe and you Because of the high progress of the BRICS nations, the center of economic power is moving more and more from the industrial countries towards the BRIC nations

23 Besides the economic consequences, this development will bring social and political changes This means for you: - More and more companies will work with and in the BRICS nation -> more international colleagues -The languages Russian and Chinese become more and more important -Chances for your work, travel destinations

24 New companies will join our current economic market, which means more competition and maybe losses for local companies But the rise of the BRICS doesn´t have to be a disadvantage for the western world It opens new chances and possibilities for ex- and imports and cooperations in different areas Is their economic rise our downfall?

25 Thank you for your attention!

26 Sources Cover: What are the BRIC nations?: Brazil: iqsse5Nm8/s1600/football+player+MAd-kaka-brazil-football-team.jpg iqsse5Nm8/s1600/football+player+MAd-kaka-brazil-football-team.jpg

27 India: Russia: neu-ca- 17-cm.jpg neu-ca- 17-cm.jpg allpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_76.jpg allpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_76.jpg

28 China: Chinese-Lantern.jpg 61iNPpcVZ1g/UDv829oAVXI/AAAAAAAAAbs/Kwz7sNvI9oI/s1600/china_flag_dragon-apha-090311.jpg 61iNPpcVZ1g/UDv829oAVXI/AAAAAAAAAbs/Kwz7sNvI9oI/s1600/china_flag_dragon-apha-090311.jpg GcxjEKyGZ7gYVjTUB49lQxXwGfuEC1Z73mh1R-8ELpiCZ0RO47lqpfp4-80tBZn6PBgdeDA_/kungfu.jpg GcxjEKyGZ7gYVjTUB49lQxXwGfuEC1Z73mh1R-8ELpiCZ0RO47lqpfp4-80tBZn6PBgdeDA_/kungfu.jpg South Africa: guten-hoffnung.jpg guten-hoffnung.jpg content/gallery/die_wilden_parks_botswanas/sunway_botswana_nxai_elephant_giraffe_henry_bell_20111 020_1986062014.jpg content/gallery/die_wilden_parks_botswanas/sunway_botswana_nxai_elephant_giraffe_henry_bell_20111 020_1986062014.jpg 1024x1024.gif 1024x1024.gif

29 Actual Situation: Handelsblatt (german newspaper) Significance for the World, Europe and you Handelsblatt (German newspaper)

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