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Aliens from the Rainforest By Dillon, Samantha, and Steven.

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2 Aliens from the Rainforest By Dillon, Samantha, and Steven

3 One day Steven said, “Let’s go hiking guys!” Dillon and Sammy said, “ok!”

4 Sammy’s mom gave them a ride to the Rainforest National Park. Sammy’s mom told them to meet her at the sign before dark.

5 They waited at the sign for awhile because their friend Henry’s mom was going to drop off Henry and Wardell. After waiting for ten minutes, Dillon said, “Let’s go! They are not coming!”

6 As the three were hiking it was too dark to see what was in front of them. All of a sudden they heard a mysterious crunchy noise behind them. Sammy said, “Guys, don’t be scared, it is probably just Wardell or Henry eating Doritos trying to sneak up on us!”

7 Steven pulled a flashlight out of his backpack. Steven suddenly flickered on the flashlight and said, “Who’s there!”

8 The three approached the suspicious noisy bush. Dillon bellowed, “Everybody stop, we don’t know what is making this noise!”

9 Slowly a glowing, slimy alien floated out from the bush. He was very gray, fat, and he only had one eye. He also had tentacles for feet and on his head.

10 He first bounced on Stevens head, then to Sammy, and last to Dillon. Dillon tried to throw the alien off of his head, but it still floated.

11 Sammy says, “ Ew, slime! I’m melting, it’s all over me!” All three of them screamed and ran as fast as they could away from the alien!

12 They ran all the way to the sign and got into Sammy’s mom’s car. They buckled their seat belts and all of a sudden, Sammy’s mom turned around, but it wasn’t Sammy’s was the alien!!!!

13 “AAAAAHHHH!!!!!”, screamed Steven. He was safe at home in his bed. “It was all just a bad dream.”


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