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Build a Burger Review 7-5-3. Name a food chain in this food web.

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1 Build a Burger Review 7-5-3

2 Name a food chain in this food web.

3 What is the purpose of the decomposer?

4 Which organism is the omnivore?

5 Which organism is the herbivore?

6 What part of the burger would come from a producer?

7 What part of the burger would come from a primary consumer?

8 What part of the burger would be eaten by a secondary consumer?

9 What part of the burger would be eaten by a carnivore?

10 What is the original source of energy for the entire burger?

11 Burger buns are made of wheat. What biome would be the best environment to grow wheat? Taiga, tundra, coniferous forest, grassland, Rainforest, deciduous forest.

12 Which of the birds beaks would best be adapted to eat the sesame seeds off the bun?

13 Lettuce can be grown in a hydroponic garden. Small terrariums would house many containers with lettuce growing in each one. If a plant transpires water each day, how would the plants being in a terrarium help to solve the problem of the plants losing turgor pressure and wilting?

14 Which bug would be camouflage in a lettuce patch?

15 Pesticides are sprayed on tomatoes. In the garden food chain, what trophic level would be the next organism affected by the poison?

16 What trophic level would each part of the burger have come from?

17 What abiotic and biotic factors influence the amount of milk the cow will produce to make cheese.

18 The grass in this grazing field did not get enough rain to grow this season. What must the farmer do in order to keep a balance in the population of cows he has in this field?

19 Home made fish nets can be made using cheesecloth. Cheesecloth is used to strain the whey from the curds when making cheese. Why would cheese cloth be used for both purposes?

20 This man is guarding his goats. Goats make great goat cheese. What predator might he be looking for in his binoculars?

21 When cooking burger meat the chef must take care to cook the meat long enough to get rid of any parasites that might live in the meat. What instrument would he use to make sure the meat is done?

22 The bottom bun of a burger is also made of wheat. This particular wheat field is infested with locusts. The farmers imported a rodent whose diet consists entirely of locust. What could be a possible consequence for bringing an invasive species into this ecosystem?

23 What is the range of fat grams eaten at McDonalds from the products ordered? What is the range of the percentage of vitamins obtained when eating these products? If a person was on a salt restricted diet, would this be a good choice? What element on the menu did you look at to make your decision?

24 This burger building was torn down and replaced with a Starbucks. Look at the meter stick and find the height of the burger in meters Before It was destroyed. 50 cm 100 cm

25 What limitations does using a burger model to represent an ecosystem have?

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