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Welcome to… “APPETIZERS” Discovery & Empowerment Dialogue© (Part D)

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2 Welcome to… “APPETIZERS” Discovery & Empowerment Dialogue© (Part D)


4 Let’s explore the answers, using the help of the Eco-Paradigms you printed in PDF Format, titled: THE ‘OLD’ COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURE & UNCONSCIOUS EATING PARADIGM THE ‘BOLD’ ORGANIC AGRICULTURE & CONSCIOUS EATING PARADIGM

5 Today’s INTENSIVE INDUSTRIAL APPROACH to Agriculture represents a historic departure from the ways farming has been practiced throughout most of human history, and is a huge threat to human welfare and the well-being of animals and the land

6 The DEMAND FOR FOOD is increasing, but food supplies are decreasing, due to exploitation of land, water, and resources and inequitable distribution of food to developing countries. This threat affects human health, future availability of food supplies, and conservation of natural resources and wildlife.

7 Chemicals, toxins, drugs, hormones, and genetically engineered organisms PUT ECO-SYSTEMS AT RISK Diets in wealthy countries are molded largely by the economic interests of industrial food corporations that don’t respect the ecology of living things.

8 To complicate matters… ADDITIVES in processed convenience foods are making people sick!

9 HEALTHY EATING RITUALS and their civilizing effect on families are being lost and forgotten

10 Let’s take a look under a microscope, to see how commercial agricultural practices are contributing to the eco-disintegration of our earth’s living ecology

11 INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE raises and slaughters about 50 billion animals for food worldwide each year, - about 80% are slaughtered in the U.S., including: 120 million hogs 9 billion chickens 300 million turkeys

12 factory farming is depleting land, trees, water, and petroleum. Because these animals are dependent upon natural resources such as water and topsoil to grow their food, and heat for the giant warehouse-like barns they live in…

13 Acreage the size of seven football fields is burned down every minute in the Amazon rainforest, much of it to make room for cattle to feed the meat habit of the US and Europe. Thousands of species in the web of life become extinct in the rainforest when land-clearing destroys their homes.

14 FACTORY FARMS crowd animals mercilessly, NEVER let them go outdoors, and DENY them the chance to fulfill their normal instinctive lives!

15 Chickens spend their entire lives in cages, stacked four high, with floor space of 86 square inches, just a little bit bigger than a letter- sized piece of paper. They are usually de-beaked in an exceptionally cruel manner to prevent them from pecking themselves to death.

16 The industrial production of beef cattle generates TONS OF WASTE collected in open-air cesspools called “manure lagoons” from which concentrated pollutants including bacteria, parasites and viruses seep into groundwater as well as rivers, lakes and streams. The ODOR downwind from manure lagoons, including the odor of concentrated ammonia, is sickening in the extreme and can contain up to 150 volatile chemical compounds.

17 The use of genetically modified SEEDS can’t be confined to certain fields, but winds and insects carry the genetic pollution to non-GMO plants in nearby fields. MORE agricultural chemicals (not fewer) are used on pesticide-tolerant GMO plants, increasing harm to the soil and water from these chemicals.

18 Eating GE corn, ALTERED to have a pesticide within each cell of the plant, has killed Monarch butterfly larvae in several experiments. Other beneficial insects, including ladybugs and lacewings, also had higher mortality when feeding on and around GE crops.

19 More than 1.2 billion pounds of pesticides (or 6 million tons by weight of active chemicals, not “inert” ingredients) are applied to US crops every year Planting of so-called pesticide-resistant GMO crops has increased pesticide use by 50 million pounds per year!

20 Use of chemical fertilizers on the land strips topsoil. Crops are deficient in nutrients and trace minerals as a result. People eating food grown in this depleted soil can become nutritionally depleted, and may be sick more often and feel exhausted.

21 Because food that is grown in an un-whole way does not support a healthy connection between humans, plants, animals, and ecosystems, it cannot create or sustain a healthy flow of energy within our planetary biosphere. Sources for this information include: FARM and California Certified Organic Growers

22 IT GOES WITOUT SAYING that plants, animals, and ecosystems burdened by industrial and agricultural farming methods have a reduced ability to detoxify and regenerate

23 Let’s Examine How the Practice of Industrial, Commercial Agriculture Leads (through our Everyday Food Choices) to the Eco-Disintegration of Our Human Ecology

24 revealed that more than 90% of us have a dozen or more pesticides lodged in our body tissues, most absorbed from our food choices. A NATIONWIDE STUDY By The Centers for Disease Control

25 Toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides used to grow fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and legumes are difficult or impossible to wash off the food. In the human body, these substances can (and do) INCREASE the risk of diseases such as cancer and neurological defects.

26 have a higher rate of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, skin melanomas, multiple myeloma and leukemia, as well as and birth defects, than the rest of the population. Numerous studies have shown that rural families and farm workers routinely exposed to pesticides

27 Pesticides that are chlorine-based (most of them) bear a chemical resemblance to ESTROGEN, a sex hormone that is a cause of reproductive cancers in humans, including breast cancer.

28 In fact, a study of women working on farms where these chemicals were in use found they were 2.8 times more likely to have breast cancer than other women.

29 Of the 36 million pounds of antibiotics used annually in the US, 70% are given to HEALTHY ANIMALS to prevent the unnatural conditions in which they live from making them sick. And then, there’s VETERINARY ANTIBIOTICS

30 The Antibiotic DRUGS that animals consume end up in the meat we eat and the milk we drink… They are one of the causes of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria in the human body.

31 PEOPLE WHO WERE BORN BEFORE 1974 have dieldrin in their bodies -- a dangerous carcinogen that was banned that year. Those who ate beef between 1947 and 1977 were exposed to DES, a potent carcinogenic growth-promoting chemical that was given to cattle to “beef them up” until it was also banned.

32 may also have an undesirable effect on HUMANS who eat meat containing these hormones. Synthetic and genetically engineered hormones USED TODAY, to make animals grow faster and fatter …

33 are caused, and made worse, by hormones injected into animals. MANY HORMONE DEPENDENT DISEASES including cancer and diseases of the reproductive system…

34 people are eating foods that are essentially “un-whole” – depleted in nutrients and laden with dangerous chemicals. Because industrially farmed foods are used to produce everyday PROCESSED FOODS that make up the mainstay of the standard American diet,

35 We are overweight, but STARVED for the natural food fibers, colors, enzymes and oxygen, as well as vitamins and minerals that serve to keep our human ecology in good working order. Processed foods such as refined flour, sugar and oils, are made “un- whole” by the refining process, which destroys or discards most of the nutrients.

36 MSG, for example -- present in many processed foods -- has the potential to cause brain cell death! FOOD ADDITIVES, including preservatives, dyes and colorings, have been linked to a variety of health problems.

37 including joint pain, headaches, hyperactivity, and systemic conditions resembling auto- immune disorders. Aspartame, the currently popular artificial sweetener found in no-calorie soft drinks and other foods… causes a variety of symptoms of TOXICITY…

38 Drinking water in most urban areas contains measurable amounts of Viagra, anti-depressants, and chemotherapy toxicants… and several hundred other prescription and nonprescription drugs that are designed to be biologically active!

39 Arsenic in drinking water has been linked to lung and bladder cancer, and could be harmful at lower levels of exposure than the current “allowable limits.” Children are at particular risk from arsenic. Fluoridation of nearly all US public water supplies results in everyone’s exposure to fluoride, which can depress thyroid activity.

40 MICROWAVES that many people depend on to cook meals HURT the vitamin, enzyme, and nutrient content in the food and create unhealthy by-products.

41 simply isn’t healthy if it doesn’t invite a healthy connection to the ecology of the earth, and if it doesn’t sustain a healthy flow of energy within our body- mind system. THE FOOD WE EAT, it might be summarized…


43 To Answer This Vitally Important Question, Print Out and Study the Reading Notes that accompany this Power Point (Notes are featured in Appetizers Section, Part D, of Book. Or online PDF doc)

44 “Reading Notes ” Covered in this Section Include: Examining Our Factory-Style Animal Agriculture System From Domestic Factory Farms to the Rainforest, Raising Animals for Food Is Exacerbating Our Global Problems Factory Farming Produces Contaminants Factory Farming is an Atrocity that We Need Not Accept as Normal We Consume the Products of Torture When we Eat Mass Produced Animals Continued…

45 The Paradox of Our Existence, Is That, We Have to Eat Living Things Examining Our Factory-Style Plant-Intensive Agriculture System Terrorists Acts against the Environment Can Be Blamed on the Crop Dusters that Spray Poison Chemicals on the Land GE Food Has Not Been Evaluated for Long Term Effects on the health of Humans and the Earth How Do You Feel About Companies that Are Altering the DNA of Our Food Supply? GE Foods are Proven By Some, to Be Unsafe for the Environment Continued…

46 The Production of GE Foods Leads to the Bio Accumulation of More Chemicals into the Environment In Our Schools Today (with the Exception of Some Colleges) There Is a Low Priority Attached to Nutrition Education Do We Need to Be Vegetarians, to Say that We Eat In an Eco-Friendly Way? What One Chooses to Eat, Must Ultimately Be Based on Their Changing Needs Continued…

47 Creativity and Flexibility Support Us in Feeding and Nourishing Ourselves What Is the Alternative to Food and Nutrition Propaganda that Schools Promote in their Nutrition Education Materials? Do You Have a Picky Eater in Your Family? The Eco-Intelligent Eating Model Helps People to Integrate Their Dietary Needs with the ‘Dietary’ Needs of Our Planet Can An Organic Method of Agriculture Save People and the Planet? Eating Organically, Offers to Be an Adventure

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