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PS04 - Jungle Expeditions 05Days/04nights Note : “EI” – We mean abouth The Lodge where you going to stay.

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1 PS04 - Jungle Expeditions 05Days/04nights Note : “EI” – We mean abouth The Lodge where you going to stay

2 Kids of Puerto Maldonado

3 Day 01. Reception at the airport, transfer to PS's office to prepare for the river trip and boarding of our motorized dugout canoes. Depending of the hour we will have either a box lunch on the boat or lunch at arrival to the “EI”. During the trip we may see caymans, turtles and waterfowl, etc. After approx. 3 hours we will arrive at the “EI” lodge where we will be received with a welcome drink. We are now deep inside pristine rainforest and surrounded by its sounds. After a short rest we will have a short hike to a small lagoon and return in time to enjoy a jungle sunset at Sunset Point. After returning to the lodge we will board again the canoe for a short night ride to spot caymans on the river banks with flashlights. After returning we will have dinner, at which the Resident Naturalists (RNs) and guides will be available to answer questions or brief us on the Amazon rainforest.

4 “Boarding the Canoes”



7 Tortoise

8 Tortoise

9 Tortoise

10 search of caymans

11 Cayman

12 Day 02. At daybreak will we go with the canoe 5/6 hours further up the Tambopata river from the “EI” deep into untouched Amazon rainforest with superb wildlife sighting possibilities. We will pass waterfalls, wonderful sandy beaches with swimming opportunities, interesting basalt rock formations and some gold panning sites. Box lunch on board. Late in the afternoon we will arrive to the Macaw Claylick or Colpa de Guacamayos. This is a 200 m red soil cliff where, for still unknown reasons, hundreds of macaws and other parrot species converge every morning and afternoon to feed on the mineral rich soil in an unforgettable spectacle of color and sounds. We will camp at a beach close by and have dinner at camp.

13 Macaw Clay Lick

14 Macaws

15 Macaws

16 Macaws

17 Day 03. Early morning we will life for last time the “Colpa” experience. Return to the “EI” to arrive in time for lunch. Occasionally, when the level of the river allows it, we might make a short side trip to a saltlick at another small river. Dinner and overnight at the “EI”.

18 Macaw Clay Lick

19 Orchid in the Lodge

20 A Tourist in the Lodge

21 Day 04. After an early breakfast, guided by one of our guides, we will start a 3½ miles hike to Cocococha oxbow lake. On the way we will observe exotic plants and insects, colorful butterflies and birds, monkeys and, with luck, perhaps even some of the large mammals. At the lake a hide and canoes will be available for a ride around it watching the giant river otters and the wildlife on the shoreline. Return to the “EI” for a late lunch. Afternoon free for relaxing or independent activities. Dinner..

22 Tambopata Lotus Flower

23 Lake sandoval

24 Amazon Giant Otters



27 Birds


29 Birds



32 Day 05. Very early wake up and breakfast. Boarding of the canoe to return to Puerto. Maldonado watching an unforgettable dawn on the Tambopata river. Transfer to the airport for return flight. End of services




36 Program includes: Transfer Airport/Lodge/Airport Complete Feeding Welcome Drink Cocktail Box Lunch Going At Explorer’s Inn 03 Nights In Tha Lodge 01camping night at “colpa de guacamayos” Introduction Walk – Sunset Point Night Expedition Looking For Caymans Expedition To The Cococha Lake Official Guide English and Spanish Customized Attendance Our Prices Doesn’t Includes Ticket In For The Tambopata Reserve (S/.65.00) Our program not includes roundtrip tickets (LIMA-MADRE DE DIOS-LIMA) – consult our flights tickets and ground tickets. No refunds for cancelation or not showing up, because those prices are on special. Our program not includes assist card for the traveller – consult our prices. Prices can change with out previous warning (by law, season, capacity and type of reserve) Childs only pay the 65% of the rate price ( 5 TO 12 years old) The program needs 2 Persons unless Ask about our group’s prices Only 1 medium suitcase Reserve your program one month early Rates cash only Price from : USD. $450.00 by person Contac us by e-mail: Warning :

37 Madre de Dios is located in the Joungle of Perú.

38 Location: Amazonian Jungle, southeastern Perú. It shares borders with Bolivia and Brasil. Area: 85.183km2 / 32.889miles2 Capital: Puerto Maldonado Altitude: –Lowest point : 183 masl/ 600fasl (Puerto Maldonado) –Highest point: 500masl/ 1640fasl (Boca manu) Acces by air: –Lima – Puerto Maldoando : 1hour y 30mimutes. –Cusco – Puerto Maldonado : 30 minutes

39 Madre de Dios Exuberant is the word that describes Madre de Dios with its infinite forests, sinuous rivers that rush towards the ocean, and life abounding in all its corners. Puerto Maldonado, the capital city, is an obligatory stop along the way to gain entrance to the national parks and reserves located in the area, and it has been, at certain moments, an important exporting site for rubber, wood, gold, and petroleum. At present, two of the main economic activities there are eco-tourism and chestnut harvesting. At only ten kilometers from Puerto Maldonado, or a one and half hour hike, you find Lake Sandoval, bordered by aguajales (swampy areas full of palm trees), orchids, kapok trees, caoba trees, and Mauritanian palm trees that grow up to thirty meters tall. The lake is also the home for a large variety of species such as toucans, macaws, parrots, egrets, tapirs, turtles, and the refuge for river otters and black caimans, two species on the brink of extinction. In the areas around Lake Valencia, 60 kilometers from Puerto Maldonado by the Madre de Dios River, there are several indigenous communities where the people make their living from fishing for tiger shovelnose catfish, gilded catfish, and paiche; this area is the habitat for plenty of flora and fauna, too. Even before Spanish arrived, Madre de Dios was seen as a land of legendes and was thought to be either El dorado or Paititi. During Inca times, it was part of the Antisuyo, the northeastern region of empire, but it represented a difficult territory to subject for the Inca monarchs, yet extremely valuable due to its natural resources. With the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, many expeditions were organized for the purpose of exploring the region because it was thought that hidden in the thickness of the jungle was ak kingdom of unimaginable wealth. A series of explorers started out from differents routes without ever discovering the land of the legend bursing with gold. In 1902,. The city of Puerto Maldoando was founded and in 1912, the department of Madre de Dios was created. This name has its origin in an old story where dominican priests found an image of the Virgen Mary on the Shores of the según river.

40 It is recommended To take Binoculars, Long shirt, Long pants, Shorts, Slippers, Rain coat, sun glasses, mosquito repellent, block lotion, wellingtons, water bottle, 2 pair of tennis, flashlight, hat, scantily clad, swinsuit, camera, personal medicine

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