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Characteristics of Life

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1 Characteristics of Life
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2 Question of the Day Question: What makes something alive or not? Answer: … … … 1’s Turn in: p. 25 AQ’s 1ab, 2b Analyzing Data, p. 20 Greensheet signatures Safety contract


4 Characteristics of Life
Composed of cells Genetic code Obtain and use materials and energy Grow and develop Reproduce Respond to their environment Maintain a stable internal environment Change over time (evolve)

5 p. 25, A.Q.’s 1ab, 2b 1a. Question: List the characteristics that define life. 1a. The characteristics that define life are that living things are made up of one or more basic units called cells, are based on a universal genetic code, obtain and use material and energy, grow and develop, reproduce, respond to their environment, maintain a stable internal environment, and, as a group, change over time.

6 p. 25, A.Q.’s 1ab, 2b 1b. Question: Suppose you feel hungry, so you reach for a plum you see in a fruit bowl. Explain how both external and internal stimuli are involved in your action. 1b. A stimulus is a signal to which an organism responds. In this case, hunger is an internal stimulus, and the sight of the plum is and external stimulus.

7 p. 25, A.Q.’s 1ab, 2b 2b. Question: Suppose you discover a new organism. What would you expect to see if you studied it under a microscope? 2b. Like all organisms, this newly discovered organism would consist of cells if it were studied under a microscope.

8 p. 20, Analyzing Data 1. Question: Which plan parts do siamangs rely on most as a source of their matter and energy? 1. Siamangs rely on leaves the most as a source of their matter and energy.

9 p. 20, Analyzing Data 2. Question: How would siamangs be affected if the rainforests the live in were cut down? 2. If the siamangs’ rainforests were cut down, theses animals would not be able to get the food they need. This is because siamang gibbons are dependent on the trees in the rainforest as most of their diet is made up of plant material. Malaysia & Indonesia

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