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By McKenna Sinibaldi Facts and photo’s gathered from

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1 By McKenna Sinibaldi Facts and photo’s gathered from

2  Tropical rainforests are located near the equator, and in Brazil.  Temperate rainforest are found along some coasts

3 Everything in Red is where you’ll find Tropical Rainforest

4  Today only about three percent of the original temperate rainforest in the U.S.A remains.  Thirty acres of trees are cut in the tropical rainforest every minute.  A lot of homes to animals have been destroyed.

5  It often follows monkeys to pick up the fruit they drop.  It has a lot of whiskers on its chin.  After 4 months the female makes a nest of plants,and gives birth to 2 or 3 young  The young stay for 1 year.

6  It glides from tree to tree.  Flaps under its arms helps it glide.  It feeds on bugs.  To breed it buries its 1 to 4 eggs in the soil.  It does NOT breathe fire. Photo from

7  It starts life by growing on another plant.  It sucks on that plant to get its moisture.  Widely cultivated in the tropics  It is native to India and Pakistan  It is considered sacred.

8  Have wide-spreading stilt roots that support the trees in the tidal mud  Roots trap nutritious organic matter. It is in Southern Florida.  Grow in salt water, such as tidal shores.  American mangrove is also referred to as Red Mangrove.

9  It receives 80 to 100 inches of precipitation per year.  It rains a lot in the tropical rainforest.  It also comes from fog.

10  Rainforest get more rain than the Desert, Grassland, Taiga, and the Tundra put together.  Rainforest trees can be over 90 feet tall.  Most animals in the rainforest fight just for a female.  The Banyan Tree starts life by living on another tree.

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