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Tropical Rainforest Biome By: Abby M Adrian Minju.

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2 Tropical Rainforest Biome By: Abby M Adrian Minju

3 Yearly Temperature Range in Celsius Degrees The temperature in a rainforest rarely reaches above 34 degrees C. The lowest temperature is 20 degrees C.

4 Animal Life: Orangutan The Orangutan is a unique primate that lives in the trees. It has devolved long strong arms to help it swing from tree to tree, because it spends so much time in the trees its legs have become short and weak due to evolution. Orangutans have curved and feet to help them stay balanced while climbing. They also have opposable thumbs to aid them in gripping branches.

5 Animal Adaptations: Wagler’s Pit Viper The Wagler’s Pit Viper lives in the trees just like the orangutan. The Wagler’s pit viper changes color to hide it from predators. It’s skin ranges from a variety of colors such as green, yellow, or even a striped pattern. The Wagler’s pit viper is gets its name because of the pits behind its nostrils that sense heat. This helps the reptile find warm-blooded animals.

6 Plant Life: Bromeliads It is a waxy plant that is related to the pineapple family. It has thick waxy leaves that form a bowl to catch rain water in the center of the plant. They create habitats for a lot of animals. For example animals like tadpoles, salamanders, beetles, snails, ect. The animals that die decompose and create nutrients for the plant.

7 Plant Life- Bengal Bamboo It can be found in the Southeast Asian rainforest biome. It does well in moist climate and it can grow in between 40 feet and 80 feet. This plant is important to its environment. It can reduce soil erosion. It sucks up water from heavy rain which might have caused a flood. It also provides shelter for animals.

8 Location on the Globe As you can see, there are rainforests in various parts of the world. The biggest one is in South America, the Amazon Rainforest.

9 Food chain

10 Interesting Facts Some of the rainforest’s trees are so tightly packed that rain drops falling on the canopy can take up to ten minutes to reach the ground! Bamboo can grow up to nine inches a day! The sloth, a resident of the South American rainforest, moves so slow that algae are able to grow on its fur!

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