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2 Location of a tropical rainforest The Amazon, The Phillipienes, Central West Coast Africa, and Middle America

3 Climate Graph The temperature of a Tropical rainforest is usually mildly warm year round and the raining seasons are from September too May.

4 Major characteristics of the biome: Soil The soil of a tropical rainforest is very moist yet very unfertile from the years of weathering and rain. The soil also contains less organic matter since dead organisms decay faster with the warm humid conditions and recycling of nutrients back into the forest.

5 Major Characteristics of the biome: Temperature and Precipitation The temperature of a tropical rainforest ranges in slightly high numbers (about 70-85) throughout the year. Tropical rainforests receive about 6-33 feet of rainfall a year. The 3 months when it does not rain during a year are June, July, and August.

6 Major plant life These forests have plant life ranging in the thousands. There are vines, trees, flowers, fungi and multiple more! Some of the plants found in one of these forests can even hold a medicinal purpose and save millions of lives.

7 Examples of Animals In a tropical rainforest, there are thousands of types of animals. The animals live in 4 basic places in a rainforest. The Emergents or the tops of giant trees, the Canopy or the upper parts of the trees, the Understory or the dark and cool area under the leaves but not on the ground, and the Forest floor. The animals that live here can vary from piranhas (fish), iguanas (reptiles), orangutans (mammals) ants (insects) and even toucans (birds).

8 Work Cited rest/animals/Rfbiomeanimals.shtml rest/animals/Rfbiomeanimals.shtml ml ml media/78/6578-004-A83EE287.gif media/78/6578-004-A83EE287.gif /05/04/48071_4.jpg /05/04/48071_4.jpg

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