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Congratulations!!!! Your class is about to take a trip around the world. Do you have your passport?

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1 Congratulations!!!! Your class is about to take a trip around the world. Do you have your passport?

2 Ecosystems in our world

3 Tundra Cold Desert-like Conditions…very dry
Average Winter temp. is -30 degrees F Average Summer temp. is deg. F. Alaska is in the Arctic Tundra

4 Pictures from the Tundra

5 Plants & Animals in the Tundra
During the summer months many insect eggs hatch. Due to the vast number of insects, migrating birds come to feed. Ravens, hawks, and owls are also common. Caribou, arctic hare, mink, wolf, brown bear, reindeer, and polar bear are also common.

6 Temperate (Deciduous) Forest
We don’t have to travel too far to see this forest. We live in this area!!!!

7 Temperate (Deciduous) Forest
Seasonal Weather Warm summers Cold winters Leaves change color and fall from trees

8 Temperate (Deciduous) Forest
Animals must adjust, or adapt, to cold winters and hot summers Fox White-tailed deer Cardinal Black Bear and Brown Bear

9 Desert The desert is the driest ecosystem on Earth
It can be found around the equator There is almost no rainfall in the desert

10 Desert Plants must adapt to the dry, hot climate. Some plants have thick waxy leaves, some have large root systems and some have water storage systems like the cactus. Other plants include Sagebrush, Joshua trees, and Mesquite trees.

11 Desert Animals that live in the desert are usually light colored to blend in with their surroundings. What do we call this? They are most active at night and around dusk to avoid the heat.

12 Desert Animals that live in the desert are: Jackrabbits Owls Snakes
Lizards Tortoises

13 Tropical Rainforest An average of inches of rain falls in the tropical rainforest each year. Rainforests are hot and wet. It rarely gets hotter than 93 degrees F and rarely gets cooler than 68 degrees F.

14 Tropical Rainforest The tropical rainforest has more types of trees than any other area in the world. About ¼ of all medicines we use come from rainforest plants. The rainforest is full of tall thin trees

15 The tropical rainforest is full of rich plant-life.
There are layers to the rainforest

16 Tropical Rainforest Insects are the largest group of animals living in the tropical rainforest Other animals that live in the rainforest include monkeys and birds Animals typically live on a diet full of fruit, they are often brightly colored and can handle the hot wet weather

17 Grasslands Grasslands have a lot of…..grass
They do not get enough rain to sustain communities of trees Wildflowers also grow in grasslands

18 Grassland Animals that live on the grassland are “grazers” they graze on the grasses and wildflowers Coyotes, bison, bobcats, and wild turkeys are some of the animals that live on the grasslands.

19 Aquatic Oceans, lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers are all aquatic ecosystems. Aquatic ecosystems cover almost 73% of the earth’s surface.

20 Aquatic Algae and corals live in aquatic ecosystems.
Snakes, beetles, frogs, fish, and sharks live in aquatic ecosystems too.

21 Congratulations!! You’ve completed your trip around the world on your ecosystem adventure.

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