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Goliath birdwing butterfly

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1 Goliath birdwing butterfly
By: Jazmín Fanti

2 The physical description…
The Goliath birdwing is an insect. It is the second largest butterfly in the world . This brightly-colored butterfly is poisonous and has a wingspan up to 11 inches (28 cm) wide. It has black, yellow and green wings and a yellow and black body. It has lots of colours

3 Where can we find it? The butterfly lives in tropical forests in Indonesia. Family Papilionidae. Tropical rainforest of Indonesia

4 What do they eat??? Goliath butterflies can only sip liquid food using a tube- which is a long, flexible "tongue.“ Most butterflies eat also nectar from flowers. Liquid food nectar

5 Amazing facts… The Goliath Birdwing butterfly is the second-largest butterfly in the world. It lives in Indonesian rainforests and has a wingspan up to 11 inches (28 centimeters). The queen Alexandra birdwing (the largest butterfly in the world) The goliath birdwing buttefly


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