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Rainforest Secrets A Choose Your Own Adventure By Ben,Rebecca,Nancy,Luke and Esme.

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1 Rainforest Secrets A Choose Your Own Adventure By Ben,Rebecca,Nancy,Luke and Esme

2 BANG! The right engine of the private jet blew as a dark object hit the right propeller. “Brace yourself Barry,” scream the two pilots. You dash to a window and see a starry sky above a dark gloomy rainforest. CRASH! You hit the floor with a thud, before long you are lying in a stationary plane in the middle of a terrifying rainforest, awake and alive. “Barry are you alright?” say the two pilots. “Yes I’m fine,” you replied. “Where is that 2.5million, in that gold case?” “We don’t know,” say the two pilots. Will you be able to find the money and get home? Y ou decide to camp for the night? You decide to look for the money?

3 You wake up completely surprised! “Shhh, every one stay still,” you whisper. “what is it,”say one of the pilot men in a normal voice. By this time the sabre tooth is looking at you with it’s gloomy red eyes and it is snarling at you with it’s sharp teeth hanging out. Do you fight? Do you run?

4 You carry on in the dark of night whilst your heart is thumping like a drum. You feel like your heart is chasing you and you go even faster.The twigs are crunching under your feet, it sounds like a man is chasing you, you accelerate and go faster.Before you and your senses know it, you fall into a pitch black hole.You all scream like your coming to a end but no, your alive.Your senses recover, it appears that you are in a trap! You decide to get out? You wait until morning?

5 The Sabre tooth snaps at your face leaving a scar behind. You dash further on through the dark, cold, blowing night. The Sabre tooth races behind you, luckily the sabre tooth suddenly gives up, you wait but nothing happens.Before you know it a sabre tooth springs out at you.You pick up a rock which is like a sharp knife. You fall on the ground and stab it in the throat just as it is about to tare you to pieces. Do you go back to the plane and find a signal? Do you explore for more information around? Do you go back to the plane and find a signal? Do you explore for more information around?

6 You’re running away.The Sabre tooth is chasing after you but its too late its got you.You are dragged into the Sabre tooth's scary,dark cave.You’re heart is in your mouth as the sabre tooth is staring at you with its beady,bold eyes.You need to get out before the sabre tooth eats you. Are you going to try and escape now? Are you going to wait till the Sabre tooth’s asleep to get out?

7 You wake up on a misty,moody morning and your face to face with hundreds of tribe men. They are all surrounding you, looking at you with there brown,beady eyes.You try to scream but nothing comes out.You and your crew huddle together and hope you don’t die. The tribes keep on looking at you, you try to get out but its no good your stuck, you’re trapped! Do you wait to see what happens to you? Do you face them and risk your life?

8 As you climb the wall to escape the pitch black hole from underneath the ground, you come across a tribe.They chase you across the dark rainforest.You shout but nobody hears.Your heart beats rapidly.You thud to the ground soon enough you are surrounded by them. Do you face them? Do you realise theirs no other way to escape?

9 You sprint back to the plane in desperate need before anything jumps out on you like before. Eventually, after a huge three mile long-distance run you reach the old aeroplane.Accidentally, you turn the engine back on. The propeller spins round cutting through the air. You get sucked up and get chopped to pieces.

10 You bolt through the misty rainforest searching for all your valuables that are hidden. As you run on and look behind you everything seems to close in on you. After a while of running you start to dose to sleep, something hits you in the back of the leg. It feels strange, suddenly you drop to sleep. You wake in fright, faces are hanging over you that are covered in piercing. The man speaks “You are now a tribe member.” Everything seems to be going wrong but it doesn’t. You live for many years as a member of the tribe until you eventually die.

11 The sabre tooth is awake. You need to escape,your going to have to try and fight. You try and get out of the cave, you’re being followed. You need to find something to protect you but there's nothing. At this point you are feeling very scared,the sabre tooth is growling at you. “ Help!” you scream as the sabre tooth grabs you. It’s to late it has got you,you have been hunted down.

12 The sabre tooth is asleep. It’s your chance to get out now. You climb out of the cave as quick as a flash you are out of breath, you feel like you can’t carry on but you need to get out and find your crew so that you can find the money. You start to shake and go pale, you can’t stop you need some food and water to help you stay alive but it’s to late you are suffering and you’re going to die.

13 You wait with the tribes,still holding on to your crew. Suddenly a fearsome, gigantic eagle swoops over to you and you and your crew it picks you up with its legs before you get put in the hot fiery flames. The eagle takes you and your crew to its nest you find the case with the money in it, you also find your phone in the case. You try and ring someone to rescue you at last you have got signal you ring the airline up you are going to get out of hear and be safe.

14 You try to escape but the cage is to strong and the tribes are still looking and surrounding you. “What shall we do”says John “I don’t know but there is a big fire underneath are feet”cried max. “Calm down,calm down I am sure we will find a way out” Barry said calmly. So you keep on pushing and swinging the cage. The tribes are getting angrier and angrier un till they are so mad at you for trying to get out that they decide to push you in to the hot fiery flames they chuck you into the fire your gone, your DEAD.

15 You stand up to face the tribes. You throw anything you can at them but nothing works. They have shields. Their yellow eyes frown furiously at you in anger the head tribe pulls out a sharp pointy knife and touches each arm of yours and says. “you are announced to be are slave for the rest of your life and no disagreements or else you will be BEHEADED.”

16 You stop yourself from running your heart beats non stop. The tribe surrounds you and they stare at you.They carefully rise you to the sky each one with a sword in the opposite hand to the one that they are carrying you with.They through you into a ditch full of sinking mud and snakes. They leave you there till you die.

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