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Austin J. Donckels Amon D. Woodley Erick A. Fernandez.

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1 Austin J. Donckels Amon D. Woodley Erick A. Fernandez

2 Rainforest are made up of plants,trees,soil,and insects. The main habitats in a rain forest are in trees and in burrows. Organisms such as insects,snakes, frogs, and birds. The climate in a rainforest is very humid and it’s temp is 93°.


4 A food chain is a link of animals that consume each other leaving a decomposer.

5 Some organisms are land type,tree type, and some are water type. The common producers are the trees and the soil. Most consumers are herbivores,carnivores, and omnivores.

6 Habitat A habitat is the place where an organism lives and that provides the things its needs to survive.

7 Adaptation Adaptation is the behaviors and physical characteristics of species that allow them to live successfully in their environments.

8 Food One of the common foods of a fox is a hare or a bunny.

9 Predators One of the top predators in the tropical rainforest is the cougar.

10 Protection A green tree has good protection because it can blend in with the leaves as well as other frogs or insects.

11 What We Like and Dislike About the Class We like how you gave us limited homework. We dislike that you give us homework on the weekends. We like that you gave us second chance at success when do bad on a test. We dislike that you gave us lunch intervention.

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